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Posted By Lah    September 12th, 2011    0

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Whisper it, but some days even high-maintenance fashion-aficionados want to dress down a little. Now we’re not talking jeans and a t-shirt here – please, don’t be ridiculous – but how about a dress that costs hundreds rather than thousands and doesn’t require a retinue of assistants and specialist winching equipment to put on? Obviously, it must be designer.

This is precisely the niche Victoria Beckham is tilting for with a new addition to her often tight and pricey ready-to-wear line. In a rooftop Manhattan studio on Monday she talked The Telegraph through her very fetching debut collection of throw-on-and-look-fabulous day dresses.

She said: “This has been a real labour of love for me and we have been working on it for around a year. I wanted something that was a little bit more affordable but I did not want to compromise with design or quality.

“It’s not a second line, or a diffusion line – it’s another line, another side to my wardrobe. This is a way to give my customers what they want.”
She added: “They are really easy to wear day dresses. You can wear everything with heels, but you can wear them with flats as well. And they fit a lot of different people. Nothing’s tight: everything’s quite comfortable and roomy.”

Not only that, but one of the dresses – a sporty number in navy and light blue, softened with a bow at the shoulder – has what looks like an elasticated waist. And another volumised jacquard dress, which Beckham said reminded her of “an enormous Faberge egg” is roomy enough to smuggle a friend into a party.

Some of the pieces are chic, subtly-detailed plain shifts that Audrey Hepburn would have snapped up in a heartbeat, others feature kooky, winsome prints of clouds and a cat. Many of the dresses – in cotton, crepe de chine and jacquard – have big patch pockets at the hip to facilitate comely posing by the wearer, and they all fall an inch or two north of the knee.

“It’s definitely,” said Beckham “the girliest thing I’ve ever done.” She added that she thinks her existing customers will buy into her day-dresses but it will, we suspect, bring her a new audience too. Because prices will start at ยฃ400 when the collection goes on sale in January, and that makes the Victoria Beckham brand suddenly accessible to many more women. And they are very pretty dresses.

There was though one thing even more exciting that those dresses on display. At one point young Harper Beckham made a brief appearance.

The two-and-a-half month old already has impressively big hair. She wore white booties, a white dress, and an expression of utter nonchalance.


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