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Posted By Lah    September 11th, 2011    0

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There was an uncomfortable dissonance between an audience who’d come to see expensive clothes – at the very moment America honoured the traumatic memory of those lost in 9/11. But that was the hand doled out to Victoria Beckham today by the organisers of New York Fashion Week.

The audience, brightly dressed as an herbaceous border, filed in, exchanged the usual chit chat about holidays and whether or not they’ll be working the midi. Then the lights went down and they bowed their heads.

After the two silences, Victoria Beckham was poised to launch into a speech of welcome, but was cut off in her prime by a thumping soundtrack. With helicopters circling the city and security on high alert, for once the shows were observing strict deadlines.

Not that she seemed fazed. Victoria Beckham’s faced some tight personal deadlines herself this summer. From what she told me, her diary read something like this: have baby, design much more comprehensive collection than previously (as stores clamouring for bigger deliveries), breast feed (for first time), dine with Gwyneth and discover secret to losing baby weight in double quick time (go to Tracy Anderson’s LA studio, work out there six days a week, with a trainer named Autumn, dispense with services of nanny), launch secondary collection, take over world.

She’s achieved most of that list – her only concession to maternity leave being fewer trips to London, where her design team is based. This summer the team was flown to Mohammed. “I’ve had to develop a very strategic way of working. But Harper has also done her bit. She’s so well behaved. ” Initially the doctors told her she was having a boy, ” and then after weeks of scans – yay no penis! And she only wakes once a night. Listen, i’ve earned an easy one. Those boys – obviously I love them to bits – but they were hard work “.

Skype-ing your team in your pyjamas while nursing your newborn is one thing. Hoisting yourself onto your five inch Louboutins and back into full make up for the scrutiny of the front row is another.” It’s actually quite nice to get out of an elasticated waist and into fashionable clothes again, ” said Beckham, groomed as ever in a simple, short midnight shift, that echoed the athletic vibe of her new collection.

With the men in her life back in LA, Harper Beckham, was sleeping peacefully downstairs. “It’s the first time we’ve been separated. I just want her with me all the time. But it would have been too noisy for her at the show”.

What Harper Beckham slept through was an accomplished, glossy take on the urban sportiness that is emerging as one of New York’s key trends for next summer. Body conscious dresses – calf length or mid thigh – and strapless shifts made from techno stretch fabrics or dense jersey, were balanced with over-sized silk gazaar or silk satin parkas and bombers in minky lilac or pale pink.

The only embellishment were functional looking webbed straps (although since this is a luxury line, it turned out they were made from grosgrain) and Victoria’s growing range of bags, this time block coloured in orange and navy.

Next stop: her second line, which she shows later this week. She seems serious about evolving her label into more than a vanity project. But gravity doesn’t mean you can’t combine business with pleasure. An hour after her show, she was spotted shopping with Harper in Prada.


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