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Posted By Admin    May 30th, 2014    0

That ear-splitting crackle and pop wasn’t the blare of massive fireworks detonating. It was the sound of Spice Girls member, Melanie Chisholm, busting the bubbles of Spice fans everywhere.

With the Spice Girls’ 20th anniversary approaching in July, Melanie, better known to the world as Sporty Spice or simply Mel C., is voicing that she has no interest in recording any more material with her former band mates. Ever.

“I’ve been a solo artist longer than I was a Spice Girl,” Mel says. “I feel like this is my life now.”

And a grand life it is.

Mel’s doing just fine without the others. The girl’s got 6 solo full length releases to her name and has sold over 12 million albums around the world.

Mel’s 1999 debut, Northern Star, featuring the hit single “I Turn to You,” is actually the most successful solo effort to come from any of the Spice Girls.

Speaking of Mel’s Spice sisters, Victoria Beckham, labelled Posh Spice in her other life, shares Mel’s sentiments about regrouping and isn’t feeling hot about turning the lights back on the Spice Girls either.

That said, Mel wants her fans to know her reasons are personal and her disinterest is not based on resentment.

“I’m very proud to be part of the Spice Girls,” Mel confirms, just in case there were any doubts.

Mel has loads to be proud of, starting with being part of the most successful female group of all time in an era dominated by boy bands.

“Many industries, music being one, [are] heavily dominated by men. We went on to prove a lot of people wrong and be more successful than a lot of the boy bands, if not all of them,” Mel grins. “I hope that inspired other women to not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Despite how gratifying it once was, the future of the Spice Girls looks dark, but there is still a small glimmer of hope for diehard fans of the girl group. All of this isn’t to say that public appearances or a string of reunion show dates are totally out of the question.

“We never ever thought it would happen the first time around,” Mel admits, referring to 2008’s The Return of the Spice Girls world tour. “So nobody knows what the future holds.”


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