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Posted By Admin    August 3rd, 2013    0

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It’s been reported today that Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm has ruled out the possibility of there ever being a new album from the girl band, but she hasn’t discounted speculation that she and band mates Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham may go on tour at some point.

Melanie – who of course recently starred in the music video that accompanies former X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s new single, Loving You – told The Sun’s TV Biz that she and her Spice Girls band mates were more focused on the “nostalgic” element of their music.

So when asked if a new album or even single may appear in the future, she said, “I don’t think that would happen, I really don’t.”

However, she added, “We would possibly tour again – that’s something we have talked about already and would love to do…

“But I don’t think you would ever get the five of us in the studio, no.

“I think that time has passed, anything we would do would be nostalgic.”

But that nostalgia is of course paying dividends for the band, in royalties if nothing else, and of course, being in the group has meant all of the band members are household names.

Mel remarked, “I feel really lucky because I’ve had a long career so far, even if it’s had its ups and downs.

“Occasionally I get to do fun things with The Spice Girls, I have my solo career, and now theatre too.

“It’s incredible to have all of these options open to you, it makes you a better artist, you’re always learning as a performer so that’s what excites me.”

And finally, Mel revealed that though she remains very much a part of the Spice Girls, she’s keen to focus on her solo career.

She said, “Next year I’m devoting to my new album and my solo career. That’s my priority.”

Source: The Sun

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