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Thanks to our friends at @SGForeverItaly for the videos:

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MelanieC.Net just uploaded an amazing quality video of Melanie and Emma performing ‘I Know Him So Well’ at Shepherd’s Bush!

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Watch ‘I Know Him So Well’ video in full, thanks to

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duo 03

The single I Know Him So Well by Melanie C and Emma Bunton is avaiable to buy today! What the hell are you waiting for? Go buy it:

ITunes | Official Store

And dont forget that melanie C´s official website, on Monday (November 12th), will be premiering the full video of Melanie and Emma recording ‘I Know Him So Well’ in the studio with Peter-John Vettese!!So make sure to check it out:

Alongside our online activities, you can also catch Melanie on TV and radio during the week: Melanie and Emma will be performing ‘I Know Him So Well’ live on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ on Tuesday November 13th and together with Geri, the 3 girls will appear on Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’ on Channel 4 on Friday November 16th to talk about ‘Viva Forever!’ the musical. That same day Melanie will also join Olly Murs on the Ken Bruce Show as they’ll help out when Radio 2’s Children in Need jukebox continues. – Source: MelanieC.Net

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duo 04

Here is a short video of Melanie C and Emma performing ‘I Know Him So Well’ at Savoy Theatre. Click here to watch.

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duo 02

From MelanieC.Net:

Earlier today Melanie performed live at the Savoy Theatre as part of a special BBC Radio 2 concert hosted by Sir Terry Wogan in aid of Children in Need. Melanie performed 3 songs from her album ‘Stages’, including the new single ‘I Know Him So Well’ with Emma. You can now listen to the songs below:

If the embed audio dont work, please click HERE.

If the embed audio dont work, please click HERE.

If the embed audio dont work, please click HERE.

To make a donation to Children in Need or to help with fundraising check out

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duo 03

From MelanieC.Net:

It’s time to set your recorder as Melanie will appear on the following TV and Radio shows in the next few weeks:

– Sunday October 28th: ‘Weekend Wogan’ live from the Savoy Theatre in aid of Children in Need, Radio 2 (3 song performance including ‘I Know Him So Well’ with Emma)
– Sunday November 4th: ‘Good Morning Sunday’, Radio 2
– Monday November 5th: ‘This Morning’, ITV1 (‘I Know Him So Well’ performance with Emma)
– Wednesday November 7th: ‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show’, ITV1 (‘I Know Him So Well’ performance with Emma)
– Thursday November 8th: ‘Celebrity Juice’, ITV2
– Tuesday November 13th: ‘Loose Women’, ITV1 (‘I Know Him So Well’ performance with Emma)
– Thursday November 22nd: ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’, Channel 4

‘I Know Him So Well’ is now available for pre-order at – make sure you order the limited edition 2 track CD single before November 1st as you can then enter our special competition and have chance to win either a meet and greet with Melanie at her show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire or one of five photos signed by Melanie and Emma!

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duo 03

From MelanieC.Net:

We can now confirm the b-side on the ‘I Know Him So Well’ limited edition 2 track CD single and download bundle will be Melanie’s own version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. The show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel, was adopted as the anthem of Liverpool FC in the early 1960s. Being a red girl herself, the song holds a special place in Melanie’s heart:

“Being a life long Liverpool fan this is such a special song to me. There is nothing more emotional than standing in the Kop with your scarf above your head singing it at the top of your lungs. Gerry and the Pacemakers version will never be beaten but I’ve enjoyed recording this song, hope you like it too.”

In recognition of its inclusion in this release, Red Girl Records is making a contribution to the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

To pre-order the limited edition 2 track CD single, head over to our official store now. If you pre-order before November 1st you can also enter our special competition at where you can win either a meet and greet with Melanie at her concert in London on November 6th or a ‘I Know Him So Well’ promo photo signed by Melanie and Emma! The single will also be available for download on iTunes and all other major digital outlets worldwide from November 11th.

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duo 03

From MelanieC.Net:

The limited edition 2 track ‘I Know Him So Well’ CD single is now available for pre-order from our official store run by Townsend Records and if you pre-order the single (CD or download) from our official store before November 1st you will have the chance to meet Melanie backstage at her show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire or one of five ‘I Know Him So Well’ promo photos signed by both Melanie and Emma!

To enter simply pre-order the CD and head over to our special competition page. On this page enter your Townsend order confirmation number and contact details as well as the prize you would like to get your hands on!

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Exciting news from MelanieC.Net:


We can now confirm ‘I Know Him So Well’ will be released as the first official single from Melanie’s album ‘Stages’ on November 11th. The single will be available as a limited edition 2 track CD single as well as a special download bundle. Here’s a glimpse of Melanie and Emma recording the song with Peter John Vettese:

‘I Know Him So Well’ is taken from ‘Stages’ which is now available. For more information and to buy your copy of ‘Stages’ click here.

Screencaptures will be added to the Gallery very soon.

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melc 024

Melanie C´s ‘Stages’debuted at #50 in the UK (main album charts) and at #7 in the Indie Chart.

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spice 013

According to Melanie C, her duet with Emma ‘I Know Him So Well’ will be released as a single. She replied to a fan on twitter:

Yes it will! x RT @alecb941: @MelanieCmusic @EmmaBunton. Will I know him so well be released as a single it so should be  x

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melc 024

From Melanie C.Net:

Not too sure of some of the lyrics on Melanie’s new album ‘Stages’? We’ve added the lyrics to the site and they can now be found at

As well as the lyrics from the ‘Stages’ album, lyrics of all 103 (!) songs Melanie has released throughout the years can be found at

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melc 021

From MelanieC.Net:

We have great news for all of you who are planning to see Melanie in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool or for those of you who live close by, as you’ll have the chance to meet Melanie at HMV and get your hands on a signed copy of Melanie’s new album ‘Stages’!

Melanie will be signing copies of ‘Stages’ at the following HMV stores:

Tuesday 25th September – 1.00pm – Signing Session HMV Glasgow
Buchanan St. – 235 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2NG

Friday 28th September – 1.00pm – Signing Session HMV Newcastle
56 Northumberland Street, Newcastle, NE1 7AE

Tuesday 2nd October – 1.00pm – Signing Session HMV Cardiff
Unit 4, 53-57, Queen St, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF10 2AS

Tuesday 9th October – 1.00pm – Signing Session HMV Belfast
3, 4, 6, Donegall Arcade, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 1PT

Friday 12th October – 1.00pm – Signing Session HMV Dublin
65 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Tuesday 16th October – 1.00pm – Signing Session HMV Liverpool
5 South John St, Liverpool One, L1 8BU

We hope to see you there!

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melc 015

From MelanieC.Net:

‘Stages’, an album Melanie recorded with long time collaborator Peter-John Vettese, features a collection of songs from the theatre that have been important to Melanie at various stages of her life.

The album includes the following songs:

01 Maybe This Time
02 Another Hundred People
03 I Know Him So Well (featuring Emma Bunton)
04 Aren’t You Kinda Glad We Did?
05 I Don’t Know How To Love Him
06 Both Sides Now
07 Ain’t Got No / I Got Life
08 I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
09 I Only Have Eyes For You
10 Tell Me It’s Not True
11 My Funny Valentine
12 Something Wonderful
13 Anything Goes (iTunes Only Bonus Track)

This release is now available digitally worldwide on iTunes; 7Digital; Amazon UK & US; HMV Digital and FairShareMusic.

If you want to order this release on CD, it’s now available from our official store (including an exclusive free photo print) as well as on, Amazon and HMV. The CD release will also be available in all major HMV stores in the UK and Ireland from September 10 onwards.

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melc 019

We know all of the Spice Girls are busy ladies, but if we had to guess which of their diaries was the most filled out at the moment, we’d suggest Melanie C.

Aside from reuniting with her former bandmates to launch the Spice Girls musical and performing with them at the Olympics Closing Ceremony, she’s helping people get excited about the Games and, crucially, lining up her sixth solo album.

Digital Spy sat down with the star find out more about the record, the musical and, of course, whether another Spice reunion is on the cards.

You’re putting out your sixth record Stages next month; why did you decide to do a covers record of musical theatre now?
“It feels like it’s all happened very suddenly, but really I started working on this album two years ago when I was in Blood Brothers. When I was growing up I did loads of music theatre, so there were loads of songs that I sang throughout my childhood. I kind of left it behind for a while when I pursued pop music.”

You went in a pretty different direction for a while…
“Just a little bit! Going back to the theatre reminded me how much I loved singing those songs, so I started working on it a few years ago, but it took a backseat for a while as I did my last album The Sea. I was then asked to be in [TV show] Superstar and it felt like the right time to finish it and put it out.”

You have your own record label, which must make those sorts of decisions a lot easier?
“It certainly does. I can do whatever I like! Finances permitting, of course.”

There are songs on there from Cabaret, Company and a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’. What production was that in?
“Don’t quote me on this but I think it was in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. The album is predominantly musical theatre but there are a few other things on there as well. There’s a Dusty Springfield cover on there as well.”

And of course your duet with Emma Bunton. What was it like being back in the studio together?
“That’s my crowning glory on the record, the cherry on top! I really wanted to do a duet on the album and I couldn’t think of anyone better because I love her voice so much. I wasn’t sure she would do it but when I asked her she squealed! It was so emotional when we first heard our voices together again. It’s so Spice Girls. I’m so excited for people to hear it.”

Are you up for recording again with her?
“I’d work with her again tomorrow! We definitely had a moment in the studio. It felt very special. We’ve talked about performing the song together as well so fingers crossed for that.”

Are there any plans for another album of original songs soon?
“I’m not working on anything at the moment, but I’ve got some free time next year. I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio and recording some news songs. To me, being in the studio is free time – it’s very relaxing!”

The original Sugababes have got back together; were you a fan of the first lineup?
“I am! They didn’t really do a lot together as the original lineup, but ‘Overload’ is such an incredible track. They’ve all got incredible voices so I’ll definitely be listening. I don’t think an original lineup of a band has ever reformed before – it should be interesting!”

Before the Olympics you appeared with the rest of the Spice Girls to launch the Spice Girls musical. Is it strange meeting up at first when you haven’t seen each other for ages?
“We do see each other individually or in groups here and there. We’re always a bit nervous and apprehensive about it but after we’ve said hello the awkwardness quickly passes! It’s great though – every time we see each other we always ask why we don’t do it more.”

The musical must be in its final stages now?
“They’re casting the final roles at the moment. It’s completely amazing! We were all really nervous when Jennifer [Saunders] read through the first draft and then we saw a recording of the workshops for act one and act two. I was so nervous because you think, ‘Please, please be good!’ Thankfully we laughed and we cried – it was better than we ever could have hoped for. Obviously there’s interest because it’s the Spice Girls, but there is genuinely a brilliant story to back it up.”

You also performed at the Olympics Closing Ceremony together; are there plans to do something like that again? There are reports that you’ve made a “deal” not to…
“I never ever thought we would get back together when we did in 2007. I’m glad we did it because it was brilliant. There’s nothing to say we wouldn’t do it again at some point!”