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melc 051

Former Spice Girls star Mel C and former Noiseworks front man Jon Stevens joined Nathan, Nat & Shaun in the studio and were treated to a musical interview when they popped in to promote Jesus Christ Superstar.

To spice things up (see what we did there?) Nathan, Nat & Shaun thought they would sing their questions to Mel C and Stevens to the tune of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Nathan sang, “So Mel C, we saw you running along the foreshore, what’s your fitness regime?” Mel C replied in song, “I am training for a triathlon right now, I am doing London in July. I’ve been running here in Perth and swimming too. It’s a really great city, I love you.” Shaun stumbled across his musical lines, “Stevo you’re in the room right now, I’ve got to make the most of this! Where you perform in the musical…rughr urgh urgh. I love Noiseworks, bring it on now.”
Stevens jumped in to try and rescue Shaun by singing, “Don’t get me wrong now, don’t get me wrong now, reach out an reach out and touch somebody.”

Nathan jumped in with, “what’s something about Mel C that we’d never know?” “She’s bloody lovely”, Stevens responded.
“I think before it gets worse, we should stop it”, Nathan said.


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melc 023

She’s no stranger to the movie business, having starred 1997 movie Spice World with her Spice Girls bandmates.

And now Mel C is hoping for a return to movies, revealing to MailOnline she’d love to star in a big-screen version of hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

The 39-year-old singer, who is currently touring Australia in her role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s revamped version of the show, admitted she’s keen to follow in the footsteps of Oscar-winning Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway by reprising her role as Mary Magdalene on the silver screen.

Mel told MailOnline: ‘I would love to a Jesus Christ Superstar movie. Obviously there has been a Superstar movie before but I would love to do this show as a movie.

‘Musical movies have been being made since the beginning of movies, so I’d love to be in anything on the screen, that would be amazing.’
Mel has achieved critical acclaim through her role as Mary in the show, and said that as well as touring Down Under, she would love to take the musical to Broadway.

She said: ‘I wouldn’t mind a little stint on Broadway – maybe pop to New York for a few months. But I’d always come back to the UK.

‘There are such great roles out there, and I think what’s so exciting about musical theatre is that you can do it forever – there are so many different roles for different ages so I just feel really lucky.’
One thing not currently in the pipeline is a Spice Girls reunion, but Mel admitted that the five-piece haven’t completed ruled another one out in the future.

Referring to reuniting with the girls at the Olympics closing ceremony, Mel said: ‘I think we all agree, reuniting for the Olympics was the best thing we have ever done.

‘We’ve done such incredible things but for the Olympics there was such an anticipation to see us and we felt that.

‘And because of social networking and things like Twitter, we could see how excited people were about it. And just to feel that support internationally is really amazing, we absolutely loved every second of it.

‘Occasionally we’ll talk about doing something else – we’ll have a fantasy conversation about doing something – and you know, it’s not out of the realms of possibility but we’ve got no plans at the moment.

‘It would be hard to top the Olympics!’

Mel is currently touring Australia with Jesus Christ Superstar. The show will be returning to the UK in October 2013.


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melc 049

Their show-stopping performance at the London Olympics confirmed that, 17 years after they burst onto the scene with debut single Wannabe, there’s still an insatiable public interest in the Spice Girls as a fivesome.

Away from the group, though, their fortunes have been mixed. Tellingly, ‘Sporty Spice’ Melanie C is the only Spice Girl who’s released any new solo music in the past seven years.

The past 18 months have been the most prolific of her career: first came a stellar pop-rock album of original material, The Sea, then a surprise dance EP recorded in collaboration with London drag DJ Jodie Harsh, and finally a covers album, Stages.

She’s also broadened her horizons of late to include a childhood dream, performing in musical theatre. A 2009 stint in Blood Brothers was met with critical acclaim, and she’s now back on stage playing one of the most famous women in theatre – Jesus Christ Superstar’s Mary Magdalene.

Aussie fans eager to see the arena spectacular when it tours in May might be surprised to learn that her entry into the production was via unusual means. Before she was offered the part, she sat on the judging panel for Superstar, a televised search to find the next Jesus (Ben Forster was the winner – he’ll play the role in the Australian tour).

“I was really trying to influence the public to vote for him,” a jetlagged but ever-gracious Melanie C told the Star Observer.

“Fundamentally it’s about the vocal and the acting ability, because Jesus is such a hard role to play. But then, because I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this guy – I’m going to be washing his feet! – I had to like the person and think I could spend a lot of time with them,” she said.

The singer’s leap from pop to musical theatre has been remarkably seamless – she wasn’t dubbed ‘Talented Spice’ for nothing. Was she nervous about making the change?

“I didn’t give it too much thought because I didn’t go into it for accolades or acclaim, it was more a personal challenge. I thought to myself, ‘If I work hard, I reckon I can do a decent job of it’. Then it all went crazy – we got five-star reviews and award nominations. It just felt really nice, because it would’ve been easy for the knives to be out for a Spice Girl in the West End.”

Melanie C will be based in Australia for a month for the Superstar tour, and plans to bring four-year-old daughter Scarlet along for the ride. She’s a single mum now, having split from Scarlet’s father – and her partner of a decade – Thomas Starr last year.

Unlike some of the other Spice Girls – the tabloid juggernaut that is Posh n’ Becks, or Melanie B’s very public babydaddy dramas – Melanie C’s managed to keep her private life out of the tabloids.

“You make those decisions quite early on, and unfortunately, if you make the decision to use your private life as currency, you can’t turn back. If the media still find you interesting, you’re going to be splashed across the front pages whether you like it or not,” she mused.

“I’m not saying they would’ve been interested anyway – there’s much more interesting Spice Girls than me!”

The Star Observer wondered if Melanie could fit in a solo show during her Superstar commitments down under, an idea she instantly warmed to (“I think I need to chat up some of the Superstar band and see if they’d be up for doing a little something. Keep it simple, nice and acoustic…”). While that’ll be music to the ears of many fans, there were other more grandiose tour rumours we needed to enquire about: radio host Jackie O recently took time out from her busy schedule of sighing ineffectually at Kyle Sandilands to reveal an ‘inside source’ had told her the Spice Girls would soon tour Australia.

“Well, we do get together and hang out and talk about the possibilities of doing something. And the last time we toured, we didn’t get here. We talk about it a lot, but it’s not as if it’s happening…yet,” Melanie said, measuring her words carefully.

“We still feel bad we never made it here last time, so if we tour again, we will be here – and that is a promise.”

That she was even able to give that promise shows just how far she’s come since the Spice Girls sputtered to a stop as a Geri-less four-piece back in 2000. Post-Spice, her relationship to the group’s legacy seemed to mirror the public mood: from disinterest and occasionally outright contempt in those initial lean years when being a Spice Girls fan was a dirty word, to an affectionate if slightly ironic embrace in recent years.

“It was a very personal thing for me, because towards the end of my time with Spice Girls I was very unhappy. I was only young and I wanted to break free and have people see me, not a Spice Girl,” she said.

“I had to have that moment of rebellion, and then I had to get over myself so I could realise being a Spice Girl is the best thing in the world.”

Favorite solo song

“I’m really proud of Reason, and Here It Comes Again (both from 2002’s Reason). Not a great album – I think it’s one of my weakest – but what great songs!”

Favourite Spice Girls song

“Used to be Too Much – I love Goodbye as well – but since the Olympics it’s Spice Up Your Life.”

Favourite song by another Spice Girl

“Emma’s What Took You So Long.”

Favourite girl group other than the Spice Girls

“Girls Aloud. And All Saints!”

Dream musical role

“Eva Peron in Evita.”

Time for a little word association

Melanie B: “Scary!”
Emma Bunton: “Loyal.”
Geri Halliwell: “Crazy.”
Victoria Beckham: “Sophisticated.”
Jesus: “Da man!”
Mary Magdalene: “Very much a role model to me. A tough lady.”


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Here are more videos of Melanie C during ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ promotional tour in Australia:

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Melanie C is in Sydney touring with Jesus Christ Superstar cast. Here are 2 videos of her at Sunrise Tv Show:

Thanks to the original uploaders.

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From MelanieC.Net:

Good morning! Isn’t the best way to wake up on Monday morning with the Harlem Shake?

Melanie has been very busy raising money for Comic Relief and one of her challenges was to do the Harlem Shake with the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ cast. Watch the outcome of this crazy challenge below, give it a shake yourself and then head over to … arlemshake to sponsor a few pounds for a great cause!

Thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoy the video!

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melc 029

Jesus Christ Superstar will tour Australia before returning to the UK for an arena tour in October, it has been announced.

Tim Minchin stars as Judas Iscariot and Melanie C as Mary Magdalene with Ben Forster as Jesus.

Minchin told BBC News that it is “incredibly gratifying” to be returning to Perth, where he once was an understudy for the an amateur version of the stage show.

Former Spice Girl, Mel C, said she would like other stage roles and has hopes of starring in Cabaret and Evita.


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We are such proud fans! Melanie C won the award for ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Musical’ at WhatsOnStage Awards last night! Here is a video of her accepting her award:

Here is a Backstage video, thanks to masterpiece:

And here is a video of her performing:

Check out some pictures at our Gallery:

Gallery Link: Feb. 17th – London – Melanie C at WhatsOnStage Awards

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melc 025

From MelanieC.Net:

The Really Useful Group and AEG Live announce the return of the hugely successful UK arena tour of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary rock classic ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

The show returns to the UK by popular demand, after receiving overwhelming praise during its inaguaral UK run from both audiences and critics alike. The run was seen by over 150,000 thousand people, breaking previous audience records with 74,000 fans seeing the show its opening weekend.

Award-winning Tim Minchin as ‘Judas Iscariot’, Spice Girl Melanie C as ‘Mary Magdalene’ and Chris Moyles as ‘King Herod’. Winner of ITV’s Superstar, Ben Forster, also returns in the title role of ‘Jesus’.

Celebrating over 40 years since it first opened in London’s West End, these final dates of the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ arena tour kick off in Nottingham on 10th March before visiting London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Manchester and Newcastle. The tour culminates in Birmingham on 28th March:

10th March – Nottingham Capital FM arena
13th March – London O2 Arena
15th March – Liverpool Echo Arena
17th March – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
24th March – Manchester Arena
26th March – Newcastle Metro Arena
28th March – Birmingham NIA
Tickets for the UK tour priced £30-65 will be on sale from 9.00am on Friday 7th December.

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melc 029

Vote for @JCSTheMusical! It is nominated as ‘Favourite Touring Show 2012’ at the TheatrePeople Awards  . VOTE!!

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melc 029

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘ finest plays and I have been an avid fan of it since I was about 9 years old, so for it to be held in an arena with a huge scale production is a big thing for me. Set into today’s modern times, this new adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar is executed flawlessly. Gone are the robes and the Romans, instead, in the wake of all this 99% bullshit, Jesus is the leader of the ‘revolution’ (or, the 99%), desperate to overthrow the occupation of Rome. The high Jewish priests are the well dressed government and Jesus’ fickle followers are the hollow minded morons who want to ‘occupy Rome’. Just a side note, I don’t think that Christians are hollow minded morons, I am just referring to the rebels in the play.

The superbly chosen cast not only had some of best on-stage chemistry I have ever seen, but they also out-did all my expectations. Ben Forster as Jesus was an excellent choice, after all, he was nominated by the public in that ITV show, Superstar. His voice took a little getting used to at first (like in ‘The Temple’) but when given the chance to shine (i.e. during the song ‘Gethsemane’), you got to experience the sheer power and strength of his voice.

Melanie C outdid herself tonight; her voice ranging from bold to tender so very easily during her soliloquy. Not only that, but she makes a fantastic Mary Magdalene too. Love him or hate him, I can think of no other person who could have played King Herod as well as Chris Moyles did. Although you could tell his voice hasn’t been classically trained, nor has he spent years at dance school, he could sing just fine and he did the character justice and I, amongst many, thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Whoever thought of casting Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot is nothing short of a genius. This is the best that I have ever seen him perform and that includes his own shows (of which, I have seen many). He completely immersed himself in his character and truly gave it his all. His anger at Jesus and Mary, his inner turmoil over turning him in and his agony over doing so all of which he did impeccably. However, nothing compares to Judas’ harrowing and devastating decent into madness, leading to his suicide which genuinely moved me (that’s not a spoiler, we all know that Judas dies). I knew Tim was a good singer, but I had no idea he was this good. He takes his voice to a whole new level; the sheer power and emotion he can portray is just staggering. I know this is a clichéd term, but Tim Minchin really does give the performance of a life time.

I went into the Manchester Arena expecting to see a good show, but this modernised version blew me away. The entire cast were simply incredible, each and everyone giving it their all, not the mention that the effects and live music were outstanding too. It’s also the clever little things that were added that made this show great. For example, they had incorporated social media into everything, with banners saying follow #TheTwelve, Pilate was a high-end lawyer and King Herod had this glitzy and glamorous talk show which was the perfect medium for his song. This is by far the greatest version of Jesus Christ Superstar I have ever seen and I urge you to go and experience it too, while you still can.

Written by Andy Roberts


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Here is a video where Melanie C talks about her injury before Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour first show:

If the embed video dont open for you, please click here.

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Here are a couple of videos from the opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar. Thanks to Marcomel90 and RedBoy:

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Tonight is the premiere of Jesus Christ Superstar tour and you can check a small footage of Melanie C, Tim Minchin, Chris Moyles and Superstar winner Ben Forster in the first EPK for the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour:

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melc 025

The ‘Jesus Christ Superstar – Live Arena Tour 2012’ DVD and Blu-Ray editions are available for pre-order at Amazon.Co.Uk. Both will be released on Monday 19 November in the UK. Thanks a lot to Red Boy for the information:

Product Description:

Celebrating 40 years since it first opened in London’s West End, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of Jesus Christ Superstar, directed by Laurence Connor, promises to be the rock event of 2012. The star-studded line-up includes award-winning musical comedian Tim Minchin for the role of Judas Iscariot. Three million album selling pop icon and former Spice Girl Melanie C will take the only female lead as Mary Magdalene. Former BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Chris Moyles will make his major stage debut as King Herod and Winner of the ITV primetime show Superstar Ben Forster in the title role of Jesus in the 21st century Rock Musical re-invention of Jesus Christ Superstar.

An award-winning creative team have transformed this legendary rock musical into a unique state-of-the-art spectacular. Director Laurence Connor, known for his work on the 25th anniversary performances and concerts for Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, will work alongside Mark Fisher, the acclaimed world-leading set designer responsible for the staging of the Diamond Jubilee music concert in front of Buckingham Palace. They will be joined by internationally renowned lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe, who worked on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Both Mark and Patrick have worked on global arena and stadium tours for some of the world’s biggest music acts including the Rolling Stones and U2.

Filmed live as part of the 2012 arena tour–relive the spectacle.

Order it Now: DVD | Blu-ray