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GALLERY LINK: GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER> CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2021 > May 7th – Barcelona, Spain – Geri at the F1 World Championship

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New pictures of Geri Horner at the Autodromo International do Algarve in Portugal on May 2nd, 2021:

GALLERY LINK: GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2021 > Geri at Autodromo Internacional Do Algarve for the F1 Grand Prix

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Songs in the key of life: Geri Horner.

Everything I have done has been about connecting with people. In the Spice Girls we were just trying to reflect what a lot of young girls were feeling at the time. They wanted to be heard, they wanted to be pretty and they wanted to be individual – but also to connect with other women. Now I’m writing books and doing TV and I’m still driven by other people’s stories. I’m as interested in the postman as I am the president.

I used to get a sense of power when I performed, but I’ve lost my ego. I don’t have that drive to be a star Maybe it’s got something to do with being a mum. At some point “Me, me, me” gets a little bit dull. When I was younger I used to get high off basking in the adulation. Now I’d rather be jamming around a piano.

At my age, I thought IVF was just the reality. Having Monty [her 16-month-old son with Red Bull racing boss Christian Horner] has taught me the value of patience. We live in a world of amazing doctors and science, but also a society where we want things instantly. Conceiving naturally at 44 taught me to trust in the process of life and nature.

In some ways it’s simpler being a single parent. When I had Bluebell [12] it was just the two of us, existing in a little bubble. Now I’ve got Monty there’s more support, but also more voices.

We all numb our emotions in different ways. When my father died, I didn’t know what to do with my feelings. I was 21 and didn’t want to bother people. My solution was to use food as a control. I didn’t want to eat because I was sad, but it was also a way of blocking things out. It was only when I left the Spice Girls that I started to deal with that.

For me, writing is a healing experience. Wannabe was the most important song of my career, and when you strip back the lyrics, I still think it applies to lots of relationships. I’ve written other songs on a whim – I wrote the chorus for Stop in my Bed, for instance. I’ve always been drawn to lyrics, whereas Melanie C was also really talented at melodies.

I have flaws, but when you turn the volume down on them, they can be useful. Yes, I’m impatient, but turn that down and I’m driven. Turn down my perfectionism and I do things to the best of my ability. What I can’t seem to turn down is the nagging. When I make a point I absolutely hammer it home. I’ll go on and on, saying it five different ways, until my husband tunes out.

If you want to find the one, you’ve got to be yourself, totally. I’ve definitely been guilty of breathing in, trying to be something the other person wants. What you want is to find the person you can be your ultimate nerd with.

I’m really not a fan of the cold – it reminds me of being a child and having no central heating. If you come to my house, it’s always toasty, but I also go out in skiwear. I’ve had the same pair of salopettes since I was 25 – I once went on a date with somebody in them. Now, when it’s chilly, I’ll pop them on for the school run.

I would like to be remembered for having a good heart. I like to think my heart’s in the right place, even when I get it wrong.

Of course I’m sad that I didn’t pull off a Spice Girls reunion. For me it’s always about the fans. I didn’t care if there wasn’t any new material. I pushed so hard [for the 20th anniversary] and it was a bit like having a boyfriend who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. I can’t make the other girls get up on stage, so at some point you have to let it go.


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Emma Bunton and the rest of the Spice Girls drank prosecco and munched on posh sushi as they gossiped about their lives and reminisced about their time in the spotlight, she revealed today.

On Friday, the fivesome set the internet alight when they were all spotted arriving at Geri Horner’s house for talks about a long-awaited Spice Girls reunion.

The rumour mill went into overdrive when they shared a snap of themselves under the same roof for the first time since the 2012 Olympic Games, and there was speculation the band were getting back together 21 years after their first hit song Wannabe.

Describing their meet-up as “extra special”, Emma told co-presenter Jamie Theakston on their Heart London Breakfast Show this morning that they’d all had a “lovely afternoon”.

Obviously, we’ve seen each other individually, but actually [the last time we were] all together in one room was at the Olympics,” she recalled.

It was just like, Friday, we thought we would all catch up, everyone was in town, let’s do this, let’s catch up. But I don’t think any of us were expecting, we had such a lovely afternoon. We sat down, we had lunch together, we sat round.

Emma revealed that their top-secret meeting wasn’t even supposed to be held at Geri’s London home, but they’d had to switch venues at the last moment.

At first, actually, it was supposed to be at a hotel. But the morning of the meeting there was quite a lot of press speculation and we thought oh, maybe we need to go somewhere a bit more private. Geri’s was the nearest so we were like, ‘We’re coming to yours!

We reminisced about the old times, we were talking about the kids, It was lovely. And then we all sat around Geri’s table and we got takeaway in, got sushi and some salads and drank tea and a little bit of prosecco, and it was just so lovely to see everyone. I loved it, really good fun.”

Addressing reports that the five singers were offered £10million each to reform the band, Emma laughed.

No, again, being together and figuring things out, there’s lot of opportunities for us especially right now, needing a bit of girl power in the world,” she said.

We need another kind of sit down, because we were chatting for hours and then we were like, ‘Oh we’ve got to pick the kids up! It was hilarious because I was there and obviously got pictured coming out, lots of paparazzi and then the next minute I’m sitting in a church hall in Barnet and I’m waiting for my sons. He got his little certificate for his disco dancing.

While they’ve not decided on putting together a reunion tour or heading back to the studio to make a new album, Emma said there’s “opportunities” to explore and hinted that Victoria Beckham – who has been the least keen to get the band back together – is “all in”.

In a statement released by Jo Milloy on behalf of the group after their meeting, the Spice Girls confirmed they are definitely working together again.

“We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching-up and reminiscing about the amazing times we spent together. We are always overwhelmed at how much interest there is across the whole world for The Spice Girls,” they said.

“The time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities together. We all agree that there are many exciting possibilities that will once again embrace the original essence of The Spice Girls, while reinforcing our message of female empowerment for future generations.”

Tune in to the Heart London Breakfast Show with Jamie and Emma, weekdays from 6am – 9am, and catch Emma on Sundays on Heart from 7pm – 10pm


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What a day! The girls posted some amazing news and pictures on their social medias today! They reunited, with Simon Fuller, at Geri’s house today:

GALLERY LINK: SPICE GIRLS > CANDIDS | APPEARANCES – HQ/LARGE > 2018 > February 2nd – London – Spice Girls Reunion Meeting At Geri’s House

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How did Geri Horner’s hometown of Watford shape her? How does where you live shape your life for better or worse? Founder of girl power and member of one of Britain’s most iconic bands, the singer Geri Horner discusses how Watford inspired her global success.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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Geri was pictured having dinner with husband Christian at Primrose Hill on July 11. You can check the pictures at our Gallery:

GALLERY LINK: GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2017 > July 11th – London – Geri And Cristian Having Dinner At Primrose Hill

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GERI HALLIWELL has unveiled new single “Angel in Chains”, the song that she wrote in memory of her friend and fellow artist George Michael following his death on Christmas Day last year.

“When I first heard the sad news of his passing, I was nine months pregnant with my son Monty and I was full of emotions. I didn’t know quite what to do with my feelings so I put it in a song, which became ‘Angels in Chains,'” the former Spice Girl said of the single, which is her first music release in over 12 years. “I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work on this record with Chris Porter and the same team George had hand picked for his own projects.”

“I am first and foremost a George Michael fan, so to be in the same studio with these amazingly gifted artists who have put their stamp on so many of my favorite records was a real privilege for me,” she continued. “In the process I found how healing making this record had been not only for me but also for everyone involved. This is our way of saying goodbye to our friend and music idol, and I hope George’s fans enjoy this as much as we have making it.”


You can check the single’s photoshoot at our gallery:


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Here are the latest Gallery additions:


EMMA BUNTON > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2017 > May 5th – London – Emma leaving Scott’s restaurant in London

MELANIE CHISHOLM > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 6th – Zurich – NJR Fashion Night 2017 at the Samsung Hall

MELANIE CHISHOLM > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 1st – Berlin – Version Of Me Tour @ Columbia Theater, Berlin

MELANIE CHISHOLM > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 7th – Hamburg – Version Of Me Tour @ Mojo Club, Hamburg


GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 8th – London – Geri and Chris leaving Scott’s restaurant in London

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 10th – London – David and Brooklyn at “King Arthur” European premiere

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 11th – NYC – Victoria at JFK airport

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2017 > May 11th – NYC – Victoria outside her hotel

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Geri  and daugther Bluebell attended the annual Commonwealth Day service and reception during Commonwealth day celebrations. You can check the pictures at our Gallery:

GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2017 > March 13th – London – Geri at the Commonwealth Day Service & Reception

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We also added new photos of Geri arriving at the ITV studios yesterday!

GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2017 > March 9th – London – Geri outside the ITV Studios for her appearance on “This Morning”

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Geri (Halliwell) Horner was on ITV’s show “This Morning” yesterday. Check them out:

GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2017 > March 9th – London – Geri interview on ITV’s show “This Morning”

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Geri Horner was also at the Pride Of Britain Awards but skipped the red carpet for some reason, but she was pictured with Emma inside the ceremony.

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Geri Horner (Halliwell) was pictured leaving her house on May 3rd. You can check the pictures at our gallery:

GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2016 > May 3rd – London – Geri out and about

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Geri Halliwell attended the 2016 Brit Awards on February 24th in London. You can check the pictures at our gallery:

GERI HALLIWELL > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES> 2016 > February 24th – London – Geri at The BRIT Awards 2016

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To view the pictures click on the gallery link below.

GERI HALLIWELL > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2016 > February 5th – London – Geri and Christian at the Zoom Formula One auction