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We’ve all heard it — a picture is worth 1,000 words. As an aspiring pop star, Victoria Beckham wanted to be as famous as Persil Automatic (the Tide detergent of Europe), a bon mot recounted by countless media outlets. Now, Beckham is expressing the thought visually, by putting a graphic that nods to Persil’s packaging — without copying — on a T-shirt.

Such is the ebullience of the designer’s Victoria Victoria Beckham line, particularly this season. “We have lots of fun with it,” Beckham said during a walk-through. Conversation prints — a feisty fruit basket motif and “cocktails” featuring undrinkable but pretty nonalcoholic concoctions photographed in her studio — were blown up and splashed across dresses and separates cut simply with a hint of the Sixties. Then there was the denim, recently folded from its former stand-alone positioning into VVB. The news here was in patchwork looks, inspired by a scarecrow Beckham said she encountered during a visit to a Los Angeles-area pumpkin patch — no kidding. Yet lest the revelry overwhelm, she offered moments of calm as well in pinstripes used unexpectedly, on, for example, a spunky T-shirt dress. And like Persil, it’s all got to perform for the customer. “It’s about getting the balance of the fun and making it wearable as well,” Beckham said.

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victoria 073

An exercise in restraint, Beckham’s collection featured simple, sophisticated silhouettes in British heritage fabrics of tweed, plaid and herringbone plus knitwear for the first time. As well as mid-length kilts, their pleats detailed with shiny black leather, the show featured sleeveless gilets with cobalt ponyskin inserts and a perfect tuxedo suit, its trousers turned up high. All were worn with kitten-heeled boots, again designed with Manolo Blahnik. The final look was the best: a fine wool tuxedo dress, its sleeves slashed to look like a cape. All in all, this highly polished, desirable collection was the epitome of refinement – Harper´s Bazaar UK

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You can see her entire collection here: COLLECTION PICS

Pictures of Victoria and David at the show: GALLERY

We are so proud of Victoria! Finally she found herself in Fashion and is being recognized and praised by her work. We always loved her as a singer, but seems like, finally, the media and people in general are giving her the respect she deserves! We love you VB! x

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melc 029

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘ finest plays and I have been an avid fan of it since I was about 9 years old, so for it to be held in an arena with a huge scale production is a big thing for me. Set into today’s modern times, this new adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar is executed flawlessly. Gone are the robes and the Romans, instead, in the wake of all this 99% bullshit, Jesus is the leader of the ‘revolution’ (or, the 99%), desperate to overthrow the occupation of Rome. The high Jewish priests are the well dressed government and Jesus’ fickle followers are the hollow minded morons who want to ‘occupy Rome’. Just a side note, I don’t think that Christians are hollow minded morons, I am just referring to the rebels in the play.

The superbly chosen cast not only had some of best on-stage chemistry I have ever seen, but they also out-did all my expectations. Ben Forster as Jesus was an excellent choice, after all, he was nominated by the public in that ITV show, Superstar. His voice took a little getting used to at first (like in ‘The Temple’) but when given the chance to shine (i.e. during the song ‘Gethsemane’), you got to experience the sheer power and strength of his voice.

Melanie C outdid herself tonight; her voice ranging from bold to tender so very easily during her soliloquy. Not only that, but she makes a fantastic Mary Magdalene too. Love him or hate him, I can think of no other person who could have played King Herod as well as Chris Moyles did. Although you could tell his voice hasn’t been classically trained, nor has he spent years at dance school, he could sing just fine and he did the character justice and I, amongst many, thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Whoever thought of casting Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot is nothing short of a genius. This is the best that I have ever seen him perform and that includes his own shows (of which, I have seen many). He completely immersed himself in his character and truly gave it his all. His anger at Jesus and Mary, his inner turmoil over turning him in and his agony over doing so all of which he did impeccably. However, nothing compares to Judas’ harrowing and devastating decent into madness, leading to his suicide which genuinely moved me (that’s not a spoiler, we all know that Judas dies). I knew Tim was a good singer, but I had no idea he was this good. He takes his voice to a whole new level; the sheer power and emotion he can portray is just staggering. I know this is a clichéd term, but Tim Minchin really does give the performance of a life time.

I went into the Manchester Arena expecting to see a good show, but this modernised version blew me away. The entire cast were simply incredible, each and everyone giving it their all, not the mention that the effects and live music were outstanding too. It’s also the clever little things that were added that made this show great. For example, they had incorporated social media into everything, with banners saying follow #TheTwelve, Pilate was a high-end lawyer and King Herod had this glitzy and glamorous talk show which was the perfect medium for his song. This is by far the greatest version of Jesus Christ Superstar I have ever seen and I urge you to go and experience it too, while you still can.

Written by Andy Roberts


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news melc19

On a damp and windy Friday night in Brum, it was time to venture out, not really what you wanna do when it’s raining cats and dogs.

I must admit of never being part of The Spice Girls Phenomenon, my excuse is I was too old. I was never bothered by Melanie C and never was a really big fan of hers, only ever possessed one album in my mass collection which was ‘Northern Star’, and that was cause someone gave it me.

Tonight’s show would be a showcase of Mel C’s fifth studio album ‘The Sea’, the tour originally kicked off back in November last year with just a handful of dates, but thankfully a few more dates were announced and here we are.


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news victoria26

With baby daughter Harper on her lap, Victoria Beckham drove home the point that Victoria, Victoria Beckham, now in its second season, is the softer, girlier (and more affordable) counterpoint to her ready-to-wear. This time around, her dresses were more precise and tailored than those of her launch collection, and stronger for it. There were soft, slim sheaths with V-necks and belted waists, but the main message was jacquard shifts and shirtdresses with many proper collars and cuffs, drop waists and flared skirts, some pleated for a schoolgirl effect.


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news victoria20

‘We launched last season and the response was quite breathtaking,’ she said. ‘Gurgle,’ replied Harper.

‘I just wanted to give my customers what they love, so it’s girlie, fresh, that kind of personality. This really is the other side of my wardrobe,’ she continued.

‘Gurgle-hic,’ cooed Harper.

Victoria—always the best advert for her brand—was, as ever, immaculate, in a loose navy dress with a crisp white collar printed either side with a small white swan. The other prints in the collection—named ‘Frockerella’, a charming series of illustrations of all the dresses in the collection, and ‘Collarful’, dainty drawings of collars, looked sweetly sophisticated. As did the ‘school girl kind of attitude’, with shorter, drop-waist, kick-pleat skirts, in deep red and navy or subtle sheeny striped jacquards for those little collar-and-cuff dresses, all worn with short black ankle socks and towering black suede banana-shaped heels—a collaboration with Walter Steiger. It was nice to see her in demure mode, too, with the smooth longer length dresses – again, cut with the same VB precision for which she is fast becoming known—they looked fresh and utterly in sync with all the other high-flying catwalks here in New York.

It’s safe to say that every style will be snapped up. The stores went doolally for the lower-priced Victoria line when it launched last season—Harvey Nics and Net a Porter apparently couldn’t get hold of the stuff fast enough. ‘It blew me away,’ said Beckham, ‘In one week we had Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams and Celine Buckens (the British 15-year-old War Horse actress), all wearing it, all these women of different ages and all chic in their own way.’

So what if there were only dresses, 20 in all—no need for trousers, jackets or knitwear in Victoria World. ‘Focus,’ she stressed, after the presentation, now swinging Harper to and fro, ‘is the word of the week.’

‘Coo, gurgle, hic,’ replied Harper.


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news victoria25

by Sarah Mower

So, Mommy’s in the kitchen in L.A., and one of her boys runs in from baseball practice, and she looks at the collar and the stripes on his shirt, and his socks, and she thinks: “I’ll put that in my next collection!” Score, Brooklyn Beckham! Victoria Beckham, to put it mildly, is a female designer with quite a few sporting influences in her house. What with her three sons and a soccer hero for a husband at home, there have to be a lot of uniforms making their way through her laundry room. Not that the Beckham fashion fixture held at the New York Public Library on Sunday morning read as a literal sport collection in the slightest. There’s nothing one iota of casual about her superfitted multipaneled sheaths, her shirtdresses with flat, turned-down collars, or the band-box smart military-influenced coats—except, maybe, the ribbed socks poking out of the chunky-heeled Christian Louboutin ankle boots. But then again, Mrs. Beckham is a polished lady, and the clothes are truly about her, and her life. “There isn’t one thing in the collection I wouldn’t wear myself. I want to wear everything!” she exclaimed afterward. A proper, perfectionist job she’s making of it, too.

It’s always good to see a collection with an authentic, personal integrity about it. Victoria Beckham has schooled herself in the skills of cutting and fitting from scratch—and with the help of a top-notch team assembled in London. The way contrasting horizontal bands were set into dresses, dissecting the body at flattering points, was faultlessly done, and her control of the use of luxury signals, like the shiny python on a shirt-collar or in the lining of a khaki coat, is well-judged—there but not ostentatious. All this is being discreetly accomplished under the superdiscreet management of Simon Fuller of XIX Entertainment, who was at the show. Also in the front row, for the first time, was her husband David, taking pictures. “I don’t think he realized I have a proper job till now,” she joked backstage, as David juggled the new addition to team Beckham, baby Harper Seven.

In her insistence on developing slowly, and gradually earning respect, Mrs. Beckham has scarcely put a platformed-foot wrong. Still, now that the fashion world is showing her acceptance—she won the Designer Brand Award at the British Fashion Awards in 2011—perhaps she should dare advance her case further. Seeing a few evening looks would have been nice to round things off. But kudos to her: She has well-made clothes, and a strong identity already. Besides eagerly studying the properties of luxury fabrics, the even more fundamental lesson she’s taken to heart is the kind of advice always given to aspiring authors: “Write what you know about.” Victoria Beckham designs what she knows about—and only from that starting point can a coherent brand begin. Review: Vogue.Com

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When we find more reviews, we will add them to this post!
We´re are so proud of Victoria! She and her team did a great job!!!

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news melcdeanpiper

I’ve been going to Melanie C solo gigs since day one. You know, the days when she would pack out Shepherd’s Bush Empire and the other Spice Girls would pitch up to watch and create a huge stir.

In those days there’s no doubt she was riding the crest of a wave off the back of the band. But Northern Star was a strong debut from ‘the voice’ of the Spice World.

Still, cynics doubted her. She was a ‘fad’, a ‘flash in the pan’ and would leave within a few years to relative retirement or end up on some reality show. People underestimated the fact Melanie’s a grafter. She wasn’t going anywhere.

She wasn’t in this music malarkey for a quick fix. Melanie was always about the long term goal at the end.
With her eagerly awaited fifth solo album The Sea we’ve seen her go back to basics. And it’s the nearest thing to Northern Star she’s released. It’s personal, well thought out and lyrically far superior to anything she’s done for years.

But most of all for me, having gotten to know her a little bit over the years, she’s full of integrity and that’s what I find so endearing about her.

Melanie left Virgin and set up Red Girl Records when they tried to shove her down a different route (making her release tracks like On The Horizon).

This is a woman who stuck to her guns, invested a load of her own money and wouldn’t be a part of a world that said they wanted one particular sound or voice.

This industry has obviously changed hugely since her debut.
Albums are failing to sell. You only have to look at the recent flops of Pixie Lott and The Saturdays to see that supposed mass popularity doesn’t always equal success with album sales.

To be a success now you need to be a live act. You need to write your own music and you need to be able to take music on the road and create a fanbase. And it’s a bloody hard slog, as Melanie has found out. But she’s still here – and more fulfilled in her life than she’s ever been both professionally and personally.

I stood on the balcony at Scala this week next to her man Tom Starr and we sang along to everything. He’s phenomenally proud of her and watching her on stage you could see why.

She’s not your typical popstar and she’s not the spring chicken she once was. But she’s evolved into a live performer with credibility.
If you go to a Melanie C concert you will have hits – but you also have an old school live act. A vast amount of work, sung completely live with no gimmicks. It’s about the music.

There’s no flashing a breast, grinding to a Calvin Harris backing track or singing some old toot a label forces you to do. I feel a bit like I’m writing a manifesto for why Melanie C is relevant in today’s music scene – and I kind of am.

While many stars of the moment will slip away over the years, Melanie will still be here. The Sea has opened up a whole new chapter for her in my opinion. And if she carries on performing concerts like she has this week then she will guarantee her future in the music scene.

You can say what you like about the Spice Girls but when it comes to Melanie C you ought to get used to having around. Because she isn’t going anywhere.


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news melc2

Four years after she got back together with the Spice Girls, Melanie Chisholm is stalking much smaller venues.

If the former Sporty Spice is frustrated her solo career has seen diminishing returns, she hides it well. Mel C strides from one corner of the stage to another, as if back at the O2 with that all-conquering quintet, rather than at a King’s Cross club.

At least Chisholm can lay claim to the most sustained post-Spice Girl career. After a couple of big-selling albums early on, she has been self-funded, ironically for someone previously nicknamed Indie Spice when she expressed an interest in Britpop. Her last album came out in 2007, preceding an eventful period that included the reunion, starting a family and garnering respectable notices in long-running musical Blood Brothers. Now she has returned with fifth album The Sea, its mild-mannered pop-rock yet to bother mainstream tastes.

Oddly, Chisholm opens with ‘Rock Me’, a trance anthem abetted by chugging guitars that does not even appear on her fifth album in the UK. A minor hit in Germany, this performer clearly enjoys better success on the continent than David Cameron. As a Portuguese flag is waved near the front, she remarks, “I see there’s another large foreign crowd in tonight.” ‘Weak’, meanwhile, is a forceful ballad that reminds us Sporty always had the best voice in her old group, though the rest of the new material wilts in comparison.

‘One By One’ starts off personably autobiographical, but ends up simpering and cloying, while elsewhere writing-by-committee bogs the singer down with clunking metaphors –trying to burn bridges with dynamite and gasoline or drowning after falling off ice. What saves this portion of the set is her populist touch. Delivering torch songs and upbeat rock with equal commitment, you can understand why she was nominated for an Olivier theatrical award. Chisholm is engaging if not massively lucid between numbers and gamely straps on an acoustic guitar to quietly strum through ‘Burn.’

There are also some fine oldies to keep the set ticking over – the celebratory hi-NRG tune ‘I Turn To You,’ the clipped hip-hop/soul of ‘Never Be The Same Again’ and the sweet ‘Northern Star’. All that, and a guest appearance from showbiz chum Brian May, who provides a genuinely electrifying solo for a romp through Queen’s ‘One Vision’. Sounding here more karaoke than Killer Queen, Chisholm has still shown plenty of girl power.


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news bags2

With her main line collection now in its seventh season, Victoria Beckham keeps on going from strength to strength.

For SS ’12, the silhouettes are a mixture of her signature figure-hugging dresses, as well as more voluminous cocoon shaped pieces that include dresses and coats.

Sportswear inspired pieces have been introduced, with billowing hooded jackets, and drop waist dresses that recall tennis attire, with a 1920s twist. Panelling, oversized pockets and racer necklines further add to the sporty look of these pieces.

As you’d expect, accessories are a major feature: the signature Victoria bag is there, as well as a less structured version. There’s a sleek yet envelope clutch with long chain in soft buttery leather that we absolutely loved. In terms of materials, leather is the mainstay, but there’s also python, and the introduction of canvas for the first time. There are stunning leather or python heels designed by Louboutin, with a boot stocking in matching material to be worn with the shoes.

Part of the offering is a collection that reflects Victoria’s other side: a young, more playful and less structured aesthetic of looser pieces featuring silk screen prints of a drawing by Victoria of a cat; a range of Charlotte Olympia shoes go perfectly with this collection. It’s playful yet mature, still carrying the hallmarks of her great attention to detail and finish. The denim collection also features the favourite skinny classics that constantly sell out, as well as the introduction of tops that clearly reflect the main line.

The collection is simply fabulous, and the clear message that also comes across is that Victoria Beckham is not just here to stay, but in our opinion has found her place among fashion’s heavyweights.

Source | Pictures

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news victoriabyvictoria

Whisper it, but some days even high-maintenance fashion-aficionados want to dress down a little. Now we’re not talking jeans and a t-shirt here – please, don’t be ridiculous – but how about a dress that costs hundreds rather than thousands and doesn’t require a retinue of assistants and specialist winching equipment to put on? Obviously, it must be designer.

This is precisely the niche Victoria Beckham is tilting for with a new addition to her often tight and pricey ready-to-wear line. In a rooftop Manhattan studio on Monday she talked The Telegraph through her very fetching debut collection of throw-on-and-look-fabulous day dresses.

She said: “This has been a real labour of love for me and we have been working on it for around a year. I wanted something that was a little bit more affordable but I did not want to compromise with design or quality.

“It’s not a second line, or a diffusion line – it’s another line, another side to my wardrobe. This is a way to give my customers what they want.”
She added: “They are really easy to wear day dresses. You can wear everything with heels, but you can wear them with flats as well. And they fit a lot of different people. Nothing’s tight: everything’s quite comfortable and roomy.”

Not only that, but one of the dresses – a sporty number in navy and light blue, softened with a bow at the shoulder – has what looks like an elasticated waist. And another volumised jacquard dress, which Beckham said reminded her of “an enormous Faberge egg” is roomy enough to smuggle a friend into a party.

Some of the pieces are chic, subtly-detailed plain shifts that Audrey Hepburn would have snapped up in a heartbeat, others feature kooky, winsome prints of clouds and a cat. Many of the dresses – in cotton, crepe de chine and jacquard – have big patch pockets at the hip to facilitate comely posing by the wearer, and they all fall an inch or two north of the knee.

“It’s definitely,” said Beckham “the girliest thing I’ve ever done.” She added that she thinks her existing customers will buy into her day-dresses but it will, we suspect, bring her a new audience too. Because prices will start at £400 when the collection goes on sale in January, and that makes the Victoria Beckham brand suddenly accessible to many more women. And they are very pretty dresses.

There was though one thing even more exciting that those dresses on display. At one point young Harper Beckham made a brief appearance.

The two-and-a-half month old already has impressively big hair. She wore white booties, a white dress, and an expression of utter nonchalance.


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news victoriabyvictoria

“I’m not just that miserable cow, you know,” announced Victoria Beckham to a room of somewhat startled fashion editors, all perched primly on white sofas in a large Manhattan loft, as they awaited her latest fashion show. “And here, this dress?” continued Beckham as one model walked out. “It looks like a giant Fabergé egg, doesn’t it? And this is our moon print. Which is great.”

Even if Beckham doesn’t quite talk like a fashion designer of the classical couturier tradition, she is rapidly looking like one.

After a particularly strong show of what must now be referred to as her mainline collection over the weekend, and the debut of her secondary line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, on Monday afternoon, which was possibly even better, there is no question that the Beckham brand is working in the fashion world.

But if the fashion industry has had to adapt a little to the Beckham modus operandi, and re-adjust their inbuilt cynicism about celebrity designers, Beckham herself is the one who is trying to evolve the most.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham – like Marc by Marc Jacobs and See by Chloe – is intended as an offshoot to the main, more expensive collection.

But lower prices – and to be clear, we’re talking relatively low, Beckham-ishly low, with dresses starting at £650 and going up to £1,400 – means a greater reach in clientele which means bigger sizes, more practicality and more appeal for women who don’t necessarily look like Victoria Beckham.

Just as her mainline collection for next season showed a marked development and did not seem to be mainly inspired by Beckham’s own closet, the Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection was definitely a change from the body-clinging dresses with which most people associate Beckham.

Instead, the emphasis was on loose, crepe, satin, jacquard and something called “summer wool” shifts that barely skimmed the body, some in rich colours such as Kelly green and deep blue, and some spattered with sweet cartoonish prints, a look heretofore verboten in the Beckham wardrobe.

“I’m very into conversational prints this season,” Beckham said, wearing one of the cat print dresses herself. (“I want a cat but David won’t let me have one – he doesn’t want them bringing mice in the house. He’s a dog person,” she revealed)

Other standout prints included moons and a particularly lovely long-sleeved shift covered in cloud prints.

“Having another cloud print on the back makes it more expensive, but it finishes off the fashion story,” the pop star-turned-designer said, with the confidence of one who was suckled at the knee of a couturier.

Picking out a lovely black shift with scalloping around the neckline, she said: “I love this dress, I could wear this one with flats during the day and heels at night.”. It was a nice try on her part, but her claim to flats-wearing normality was slightly undermined by the fact that she was, at that moment, wearing gigantic stilettos while cuddling her nine-week-daughter, Harper.

The detailing is what really made the dresses stand out – a testament to Beckham’s unquestionable love of fashion: zippers were visible, patch pockets sat elegantly on top of the silk, waists were dropped and seams stood out.

One of the last dresses was a simple white one which was downright Jackie O-like. Chic, simple and tasteful.

“And you see the neckline? There’s a little V,” said Beckham, indicating a tiny dip in the centre. “It’s subtle branding.” Oh, she’s a wily one, that Victoria Beckham.

Source | thx to DBella

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news newyorkfashion

Not everyone has boarded spring’s printed wagon. On Sunday morning, at least one respite from the season’s early visual frenzy looked plenty inviting. Victoria Beckham showed what was, despite protestations that “it’s still a presentation,” her first full show, at the New York Public Library. She didn’t make the move lightly, opting for revved-up styling (Marie-Amélie Sauvé is now on the case) and a spiffy collaboration with Stephen Jones that resulted in crushed engineer caps with a pleasant dash of “It” girl attitude.

Beckham has always been her own sounding board; as such, a personal pragmatism underscores her work. Now mom to daughter Harper as well as three boys, she’s “excited to wear clothes again.” (Nine weeks after giving birth, she looks as slim as ever.) That doesn’t mean she’s into fashion confinement. Though she sent out a few of her curvaceous standards, the news came in easy lines with a modicum of Mod, the mood rendered via structured shapes and fabrics, colorblocking and, once or twice, a naughty sheer inset at the hips where a belt might otherwise go. When she went softer, it was with pleated crepe skirts attached externally to techno-stretch bodices. Along the way, Beckham’s mostly discreet palette — black, navy, white — got injections of vibrant orange.

She amped up her outerwear, shown in gorgeous iridescent pales of lilac, blue and gray. Here, she crossed what she called couture volumes with the hoods, drawstring and tapes of the athletic vernacular. Worn over crisp, short dresses, these pulsed with a distinct sportswear vibe. Asked if that category is next on the agenda, Beckham was noncommittal, but don’t be surprised.


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news newyorkfashion

There was an uncomfortable dissonance between an audience who’d come to see expensive clothes – at the very moment America honoured the traumatic memory of those lost in 9/11. But that was the hand doled out to Victoria Beckham today by the organisers of New York Fashion Week.

The audience, brightly dressed as an herbaceous border, filed in, exchanged the usual chit chat about holidays and whether or not they’ll be working the midi. Then the lights went down and they bowed their heads.

After the two silences, Victoria Beckham was poised to launch into a speech of welcome, but was cut off in her prime by a thumping soundtrack. With helicopters circling the city and security on high alert, for once the shows were observing strict deadlines.

Not that she seemed fazed. Victoria Beckham’s faced some tight personal deadlines herself this summer. From what she told me, her diary read something like this: have baby, design much more comprehensive collection than previously (as stores clamouring for bigger deliveries), breast feed (for first time), dine with Gwyneth and discover secret to losing baby weight in double quick time (go to Tracy Anderson’s LA studio, work out there six days a week, with a trainer named Autumn, dispense with services of nanny), launch secondary collection, take over world.

She’s achieved most of that list – her only concession to maternity leave being fewer trips to London, where her design team is based. This summer the team was flown to Mohammed. “I’ve had to develop a very strategic way of working. But Harper has also done her bit. She’s so well behaved. ” Initially the doctors told her she was having a boy, ” and then after weeks of scans – yay no penis! And she only wakes once a night. Listen, i’ve earned an easy one. Those boys – obviously I love them to bits – but they were hard work “.

Skype-ing your team in your pyjamas while nursing your newborn is one thing. Hoisting yourself onto your five inch Louboutins and back into full make up for the scrutiny of the front row is another.” It’s actually quite nice to get out of an elasticated waist and into fashionable clothes again, ” said Beckham, groomed as ever in a simple, short midnight shift, that echoed the athletic vibe of her new collection.

With the men in her life back in LA, Harper Beckham, was sleeping peacefully downstairs. “It’s the first time we’ve been separated. I just want her with me all the time. But it would have been too noisy for her at the show”.

What Harper Beckham slept through was an accomplished, glossy take on the urban sportiness that is emerging as one of New York’s key trends for next summer. Body conscious dresses – calf length or mid thigh – and strapless shifts made from techno stretch fabrics or dense jersey, were balanced with over-sized silk gazaar or silk satin parkas and bombers in minky lilac or pale pink.

The only embellishment were functional looking webbed straps (although since this is a luxury line, it turned out they were made from grosgrain) and Victoria’s growing range of bags, this time block coloured in orange and navy.

Next stop: her second line, which she shows later this week. She seems serious about evolving her label into more than a vanity project. But gravity doesn’t mean you can’t combine business with pleasure. An hour after her show, she was spotted shopping with Harper in Prada.


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news fashioncriticreview

I was really excited to attend my first ever Victoria Beckham presentation during New York Fashion Week this morning.

It seems like my anticipation was shared because everyone arrived very early which almost never happens.

The show started just after 10am following 2 moments of silence in observance of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 at 9.59am and 10.03am.

Once again Victoria took things to another level with this classic sporty collection.

Her signature exposed zippers and figure hugging dresses were on display, but she also presented some drop-waist dresses with feather light pleated skirts – which were super cute – and elegant sporty outerwear.

Oversized jackets with hoods and zippers were paired short tennis style skirts and leather caps by Stephen Jones.

Colour-blocking continues for Spring 2012 as Mrs Beckham combined zesty orange with navy blue on both dresses and bags.

Speaking of the bags I was sitting next to Tina from who was raving about how the bags are of a quality which she’s only seen at Celine and Hermes, and she knows her stuff.

The bag collection ranged from oversized totes, to VB’s signature structured clutches, to supple leather shoulder bags which some models carried as clutches with the chain wrapped around their wrists.

The other key accessories were the Christian Louboutin shoes. Pumps with a leather ankle cuffs and gladiator flats were presented.

Front Row: Every major editor and buyer

Favourites: orange and navy colour-block dress, drop-waist white gown and drop-waist mini dress with pleated skirt

Who I See Wearing This Collection: Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bündchen, Emma Stone, Paz Vega, Kate Winslet, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale, Leighton Meester, Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and Ashley Greene