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Click here to check the pictures.

If you missed the show, you can catch all the best bits below… including the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to Ant on live TV and what the boys guilty pleasures are!

We asked you for your questions for Emma and the boys and you definitely didn’t disappoint!

Click here to check the audios.

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Listen to Emma Bunton talking about Victoria’s birthday dinner to Heart Breakfast. Thanks a lot to Javi.

The pictures will be add soon.

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Thanks to Javi

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Thanks to SpiceAddict

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Emma Bunton sings a bit of the Spice Girls classic “2 Become 1” on Heart Breakfast with James Corden.

Im having ‘eargasms’ here!!!! BUNTON, could you please record another 100 solo albums please?!?!

Thanks Javi!!

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geri 053

It’s the debate that has been hot topic for years, and Australia’s Got Talent judges Dawn French and Geri Halliwell set the record straight!

LISTEN | Audio from September 23,2013| thx to @gerihalliwellPR

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Here is the audio of Emma’ short interview with Mel B at Heart FM. Thanks to Javi:

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Listen to what Emma had to say about yesterday’s meeting with fellow Spice Girls Geri Halliwell and Melanie C and to Lionel Richie’s phone call to the show.

Thanks to Javi!

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Heart Breakfast Highlights – 17th Jun 2013 – Thanks to Javi

Listen to Emma talking about her experience at the Isle If Wight Festival and… did she burp live on the radio? Yeah, she did. But she’s Baby Spice, she can do whatever she wants!

The Wanted On Heart Breakfast – 20th Jun 2013

Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston interview the guys from The Wanted.

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melc 051

Former Spice Girls star Mel C and former Noiseworks front man Jon Stevens joined Nathan, Nat & Shaun in the studio and were treated to a musical interview when they popped in to promote Jesus Christ Superstar.

To spice things up (see what we did there?) Nathan, Nat & Shaun thought they would sing their questions to Mel C and Stevens to the tune of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Nathan sang, “So Mel C, we saw you running along the foreshore, what’s your fitness regime?” Mel C replied in song, “I am training for a triathlon right now, I am doing London in July. I’ve been running here in Perth and swimming too. It’s a really great city, I love you.” Shaun stumbled across his musical lines, “Stevo you’re in the room right now, I’ve got to make the most of this! Where you perform in the musical…rughr urgh urgh. I love Noiseworks, bring it on now.”
Stevens jumped in to try and rescue Shaun by singing, “Don’t get me wrong now, don’t get me wrong now, reach out an reach out and touch somebody.”

Nathan jumped in with, “what’s something about Mel C that we’d never know?” “She’s bloody lovely”, Stevens responded.
“I think before it gets worse, we should stop it”, Nathan said.


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Listen to some Heart FM audios from this week. Thanks to my friend Javi!

Listen to Jamie Theakston revealing just how massive Emma’s perfect forehead is.

Listen to Emma’s (hilarious but fake) new healthy eating book advert!

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emma 03

Emma revealed today she’d once beaten Dec from Ant and Dec in a “biggest forehead” competition!

Apparently her face is 47% forehead! That’s enormous! Jamie decided to conduct a scientific experiment to find the biggest forehead-to-face ratio in the studio. Have a listen below!

Last the week the team from 8 Out Of 10 Cats presented an edition of Countdown which got us thinking about TV mashups. You came up with some great suggestions of programmes that could be mashed together – how about X Factor does Songs Of Praise? Or David Dickinson in How To Look Good Naked? Definitely one for after the watershed!

We’re back tomorrow with the ABC Game and another chance for you to win a whole stack of goodies in the Oscar Winning Performance.

Have a great day x


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Our lovely friend Javi uploaded these Heart FM audios from April 10:

It’s the first of our Jamie v Emma challenges and we couldn’t keep this one under cover!

The winner of the first Jamie V Emma is announced!

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Listen to Emma playing the Freebie Friday challenge, riding the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and singing a clip of “A Whole New World” from “Aladdin”

Thanks a lot to Javi (VodkaMouth) for uploading them into youtube. This clip is from Heart Breakfast from March 23.

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Listen Emma Bunton talk about Fox’s new TV show ‘The Following’ and ‘Glee’:

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duo 010

Listen to Geri and Emma at Heart FM today: