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That time of the year just arrived: New York Fashion Week! We added loads of new albuns of the Beckhams out and about in the Big Apple! Check them out!

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THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES  > 2016 > February 9th – NY – Victoria leaving her hotel

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THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2016 > February 8th – Victoria, David and Brooklyn at Anna Wintour’s house

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THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2016 > February 8th – NY – Victoria out and about

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2016 > February 8th – NY – Victoria leaving an office building

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To view the pictures click on the gallery link below.

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES > 2016 > February 6th – NY – Victoria at JFK airport

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Victoria Beckham unveiled her latest autumn/winter 2015 collection yesterday, at New York Fashion Week. We really loved the pieces! And seems everyone did aswell, here are some reviews:

Dispatches from New York: Victoria Beckham Making her customers happy
By Rebecca Lowthorpe Posted 15 Sun February

You’ve got to hand it to Victoria Beckham. All she wants to do is make her customers happy by providing wardrobe solutions for busy lives. It’s with this mantra in mind that she designed her latest autumn/winter 2015 collection, which had all the VB hallmarks that have come to personify her brand: sophisticated, uncomplicated, super-flattering, fashion-relevant clothes. In short, VB nailed what she said she was going to do on the tin: make runway clothes that could walk straight off the catwalk and into your closet.

‘The runway looks are the first things to go in the store,’ she explained backstage, driving home the point by looking down at her own outfit. ‘I just grabbed this and threw it on this morning,’ she said of the pieces she was wearing: an oversized black wool sweater and slim long black skirt with her trademark heels.

Elle UK: Read full review


Victoria Beckham A/W 15
Victoria Beckham’s signature dress grows up and loosens up for A/W 15
By Avril Mair 15 February 2015

“I wanted to start with the dress,” said Victoria Beckham, surrounded by family backstage after presenting her A/W 15 show in New York. It’s been a career-changing few months for the designer, who won Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in December shortly after opening her first stand-alone store, and she seems to have found the confidence to feel completely comfortable in asserting her vision. So that dress – the foundation of her collection, once form-fitting and primary-coloured – is now navy, black or cream and cut to the calf in thick felted wool or a nubbly knit. Like her, it’s loosened up – and is all the better for it. There’s no doubt that being hands on in her store has given Victoria an insight into what her customer wants and it’s increasingly sophisticated; the dresses were accompanied by some brilliant coats, swooping round the body and wrapped at the waist with a bow, or cut wide and boxy then cropped mid-thigh, worn with a chunky boot and bare legs. Corduroy culottes and thick jumpers were also completely convincing. Though in the end it might have been more about the coat than the dress – there’s good reason to consider Victoria Beckham as the new go-to coat brand – this was a cool, confident collection that will look wonderful instore. Though the way things are going, it won’t stay there for long.

UK Harper’s Bazaar: Review link


Victoria Beckham unveils sexier collection in New York
Designer plays with twists, volume and asymmetry to bring a much less uptight look to the catwalk

Victoria Beckham’s autumn 2015 New York fashion week collection officially began at 10am on Sunday morning inside Cipriani’s in downtown Manhattan. Mint teas on silver trays greeted guests escaping the frigidly cold minus nine degree celsius outside, and family Beckham – coiffed and in monochrome – snapped selfies on the front row.

But, in reality, the show started a few days earlier when the designer was photographed by paparazzi at JFK airport slinking through the arrivals lounge wearing camel trousers with a belted side detail and a leopard holdall. A dog whistle to those looking for early clues as to her collection.

Beckham is no fool. She has long since worked out how to utilise that particular privacy intrusion in the lead up to fashion week. So inextricably linked is the personal style of the industry’s most notable musician-turned-designer and her catwalk designs, that these pictures act as the unofficial preamble to the show. Backstage after Sunday’s show, between soliciting reviews from her three-year-old daughter Harper, Beckham reiterated that it was so important for her clothes to be flattering so that they could go “straight from the catwalk on to one of my ladies” Or indeed (as went unsaid) herself.

The Guardian: Read full review


Victoria Beckham Makes it Sexy
“I’m ready to get sexy dresses back on!”, said Victoria Beckham, although she took her bow at the end of the show covered up (albeit with a flirty drape at the hip of the skirt).

But bringing back sexy – a slither of flesh at the waist or a jigsaw of fabrics forming five shades of black – was only a sidebar to the main story: Victoria Beckham has made it as a designer.

I can’t think of another celebrity who has been willing and able to create a unique style. For Victoria, it is of course personal: tailoring and incisive cutting to make her kind of coat twirling a compass around shoulders and waist.

Then are her accent colours – mustard for a pair of culottes or a tailored coat – and also her own tidy way of playing with deconstruction so that the white satin dress at the close of the show was all flowery bows undone to show flashes of flesh. Read full review


For Victoria Beckham, it all started with a dress. You know the one: sexy yet strict hourglass fit, suggestive zip up the back, otherwise covered up. In the years since she launched her namesake label, she has explored other avenues. Last season found her in very foreign territory; the boxy shapes of her masculine, military-influenced jackets didn’t necessarily feel true to the VB brand. So she went back to the beginning for Fall ’15. Said Beckham, “We started with dresses; we listened to what people said. Read full review


Victoria Beckham knows what women want for autumn/winter 15
The British designer gives i-D the low-down on women, trends, and yes, her family, backstage after her stunning autumn collection.

Let’s get it out of the way: the entire Beckham clan looked impeccable this morning at the Victoria Beckham autumn/winter 15 show, with David and the boys in dark suits, Harper in a very Victoria black dress with white cuffs, and Posh herself in a cropped black top and skirt from the collection. “I love having them here, they’re so supportive of what I do,” said the designer after the show. “We all support each other. I stand on a football pitch, freezing cold for hours on end watching the boys. I go to watch Harper dance, and they look forward to coming to New York to see my show.”

As do many of the editors who braved this morning’s sub-zero weather to take in the gorgeously wearable, modern outing. From perfectly structured wool coats cut close to the body, to conservatively sexy apron dresses, the pieces felt classic without being boring (no small feat). “I don’t really follow trends,” said Victoria, and thank goodness for that. Black mock-necks and mid-calf skirts could go straight off the runway into a woman’s everyday wardrobe, which is definitely the idea here.

I-D: Read full review

Victoria Beckham Fall 2015 Collection: Bounce It Like Beckham
By Tina Craig on February 15, 2015 2:30 pm

While some designers apply broad themes or specific muses to catalyze their collections, Victoria Beckham tends to get inspired by a certain word that carries her through the season. For Fall ’15, the word is bounce. It’s apparent in the buoyancy of the fabrics, the innate movement of the silhouettes, and the attitude of each and every garment. And the adjectives that ring through this fantastic collection? Sexy and liberating. Backstage, Victoria explained it’s very important to her that her clothes can be taken right off the runway and worn by women in the real world, no adjustments required. She is making it as easy as can be for us to get dressed – and look pristine and polished in the process.

Bag Snob: Read full review

For more reviews you can click HERE.

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Every Brit knows there’s nothing like a cuppa on a bitter, cold day. And so, guests at Victoria Beckham’s runway show on Sunday morning were treated to hot tea – in glass cups – as they arrived at Cipriani Wall Street on the coldest New York City day in years.

As for the fashions, they were warm, too, but the fall-winter fabrics were given a sexy twist, falling closer to the body than usual. Beckham also used slits and cutouts to bare a little more skin that one normally sees in winter fashions. Draping was fanciful, including a very pretty sarong-like effect from the waist down on some dresses.

The former Spice Girl said, in a post-show interview, that if there were one word to describe the collection, it would be “bounce.”

“By bounce, I mean fabrics that are young and fresh,” Beckham said backstage, where she greeted her handsomely dressed sons, her young daughter and hubby David Beckham, in a sleek long topcoat.

“I love the texture,” Beckham continued. “They’re light as well. It’s very important that, yes, these things look good on the catwalk, but I’m selling clothes all around the world. I have to take into account the weight of fabrics. So that bouncy fabric is really nice and wearable. “

Beckham professed to having a little more fun this time around. “I wanted to play,” she said. “So I have lots of very sexy, tightly fitted dresses. You know I did have a little bit of fun and I think you can see that.” She’s hearing, she said, that her clothes are starting to draw a younger customer, as well as her usual fan base.

“I think I’ve come a long way,” she said. “I’m really proud of myself and my team.”


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victoria 083

NYFW: Victoria Beckham’s family affair

Give Victoria Beckham major credit.

Her entire brood turned out to support mum as she showed her fall 2014 collection at Cafe Rouge on Sunday morning. And all four young Beckhams were the best-behaved kids this mom has ever seen. Harper sat on dad David’s lap, and eldest son Brooklyn filmed portions of the show.

Backstage after her show, Victoria Beckham was friendly, excited and charming. Her secret to having well-mannered offspring? “That’s a huge compliment. They’re just excited to be here. The boys had never been to a show. I thought it was time that they saw what mummy did. Mummy works and daddy works,” she said.

Mum showed lots of long and lean silhouettes, with impeccable tailoring. “This is a real evolution for me, something I’m very excited about. It feels very new, very fresh, very me,” Beckham said backstage. “I love the element of surprise: When you turn around and the coat has the pleats. I really feel like I’ve evolved. I love the pleated skirts.”

She’s opening her first store on her home turf in London and plans to have a party to celebrate.

“I want to do more and more. We’re just pushing it each season,” she says. “This is a very feminine collection.”

And no, this busy mom doesn’t spend her entire life in heels. “I had a pair of velvet slippers on (earlier). I often wear flats. Living in London, you have to for sure.” – Source

You can read more reviews, see pictures at Denden Forums: CLICK HERE.

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Are you a shoemaker aspiring to work with one of the world’s most famous celebrity designers, or know someone who is? Victoria Beckham may want to hire you.

Fresh from showing her 10th New York Fashion Week collection Sunday morning, the pop star-turned-designer dropped by Parsons’s John L. Tishman Auditorium Monday evening to share her wit and wisdom with the 800+ students and Posh wannabes (myself, included) in attendance.

Apart from taking Dean of Fashion Simon Collins’s numerous Spice Girls jabs in stride (“Would you say that being in fashion was something that you really, really wanted?”) and repeatedly praising Sheryl Sandberg’s best-seller Lean In, she also dropped this bombshell: In addition to her main womenswear label, diffusion line, accessories collection, fragrance and denim, the stiletto-loving Beckham is extremely keen on designing a line of footwear.

“You know, I do want to start a shoe collection,” she told the audience. “If anybody here is a shoe designer, please do come and see me! I definitely think shoes is probably the next category that I’ll look at going into; it’s quite a competitive category but I would love to go into [it]. I actually work with Manolo Blahnik on the shoes for my show every season and working with him is remarkable. I think it’s very complicated… I wouldn’t just want to do a signature shoe — I’d have to make sure I’m working with the right factories, do a flat…”

Beckham also isn’t ruling out a line of menswear in the future.

“I’d love to do menswear at some point, absolutely. I get very inspired by menswear — [my spring 2014 collection] was very inspired by men’s tailoring, and there’s the boy-meets-girl fashion message throughout the whole collection.”

“I’m sure some people in the room could come up with a muse for you that’s not too far from home,” Collins said cheekily, referring, of course, to Beckham’s ex-soccer playing style icon of a husband, David.

“Yes!” Beckham replied enthusiastically. “Yes, actually… he’s a bit busy modeling underwear at the moment!”

Though her menswear ambitions may seem a little bit lofty, a line of Victoria Beckham shoes would undoubtedly be fantastic. We’ll definitely be watching this space.


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victoria 083

Victoria Beckham presented her Spring 2014 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Cafe Rouge today. Normally, i spend the whole event on twitter, tweeting and RTing everything i see, but today i couldnt do it. So, you can check everything about the show at Denden Forums: HERE.

After the show, she, David, Harper and her parents went to Balthazar restaurant. I’m sorting out the pictures from today, so keep checking the Gallery.

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victoria 079

And its time for New York Fashion Week! Check out Victoria’s schedule:

Sunday 8
10AM – Victoria Beckham
Tuesday 10
9AM / 6 PM – Victoria,Victoria Beckham

No more New York Public Library 4 #VictoriaBeckham. The designer has moved her Sept 8th SS14 show to the Italian-inspired Café Rouge! #NYFW – Source

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beckhams 010

Victoria Beckham dearly wanted husband David at her side for one of the biggest moments of her career in the Big Apple – blizzard or no blizzard.

Luckily for Posh her wonderful husband was absolutely determined to beat the snow to be with her at her New York Fashion Week show tomorrow.

Posh, 38, was devastated on Friday when the Beckham boys ‘ British Airways flight was cancelled due to US snow storms .

But devoted Becks, 37, refused to let the weather stop him being in the crowd as she showcases her spring/summer collection.

So he pitched up at Heathrow airport at 6am yesterday morning to wait for ANY flight that was not cancelled.

Four hours later, good old BA found him a seat and off he went but there was no guarantee the plane wouldn’t be diverted if the weather made landing at JFK airport impossible.

Meanwhile Posh’s parents Jackie and Tony looked after his sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and seven-year-old Cruz.

Yesterday, a source close to David, whose first official day with new club Paris Saint-Germain is February 13, said: “Victoria really wanted David, the boys and her parents at the show.

“He has been working really hard on his fitness with a team of trainers and is really ahead of schedule, so he was able to go out to the States. David didn’t want to disappoint Victoria so decided he would do whatever he could to get there in time.

“So he got to Heathrow at the crack of dawn so he was on standby for when a flight became available but it meant he couldn’t take the kids with him, instead they stayed in London with Victoria’s parents.”

The source added: “David was told there was no guarantee that he was going to be there in time for the show.”

On Friday David made up for the kids missing their trip to New York by taking them out for an Indian at Tamarind in Mayfair. Head chef Peter Joseph renamed his Hyderabadi lamb dish, Tamarind Saint-Germain Lamb for his specials menu.

In case you want to recreate it, it is a slow cooked number which consists of ginger, garlic, yoghurt, tumeric, chilli powder and garam masala powder.

Sounds nice but if Becks was popping round mine I’d offer him something FAR hotter…


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victoria 073

An exercise in restraint, Beckham’s collection featured simple, sophisticated silhouettes in British heritage fabrics of tweed, plaid and herringbone plus knitwear for the first time. As well as mid-length kilts, their pleats detailed with shiny black leather, the show featured sleeveless gilets with cobalt ponyskin inserts and a perfect tuxedo suit, its trousers turned up high. All were worn with kitten-heeled boots, again designed with Manolo Blahnik. The final look was the best: a fine wool tuxedo dress, its sleeves slashed to look like a cape. All in all, this highly polished, desirable collection was the epitome of refinement – Harper´s Bazaar UK

You can read some amazing reviews by clicking on the links below. We will be adding more reviews:

Guardian UK | Harper´s Bazaar UK | NY Times | Elle UK| Vogue UK | Telegraph UK | WWD | Vogue US

You can see her entire collection here: COLLECTION PICS

Pictures of Victoria and David at the show: GALLERY

We are so proud of Victoria! Finally she found herself in Fashion and is being recognized and praised by her work. We always loved her as a singer, but seems like, finally, the media and people in general are giving her the respect she deserves! We love you VB! x

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victoria 044

Tomorrow is Victoria Beckham´s New York Fashion Week presentation at 10am (NY time). We awant to wish her and her team good luck! We cant wait!

I may be out of my house, spending time with my family, but i will probably RT everything i see from my phone! And all info will be added when i arrive home. But theres a small possibility ill be at home soo… lets see!


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victoria 022

Victoria Beckham admits that she suffers from nerves prior to her Fashion Week shows. The designer showed her latest Victoria Beckham mainline collection and Victoria, Victoria Beckham secondary range during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

“Before the collections go out, I feel sick to my stomach,” she said, according to reports this morning. “I was completely overwhelmed and ecstatically happy when I walked on to the catwalk at the end.”

The former Spice Girl isn’t afraid of hard work – but confessed that she realises how lucky she is.

“I definitely don’t see myself as the toast of the town, but I’ve had a very successful week and I just consider myself to be so blessed to be able to do what I love,” she said. “We all worked so hard on both of the collections – we’ve been doing really long days and nights with only three hours sleep here and there. But we got through it because we truly love what we do. We’ve achieved such a lot this week.”


Bless her, we can only imagine the stress! But so glad everything is a success!