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emma 054

Her baby-doll dresses, pigtails and platform trainers have long gone. But it’s still a surprise to see what a sexy mature mum Baby Spice has turned into. When we meet, Emma Bunton looks ravishing in a stylish leather jacket, tight black jeans, big glasses and bright red heels.

And could it be that the Baby of the Spice Girls was not as sweet and innocent as we were led to believe? In a racy recent interview her former bandmate Mel B even hinted at threesomes and claimed that the world-conquering girl band spiced up their lives by snogging each other’s faces.

“Yes, I heard her say that she’d kissed all of us… has she kissed all of us?” responds Emma, collapsing into a fit of giggles. “Probably! It was just an extension of our friendship.”

Girl Power was all about loving and living on their own terms and, as Baby, Scary, Posh, Sporty and Ginger, the five Spice Girls inspired a whole generation of assertive young women.

From the moment their debut single Wannabe went to No?1 in 1996, to their split four years later they sold 80million records around the world but were never overtly sexual – unlike current stars such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

Emma’s not comfortable with this shift of emphasis for female pop stars.

“Back in the day the Spice Girls were fun and sexy,” she says. “But we weren’t sexual. Now people do take that next step and put it out there a bit more with their videos and stuff.

“If that’s how someone wants to be and they’re confident enough to bare themselves then that’s completely down to them. But it’s something that I personally wouldn’t do.

“But I’m sure all this sexuality will be complained about and then it will be dropped again.”

For Emma, 37, being a mum to her sons Beau, six, and Tate, two, is her priority. Her solo pop career – she released three albums and had a string of Top 10 hits including What Took You So Long? – went on to the backburner after she started a family.

Now she hosts Heart FM’s breakfast show with Jamie Theakston and she’s been a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, a judge on Dancing on Ice and a guest presenter on ITV shows including This Morning and Lorraine.

Next she’s hoping to reprise an old TV role on the big screen.

“I’ve been on the phone to Jennifer Saunders,” says Emma, plainly excitedly. “She’s spoken to me about maybe doing a film version of Absolutely Fabulous. I’ve no idea when it will happen but I’m usually Saffy’s friend in the show so if she offered me that part in the movie I’d definitely do it.

“They’ve had me saying all kinds of bizarre things in the TV version before though. Thankfully my boys are never up late enough to watch it.”

Apart from her third boy, that is. Her fiance Jade Jones, 34, was the lead singer in boyband Damage and they have been together for 14 years since meeting at a Manchester Arena gig. They got engaged two years ago.

“Fourteen years!” says Emma.
“That’s unheard of in showbiz. It’s hard to say why other celebrity relationships don’t seem to last because each one is different.

“But Jade and I have so much in common and we find each other funny, you know… it’s a good friendship. We do different things but really respect each other and he’s a wonderful hands-on dad too.”


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Emma Bunton performed with Damage last night at the Jazz Café. She performed the song “I Dont Know” with Jade and his bandmates. Here are some pictures and a video. Thanks to the original uploaders:

Video thanks to Rafael Fernando



They will perfom it again today and Geri Halliwell will be there watching.

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emma 028

Seems like Emma Bunton will perform with Damage again at the Jazz Cafe on March 15th or 16th. And few days ago, Geri tweeted them saying she would attend the concert in March, so…. 🙂

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Here is the full episode of ‘Unzipped’ TV show with Emma Bunton and Jade Jones! Thanks a million to Javi, who found the video on youtube an tweeted it to me and to SpiceAddict, who uploaded the video:

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Emma Bunton´s episode at ‘Unzipped’ TV show aired today and here is a preview. Hopefully we will have the full show online soon. Thanks a lot to @BornSimon!

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emma 07

Series 2 Episode 4 of 8

Greg James and Russell Kane are joined by Dappy and celebrity couple Emma Bunton and Jade Jones for chat, games and bizarre confessions, all based around the results of a unique survey exploring British behaviour.

Source | Thx to @EBuntonNews

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Emma Bunton was a special guest at Damage´s return show at the Jazz Cafe in London yesterday. They sang the song they recorded together years ago called “I Don’t Know”.

For more info, pictures and videos, please check this thread.

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emma 04

Jade Jones just tweeted this, and we are all shitting ourselves with excitment:

@OfficialDamage are happy to announce that on stage this weekend @EmmaBunton @AleshaOfficial @keleleroc will be joining us for duets! BIG…

Wahoo, so good to know Emma is going to perform again, even if its just one song! Hope videos will surface!!

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emma 07

Emma Bunton and her partner Jade Jones are Gino D’Acampo and Melanie Sykes’s guests. Gino makes a quick Thai curry and the viewer vote is between Mexican fajitas and sticky ribs. Wednesday 12:30pm – ITV1.

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news emma8

It’s been a year since Emma Bunton announced her engagement to singer-turned-star chef Jade Jones live on TV, but there are no plans afoot for a big white wedding. In fact, they’ve not even set a date.

However, considering it took the couple more than a decade to work up to getting engaged, the former Spice Girl doesn’t hold out much hope for the wedding plans being started any time soon.

“We had such a wonderful engagement,” says mum-of-two Emma. “But it did take 13 years – so we’re obviously not people who like rushing things!

“It happened on my birthday last year. I had my little boy Beau on my lap, I was pregnant and it was absolutely perfect. We had friends and family round at the house and Jade did it in the most perfect way.

“But there’s no way we’re rushing into getting married. I think we’d probably like to have Tate and Beau as little page boys on the day, and Tate’s only eight-months-old.”

Former Dancing on Ice judge Emma, 36, revealed her engagement on the show in January last year before flashing her huge diamond ring to the cameras and tweeting a message to fans that said: “Yahooooo I’m Engaged! Love you Jade! I’m a very happy lady!!”

But with baby number two arriving last May and work commitments to keep her busy, wedding plans have taken a back seat. She’s been in such demand in fact that she didn’t take much of a break after having Tate before going back to work at radio station Heart FM.

More recently she’s followed fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham into fashion and has launched her own kids’ clothing range at Argos which hit the shops this week.

“You know me,” she says. “With Beau I just took two months before I was back on stage training for the Spice Girls reunion tour. And this time it was pretty similar, I was back to work quite quickly.

“But I’m lucky because in my work I can take the boys with me, I can be at home most of the day and still get to work. It’s a question of juggling, like all parents do. Most mums have to go out to work, it’s just about making sure you have that important time together, too.”

Emma, who admits she struggled to lose her baby weight after she had Beau, looks no bigger than a size 12 in her floaty top but she’s happy to take the slow and steady approach this time, too, to get back to her usual size 10 figure.

“It’s a fact that your body won’t spring back to what it was immediately,” she says. “It takes a while, but I haven’t worried too much. I went on tour so soon after I had Beau, and it just happened over time.

“Everyone’s different – for some people it seems easy and I guess it depends on your lifestyle. There’s no right or wrong way.”

With all those plates to juggle, Emma is careful not to put too much pressure on herself when it comes to her body. “I’ve got great friends and family and we all love going out for pizzas and having a drink, so it’s not something I want to take on board too much,” she says.

“I haven’t had any time to get a serious health or fitness regime started, and as far as I can see, running around after the kids keeps me active. It’s all about eating well as much as you can. I try to be healthy in the week and do what I like at weekends.”

That sounds reasonable. And of course Claridge’s chef Jade, 32, is handy to have around.

“I’m very lucky to have a chef in the house,” she laughs. “He cooks lovely meals for us, and I forget sometimes how lucky we are to get fresh, healthy food made for us all the time.”

For a woman who obviously thrives on her home life, and grins her huge, white-toothed smile every time she talks about the three men in her life, it’s hard to believe that not much more than a decade ago Emma was at the centre of the international Spice Girls phenomenon.

Would she turn the clock back? “Obviously I miss it,” she says. “I loved being part of the Spice Girls, I had a ball and I loved performing. But I’m so lucky I can dip my toe into other things.

“I was in Ab Fab at Christmas, which was amazing. I’ve got my range at Argos, which I absolutely love. And I’ve just done a pilot show with somebody which could turn into something brilliant. Who knows?
“It’s all about trying different things. Once you’ve had children, you become much braver and you’ll try things much more easily.

“Your priorities totally change. Everything I do now is for my children and having them makes me push myself a little bit more.”

And putting the boys and former boyband Damage star Jade first means Emma cares less now than she ever has about what people think of her. “I’ve always tried not to care about that,” she says.

“But it can be hard when you put yourself out there. But having my children makes me think ‘yeah, I can do that’. They look up to you, and it makes you braver.”

Emma’s other main work of late was her place on the judging panel on Dancing on Ice, which she didn’t take up for this latest series. “I had two years of the show and it was absolutely brilliant fun, but I get itchy feet quite easily,” she says. “I always want to enjoy new things.”

But getting out on the ice herself isn’t one of those things she’d consider. “Oh I don’t think so,” she laughs. “I did Strictly in 2006, which I loved. I learned how to tango, which was brilliant, but I think I’ve done my stint on reality shows.”

After her second appearance on Ab Fab over Christmas – Emma first appeared in a cameo role in 2003 – she’s been getting more and more excited about the Spice Girls musical, which Jennifer Saunders is writing.

“It felt like it was going quite slowly at the beginning, but now we’ve got Jennifer writing there have been workshops and things are definitely picking up,” says Emma.

“It’s not based exactly on us, but all the songs are there and you realise how good lots of them were. I really love some of them – 2 Become 1 and Say You’ll Be There. In fact, I love so many of them.

“It’s funny though because obviously the boys don’t have a clue about the Spice Girls and it’s exciting to think what they’ll think of it when they’re older.

“Beau doesn’t have a clue about any of it, but he knows there was something. He’ll sometimes tell people ‘Mummy was in a band and they were called The Spicey Girls’ which I think is brilliant. He’s so cute.”

With all the other Spice kids out in the world now, Emma can’t wait to hear what their mums think of her new clothes range, including Victoria Beckham who’s spent thousands on baby Harper’s wardrobe.

“I want all the kids to have a look at the clothes,” she says. “I’ll be sending little samples out to everyone, and I hope they love them! With everything us girls did together – the tours and the madness – there’s a real bond we’ll always have. We have this amazing history together.

“Mel C and I speak a lot as we live nearby, and Geri’s not far. I always meet up with Victoria at Christmas and I’m always texting and tweeting with Mel B – that’s our new thing!

“No one will ever know what we all shared. But with the kids – Mel C’s Scarlet and my Beau who get on really well – it’s weird because for us, they’re our priority now.”


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Emma and Jade both watched our birthday video for her and they both tweeted us and @SGForeverItaly! Here are their tweets:



Thank you so much everyone, we are very pleased and happy Emma liked the gift!!! Next one —> Victoria!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Emma Bunton says being pregnant has helped her “bond” with the other Spice Girls.

The 35-year-old star – who is expecting her second child with her fiance Jade Jones – doesn’t see Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Mel B or Mel C as often as she would like, but says they grow closer when one of them is going through a life-changing experience.

She explained: “Because we’re all so busy we don’t get to see as much of each other as we’d like but when something like this happens the bond we have shines through. It’s like a sisterly relationship and that will always be there.”

The blonde singer, who already has three-year-old son Beau with Jade, also revealed the former bandmates use family occasions as an excuse to get together and socialize.

She said: “In fact Scarlet [Mel C’s daughter] and Cruz [Victoria and David Beckham’s son] have birthdays in a few days so it’s great excuse to get together.”

Emma is particularly close to Victoria and David – who are currently expecting their fourth child – and she recently enjoyed celebrating her engagement with the couple.

She said: “Because Victoria and I are pregnant we talked about that for a bit then I said, ‘I do have some other exciting news’ and I held up my ring. They jumped out of their seats and hugged and kissed us.”


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Emma Bunton and Jade Jones are having another baby boy! Emma announced at her Radio show on saturday! Congrats to the happy couple! 😀

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Here are the videos of Emma Bunton and Jade Jones at TV show “Million Pound Drop”. Thx a lot to the lovely Jordan!

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Emma Bunton and partner Jade Jones will try to win big on The Million Pound Drop Live tomorrow night (december 18) for their chosen charities Chickenshed and The Rainbow Trust.


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Pregnant Emma Bunton and boyfriend Jade Jones attended the 2010 Pride Of Britain Awards. Check out the pics!

Nov. 8th – London – Emma at the Pride of Britain Awards