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Hello you all!!

Im writing this post to make one thing clear: i am not closing the Site neither the Gallery.

I know it’s not as it used to be, i mean the updates are not as fast as they used to be, but back in the day i was time free, younger (not that i am old lolol) and hadnt many responsabilities in my life.

I am so busy with my own life it’s no joke, i have some goals i want (and need) to achieve, so i dont have time to update the gallery every day. I don’t think i have to apologize, but i think i have to clarify, as many of you are so loyal to me, and Zigazig-Ha is the main source for pictures in good quality.

Thanks for your patience and dont mind any grammar errors please ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you all!

Lah xx

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Hello you all,
After a month of hiatus, we are back! Sorry for the downtime. The Gallery is updated..but we need to get this blog updated yet. Thanks for the patience!

Zigazig-Ha team xx

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We are currently re-organizing the Gallery. So, don’t panic because the albums are a mess at the moment. Bear with us xx

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We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! Hope you are having a fabulous time with family and friends xx

Posted By Lah    November 20th, 2013    2 Comments

Hello you all!! I am back home from my amazing vacation! Give me some time to catch up with everything i missed!! Updates as soon as i can! xx Lah

Posted By Lah    November 8th, 2013    0

Hello you all!

Just wanted to let you know that i am going on vacations!!! From this saturday (November 9) untill next monday (November 18). I will be with my laptop and mobile phone, but will do my best not to update much, as i deserve a break. I’ll be probably posting more on our twitter page, but i can’t guaranteeย anything.

As i said, im going out to enjoy myself and my family so any update will be a bonus. I will try update everything when i arrive back home.

See ya! xx Lah

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spice 032

From now on, i will be adding Gallery updates to the side bar, under “Gallery Updates” right below “Website Informations”. It will be easier for me and for you lot.

Thought i should ย let you know, just in case you start wondering why the heck i am not posting (regulary) gallery updates on the news section anymore. haha. Like i said, it will be easier for me, as im very busy at the moment!

Posted By Lah    September 7th, 2013    7 Comments

Hello guys!

I’m sure you noticed i’m not updating as fast as i used to, and i want to give you a quick feed back about why this is happening. I’m in a moment in my life where i’m taking care of myself, working, enjoying family and friends and stopping obssessing over the Beckhams and the Spices… this was getting out of hand and was a bit worrying.. that’s not healthy.

For years i dedicated my time to this site and gallery. But some stuff happened a month ago that put me off from all of this (i won say what, but some people know though) and this is bothering me lately. So, i decided to slow down a bit. I will confess that the thought of closing the site crossed my mind (like it did before, but this time was serious), especially a month ago. But no worries, i will not close it, but i will slow down a bit, at least for a while. I still adore them, don’t get me wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for all you suppport, always!
Love Lah x

ps.: I wont stop updating!! I will just slow down a bit and wont be all day glued to the site ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Posted By Admin    July 27th, 2013    3 Comments

Itโ€™s nearly August and that means Geriโ€™s birthday is near! Like we did 2 years ago, we want to make her a special gift from us fans!

Zigazig-Ha!ย in collaboration with Spice Girls Forever Italyย and Semplicemente Geri, wants you to take part to our GERI BIRTHDAY PROJECT. Weโ€™re going to make a special video for Geri with photos and messages from the fans.

Itโ€™s easy! Send an email to a photo (it could be just you, you & Geri or just Geri) with YOUR MESSAGE for her ON the picture.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your message is WRITTEN ON THE PICTURE or we canโ€™t accept your entry.

You have time till August 3, 2013โ€ฆ.donโ€™t forget it!

In 2011, when we did the video we sent it to her management: she liked a lot and thanked everyone, now she also has twitter so we will all tweet her the video so she can see it again! Hope you will help us!

Posted By Lah    July 4th, 2013    0

beckhams 010

Zigazig-Ha! wants to wish David and Victoria Beckham a happy anniversary today! They complete 14 years of marriage! xxx

Posted By Lah    June 20th, 2013    0

Hey you all!! been so busy with work these past days! No worries, i will update the site later today! xxx

Posted By Lah    June 16th, 2013    0

beckhams 020

It’s not Father’s day here in Brazil untill August, but i know it is in England (and in some other countries i guess). So i want to wish a Happy Fathe’rs Day to all Spice Daddies and also to all Spice fans who are daddies! Here is what David had to say about today:

Everybody’s favourite footballing father David Beckham always gushes about how being a dad is the most important job he’s ever had and speaking to The Mirror, David couldn’t help but talk about his little ones.

He told the British tabloid: โ€œIn my career thereโ€™s many things Iโ€™ve won, and many things Iโ€™ve achieved. But my greatest achievement is my family. Being a dad is more important than football, more important than anything.”

The 38-year-old retired sportsman didn’t stop there: โ€œI adore children. I love the fact our children are part of both of us. Itโ€™s one of the most amazing things ever.โ€ – Source

David also posted this note on his official Facebook page:

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. The boys and Harper are spoiling me this morning, it’s making me feel very special! x

Emma Bunton tweeted this lovely message to Jade:

@EmmaBunton 5h
You’re our everything @JadeJonesDMG The best daddy in the world!

I’m melting!

Posted By Lah    June 14th, 2013    0

I was asked to be part of this amazing fan documentary! i am so please and honoured! I wanna thank Alexandra for giving me this opportunity! Hope you all like:

Some of the most loyal and heart felt Spice Girls fans from all over the world gathered on this video to tell their life changing experiences as fans of the biggest, most fantastic, iconic and very inspiring girl band in pop history and the amazing musical inspired on their songs: VIVA FOREVER!

This is a thank you video to the production of the show, the cast, crew, creative team and everyone that put their heart and soul into this phenomenal musical. Last but not least, we would like to thank the always and forever fabulous Spice Girls for inspiring millions of people around the world and still be the positive role models we keep looking up to.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did putting it together!
– The Spice Girls legacy lives on! ‘Colours of the world… Spice Up You Life!’

Buy your tickets for VIVA FOREVER! before the show goes on June 29th 2013!!ย 

Original idea, Produced and Directed by
Alexandra Isaza L. – @alexisaza85
(The Spice Girls Official Fan Club Latinamerica) @sgfcla

BIG thank you to :

David Montgomery – @icanlearntolove
Ibnu Akmal – @SpiceGirlsIndo
Frank Vega – @ FrankieSpice
Lah Raso – @ZigazigHaSite (ME!!)
Jimmy Lo – @JimmyL0
Samuel Zernig – @SamuelCh
Roberto Ramos – @RafanieB
Andrea Consiglio – @Andreaconsiglio

The lovely team at JCP
Judy Craymer
Claire Teare
Dee McCourt
Gavin Nugent
Nicola Lamb

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melb 022


We wish you peace, success and love! Enjoy your day!

Zigazig-Ha! Team

Posted By Lah    April 20th, 2013    0

Hey guys!
I want to apologize for the lack of updates these past few days. I’ve been very busy with work, non stop. And last night i didn’t sleep coz i felt very sick. I’m feeling a bit better now though. I will make my best to update today, you all know how much i love this website hehe.

Thanks for you patience!!!
Lah xx