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GALLERY LINK: GERI (HALLIWELL) HORNER> CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2021 > May 22th –  Monaco – Geri taking a boat ride in Monaco

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Hey everyone! First of all, we hope all of you are ok! Second of all, so sorry for the lack of updates this past one year and a half, with the coronavirus situation and both of us being busy with work, there were no time to update the gallery. But we have finally updated it this week and you can check everything at .

Lots of Love! xx

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Refresh for a brand new layout!

It’s time for a brand new site and gallery design! We hope you love it as much as we do!

Thanks so much much to our good friend Hayley, she did a brilliant job setting up the header and coding the layout for us, using a header premade thanks to Edge Design. Also, a big thanks to NinetyFour Designs for her lovely theme base.


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There are so many rumours/gossips around the 20th anniversary and most of them i don’t want to believe. As Denden Forums is down for a week, i decided to share the latest one with you guys. Is it true? I have no idea. But NO replacements, please? Thanks.

Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton are thought to be in talks for a three-part series to follow them on the road to their huge 20th anniversary celebration, but Victoria Beckham and Mel C are not said to be involved.

A source told The Sun: “The Spice Girls comeback is the big story in pop so it’s no wonder the girls want to maximise their popularity.

“There is certainly a big audience for it. BBC, ITV and Sky will no doubt be fighting it out for the rights. The girls are always good value, so there will be plenty of material.”

However, it is thought the trio won’t be joined by their bandmates Victoria and Mel C as they film footage from the recording studio and relive memories from the 90s.

The news comes only hours after it was revealed Simon Cowell is “desperate” to spearhead a Spice Girls album.

A source said at the time: “Simon is desperate to make a new Spice Girls album. He doesn’t want to miss out after the first time around.

“He spent the X Factor auditions last week quizzing Mel about the band and said he would do ‘something mega’ if they signed with him. He kept asking if they were going to be producing new music and said if so, he wants to do it with them. He even went as far as warning Mel that they’d better not talk to any other labels before meeting with him.

“Mel deliberately kept coy and told him they ‘hadn’t finalised everything’, but he wouldn’t leave it alone.”

Mel has previously revealed The Spice Girls are determined to mark the 20th anniversary of their debut album in some way.

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Hello everyone,

We are officially on hiatus until middle of January. xxxx

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As a woman who loves fashion, Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about shopping for it. And this expert knowledge is evident in every aspect of her first-ever boutique, which opens today in London’s Mayfair.

But forget any mental images of Mrs B proudly positioned behind a till. While she promises to be in the 6,000sq ft store ‘a lot’, there are no tills to speak of. Nor, indeed, is there a display window. Or rails of designer frocks as soon as you enter.

In an exclusive tour of the Dover Street space last week, the designer described why she shunned such traditional features in favour of a contemporary space dominated by a soaring staircase.

‘It’s the first time people can see the brand through my eyes,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want a traditional shop window, just a plain window, and a huge concrete sliding door.’

It is unrecognisable from the original space, Mrs Beckham revealed.

‘The floors weren’t connected, and I said, “Wouldn’t it be incredible to drill a hole through all three floors, so you could stand on the top floor and see the ground floor,”’ she recalled. ‘ I didn’t think it would be possible, but it was.’

As you enter, there’s no avoiding the colourful handbags that line one wall – as much art installation as it is product display. Tucked away to the left are smaller leather goods such as purses and keyrings (from £150), sunglasses (we love the sky blue aviators, exclusive to the store) and the more affordable Victoria Victoria Beckham collection displayed on a zig-zag rail that echoes the designer’s initial. It’s the first time people can see the brand through my eyes

Shoppers likely won’t recognise an American walnut bench as the ‘cash and wrap’ area though. ‘We’re not going to have any ugly tills anywhere,’ Mrs Beckham explained. ‘Payment is with an iPad, so we can go to the customer on whatever floor she’s on.’

A wall of bottle green glass defines the changing rooms, which, unlike many we have all experienced, are decently sized with generous rail space and a bench to sit.

Mrs Beckham, a mother-of-four whose youngest, Harper, is just three, was likely speaking from experience when she said, ‘There’s plenty of room if somebody’s got a child with them – a child can wait. [There is] lots of hanging space, space where they can put their bags down.’

The lower level will be dedicated to personal shopping, while the upper level houses the main Victoria Beckham collection. Each piece hangs from the ceiling on a ‘blonde gold’ chain that is a larger version of those that feature on her handbags. A giant screen streams the autumn/winter 2014 catwalk show at one end, while a cluster of wooden benches in the centre invites partners, friends and kids to linger. In fact, making husbands welcome is a purposeful move on the part of Mrs Beckham.

‘I’ve been very lucky in the past that David’s been shopping and bought me gifts,’ she says. ‘I want men to know that whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, Valentine’s Day, whatever it might be, a guy can come here and select the right gift. That’s very important for me. I don’t want an intimidating environment. We’ve all been shopping and felt awkward. I don’t want that.’

With her handbags and main collection dresses retailing for upwards of £1,500, those men will need deep pockets if they are shopping chez VB – but there is no question that the 40-year-old designer’s creations are in hot demand. Last year the label took £30million in sales – a figure that looks set to grow with the launch of pre-collections, footwear and of course the store.

In fact, Mrs Beckham still can’t quite believe how far she has come from that low-key New York presentation back in 2008. ‘Five years ago, if you’d said that I’d have a store on Dover Street, I’d never have believed it,’ she admits. ‘I feel really really lucky.’

But she doesn’t take sole credit. ‘I mean, I didn’t do this on my own,’ she adds. ‘I worked very closely with the architect Farshid [Moussavi], and my team. My CEO [Zach Duane] has been hugely instrumental with regards to the shop. We had a vision and we worked together. I’m very proud of what we’ve created, I think it’s really beautiful. We haven’t cut any corners.’

The new Victoria Beckham store is at 36 Dover Street, London W1. For more information visit


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hey all, sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been very busy lately with our own life. We will be back to normal very soon xx

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Here is a video of Victoria Beckham arriving at Gare du Nord in Paris with her parents last night:

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Watch this new interview with David Beckham. Thx to Suki

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Geri Halliwell was pictured leaving Tonteria nightclub in Chelsea on December 18. Check out the pictures:

Gallery Link: Dec. 18th – London – Geri leaving Tonteria nightclub in Chelsea

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spice 015

Ok Guys, last night was epic! I added one video last night, from youtube, but like i said, they (the Olympic Comitee) would take it off, and they did it. There´s still a vimeo link where you can watch to it in low quality:

Spice Girls // Wannabe // Spice Up Your Life – live at the Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012 from melanie c online on Vimeo.

You can download the video here in High Quality here:

You can also listen to the studio version of their Wannabe/Spice Up Your Life mashup:

Click HERE to buy it on Itunes! This mashup is included at an album called ‘A Symphony of British Music’.

And good news everyone: A DVD and Blu-Ray featuring the whole Opening and the Closing Cerimony will be released by BBC on October 29. We cant wait!

You can check over 200 HQs at our gallery, we are still adding pictures, so make sure to keep checking the album:

022 024 02 05 015

0118 031 036

0108 090 095

Gallery Link: Aug. 12th – London – Spice Girls At London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

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david 03

From LA Galaxy´s twitter:

TUNE IN: David Beckham is on @espnLA710 TODAY from noon-1pm as part of their Lunch w/ Legends series. Listen here:


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david 011

David Beckham has revealed that despite sometimes being tough on his children when it comes to chores, he cooks up a mean plate of pasta.

The 37-year-old footballer told Newsround that both he and wife Victoria are both fairly strict parents, with pocket money being restricted if household chores are not completed.

“Victoria’s the strict one to a point and after that I kind of take over. But we’re both kind of strict, we were brought up like that,” he explained.

“Without a doubt, they have to earn [their pocket money],” he continued. “They have to put their plates in the dishwasher or make their bed in the morning – and if they don’t do it they don’t get [it].”

Aside from talking about housework, Beckham also admitted he is actually quite the master chef.

“I always cook for [my family],” he continued. “They love my bolognese because when I lived in Italy for a while, I went to a cooking school.”

When it comes to football though, it seem that Beckham’s hard-line parenting stance softens.

“I let them stay up, but I’m not sure my wife would,” he joked. “You can’t take the kids away from penalties.”

Source | Watch Video

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Here are pics of Mel C leaving the Phoenix Theatre on January 25. To check the pics just click on the thumbs below: