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In the 20 minutes it takes for Victoria Beckham to show off her first-ever boutique, she says the phrase “I know what I want” seven times—and she means it. From the fitting rooms to the ceiling—and the hand-chosen Diptyque candles (they’re Figuier, the green ones, in case you’re wondering)—the designer has chosen every detail of the space. “I could even tell you about the wood in the hangers,” she quips, “but I don’t want to bore you.”

The Dover Street store opens today in London, but if you can’t make it to the British shopping Mecca, keep reading—we’ve got the most intimate details of the new Victoria Beckham shop, straight from the woman herself.

1. If you want to work here, you’ve got to go through The Designer Formerly Known as Posh Spice.

“Sometimes luxury boutiques aren’t welcoming, but I don’t want anyone to be scared coming into the shop! I want everyone to feel warm, and comfortable. Everyone. I’ve interviewed all the sales assistants myself. They’re all very good—very experienced, passionate about retail, and also they’re nice… And if we don’t have what you’re looking for here, the shop assistants will find what you’re looking for somewhere in the world. They really are fantastic.”

2. David Beckham inspired her retail strategy.

“I’m very lucky because I have a husband who does go shopping for me, and so that’s also really important to me—that guys can come in here and they’ll be helped. They can find the perfect gift. I want men to be able to come in here and buy gifts for their friends, their wives, their girlfriends. You know?”

3. The fitting rooms were designed to hold two things: Harper Beckham and a Hermès Birkin.

“I’ve been traipsing in and out of the store, so this one’s got all my stuff in it. The fitting rooms are very, very big because when I go shopping, I’ve got at least one child with me, so it’s important that I can come in, sit the kid down, put the shopping bags down—I love shopping myself, and I know what I need. It’s nice lighting here too, because that’s important—we’ve all been in fitting rooms where you look in the mirror and you go, ‘Oh God.’ I refuse to have that here!”

4. She spies on other shoppers when she visits boutiques.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve been influenced by any other store but I do like to go shopping… Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Browns; I go shopping everywhere. I like to shop in L.A. too, as much as I can having four children!… and I watch shoppers… I’m obsessed with learning about [them]. I want to know what she wants; how she feels; what she’s looking for. I currently do a lot of that!”

5. She shoplifts… from her own store.

“This morning, I was like, ‘What am I going to wear tonight?’ And then, I thought, ‘Gosh, I have the best job in the world. I’ll just grab something from the shop! I can put it back in the morning—don’t tell anyone.’”

6. She’s team Hedi Slimane.

“I like to mix it up. I do love what I do and how my clothes make me feel, but I’m not one of those designers who will only have my own things. I like to support other designers, as well. I wear a lot of Saint Laurent. A lot.”

7. She just broke up with Manolo Blahnik.

“We’re going to sell shoes in the shop and they’ll be our own. I’ve worked with Manolo for quite a few seasons, and I love him, and I love what we did together. But I needed a different hand. And ultimately, I knew if I wanted it to look the way I wanted it to look, I’d have to do it myself.”

8. But she’s not breaking up with NYFW.

“I’m very proud to be from London. I love British fashion, and I’ve dreamed of having my own store in London since I was a little girl… But for Fashion Week, I like being in New York. I’ve been there for 16 seasons, and I get a great time slot, which works for me. Maybe at some point I’ll do something during LFW in the store, but leaving New York? Eh. Sometimes though you have to recognize when you’re lucky, and I have a good thing going there. Now’s not the time to move.”


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The new issue of Another Man magazine launches today and David Beckham is on the cover, looking incredible as always! The photos have been shot by Collier Schorr and styled by Alister Mackie, alongside a brilliant long read interview with Tim Blanks.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

David Beckham shot and styled by Collier Schorr and Alister Mackie for AnOther Man Magazine Autumn / Winter 2014, on sale Thursday 25th September

View the full story on AnOther’s website: HERE. Thanks to Hannah from Dazed Group.

AnOther Man Magazine Autumn / Winter 2014 goes on sale Thursday 25h September.

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As a woman who loves fashion, Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about shopping for it. And this expert knowledge is evident in every aspect of her first-ever boutique, which opens today in London’s Mayfair.

But forget any mental images of Mrs B proudly positioned behind a till. While she promises to be in the 6,000sq ft store ‘a lot’, there are no tills to speak of. Nor, indeed, is there a display window. Or rails of designer frocks as soon as you enter.

In an exclusive tour of the Dover Street space last week, the designer described why she shunned such traditional features in favour of a contemporary space dominated by a soaring staircase.

‘It’s the first time people can see the brand through my eyes,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want a traditional shop window, just a plain window, and a huge concrete sliding door.’

It is unrecognisable from the original space, Mrs Beckham revealed.

‘The floors weren’t connected, and I said, “Wouldn’t it be incredible to drill a hole through all three floors, so you could stand on the top floor and see the ground floor,”’ she recalled. ‘ I didn’t think it would be possible, but it was.’

As you enter, there’s no avoiding the colourful handbags that line one wall – as much art installation as it is product display. Tucked away to the left are smaller leather goods such as purses and keyrings (from £150), sunglasses (we love the sky blue aviators, exclusive to the store) and the more affordable Victoria Victoria Beckham collection displayed on a zig-zag rail that echoes the designer’s initial. It’s the first time people can see the brand through my eyes

Shoppers likely won’t recognise an American walnut bench as the ‘cash and wrap’ area though. ‘We’re not going to have any ugly tills anywhere,’ Mrs Beckham explained. ‘Payment is with an iPad, so we can go to the customer on whatever floor she’s on.’

A wall of bottle green glass defines the changing rooms, which, unlike many we have all experienced, are decently sized with generous rail space and a bench to sit.

Mrs Beckham, a mother-of-four whose youngest, Harper, is just three, was likely speaking from experience when she said, ‘There’s plenty of room if somebody’s got a child with them – a child can wait. [There is] lots of hanging space, space where they can put their bags down.’

The lower level will be dedicated to personal shopping, while the upper level houses the main Victoria Beckham collection. Each piece hangs from the ceiling on a ‘blonde gold’ chain that is a larger version of those that feature on her handbags. A giant screen streams the autumn/winter 2014 catwalk show at one end, while a cluster of wooden benches in the centre invites partners, friends and kids to linger. In fact, making husbands welcome is a purposeful move on the part of Mrs Beckham.

‘I’ve been very lucky in the past that David’s been shopping and bought me gifts,’ she says. ‘I want men to know that whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, Valentine’s Day, whatever it might be, a guy can come here and select the right gift. That’s very important for me. I don’t want an intimidating environment. We’ve all been shopping and felt awkward. I don’t want that.’

With her handbags and main collection dresses retailing for upwards of £1,500, those men will need deep pockets if they are shopping chez VB – but there is no question that the 40-year-old designer’s creations are in hot demand. Last year the label took £30million in sales – a figure that looks set to grow with the launch of pre-collections, footwear and of course the store.

In fact, Mrs Beckham still can’t quite believe how far she has come from that low-key New York presentation back in 2008. ‘Five years ago, if you’d said that I’d have a store on Dover Street, I’d never have believed it,’ she admits. ‘I feel really really lucky.’

But she doesn’t take sole credit. ‘I mean, I didn’t do this on my own,’ she adds. ‘I worked very closely with the architect Farshid [Moussavi], and my team. My CEO [Zach Duane] has been hugely instrumental with regards to the shop. We had a vision and we worked together. I’m very proud of what we’ve created, I think it’s really beautiful. We haven’t cut any corners.’

The new Victoria Beckham store is at 36 Dover Street, London W1. For more information visit www.victoriabeckham.com


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Exclusive interview with Victoria Beckham: ‘It wasn’t until they came to the show that they realised Mummy had a proper job. They see David on the pitch but they don’t see what I do’

Tomorrow Victoria Beckham opens her first stand-alone store here in London. She tells Karen Dacre why she swapped going out for working hard, and how she has nothing left to prove

Meeting Victoria Beckham is a bit like running into a schoolfriend you haven’t seen for 15 years. Immediately familiar but completely different from how you remember her, she is smaller, softer and a thousand times warmer than any showbiz gossip hack would have you believe.

When we meet she is padding around barefoot across the top floor of her new Dover Street boutique, wearing a crisp white shirt and a pair of black trousers that graze her ankles. Incidentally, so am I.

Of course while Beckham’s shirt is perfectly pressed, mine is creased and bears a stain from the smoked salmon and egg baguette I ate at lunchtime. “I like your outfit,” she quips. And then we are off, with Beckham eager to introduce me to her fashion label’s new home.

“A lot of attention has gone into making things look really quite minimal because that’s my taste,” she says before pausing to look out over Dover Street and the achingly cool Dover Street Market — “one of my favourite stores in the world”, she says with a childlike sense of pride.

Despite a brief encounter with her husband — I shook hands with David at the launch of his pants range for H&M in 2012 — this is my first audience with the posh pop star who swapped the spice of the music industry for the cut-throat world of high fashion in 2008. Now the spearhead of an awardwinning global brand, launched with the support of 19 Management’s Simon Fuller, she produces four womenswear collections for her luxurious, UK-produced, Victoria Beckham line each year, as well as numerous collections for her more affordable and super successful Victoria by Victoria Beckham off-shoot. A range of denim, sunglasses and accessories also form a major part of the brand — affectionately known as “VB” — which reported turnover sales of £15.4 million in 2012.

We’re meeting to discuss this, her very first stand-alone store, a 6000 sq ft retail outfit designed by Iranian architect Farshid Moussavi. Set over three floors, the space features cutaway glass flooring — designed to allow customers a 360-degree view — as well as mobile metal hanging chains, created in coordination with Beckham’s handbag line, and an impressive poured-concrete stairway. It strikes me as more of a fashion amphitheatre than a shop.

Set to open tomorrow without any of the pomp and ceremony one might expect from the Beckham media circus, it seems both perfectly suited to its Mayfair location but also unlike anything else in the capital. “I’m not trying to be like anyone else,” says Beckham. “I want people to come in here and feel like it’s me. I’ve only ever tried to be me.”

Creating something conceptual but also welcoming was a must for Beckham who, I sense, has poured her heart and soul into this place. “We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure things are perfect. I put myself in the customer’s shoes, I know what it’s like to go shopping.” It is for this reason that the fitting rooms have been created on a large scale — “when I shop I’ve always got at least one child with me, so with my fitting rooms I wanted to make sure there’s somewhere to put your shopping, somewhere to put your child,” she says.

Beckham has paid special attention to the store’s customer service offering — so much so that she has hand-picked all the sales assistants herself. “I want women to come in here for the experience. This is fashion. It should be fun.”

For Beckham, who has an acute understanding of the power of celebrity, the shop is also about allowing her fans a further insight into her world. “It’s my way of saying thank you — and not just to fashion people but to the public who have come on this journey with me,” she says.

But why here in London? While Beckham’s studio is in Battersea, she launched her label in the US and continues to occupy an important slot on the New York Fashion Week schedule. “I’m proud to be British,” says Beckham, starting a spiel I fear she has been forced to give many times before. “I was brought up here, my family is here, my friends are here, my kids go to fantastic schools here …”

As if on cue, our interview is interrupted by Beckham’s youngest child, Harper, who comes bounding across the room to greet her mother. She is followed by her three older brothers, Brooklyn, Romeo (in school uniform) and Cruz, who immediately begins dancing in front of the mirror. “What do you think,” asks Beckham, whose serious fashion designer game-face has now melted into an enormous grin, before apologising to me for the interruption. “The kids haven’t seen the shop yet.”

The boys, who seem genuinely excited, respond with “it’s so cool” and “I love it” while Harper — who is clearly her mother’s child — requests a clothing change and disappears downstairs before reappearing in another cute sundress.

“I am so excited for them to see it,” says Beckham, who returns her focus to our conversation while smoothing Harper’s hair. “It wasn’t until they came to the show a few seasons ago that I think they realised that Mummy actually had a proper job. They see David on the football pitch whereas I go off to work and they don’t really see what I do.”

The children, who cheer their mother’s successes in the way I imagine they might one of their father’s famous free kicks, exchange a round of hugs and “I love yous” before leaving us to continue our conversation. “I’ll be home after tea,” shouts Beckham before apologising to me once again.

Beckham and her children do a good job of convincing me that she is a master at what she calls “the juggling act”. “I respect anyone who works hard who has a family. There are so many of us out there, working hard for what we believe in,” she says.

And is it those women she wants to dress? “From the very start, what mattered to me was that I created a brand that was believable,” says Beckham. “It has always been about the clothes I want to wear. I want to make a woman feel like the best version of herself, whoever she is.”

It is this autobiographical approach that serves as a huge draw to customers of the Beckham label, which has developed to include much more than the signature corset dresses she launched with. “I still love those dresses but I’ve evolved, I’ve moved on.”

I wonder if this is because Beckham has won over the fashion naysayers who laughed in her face when she set out her stall as a designer? “I’ve definitely loosened the way I dress,” she says. “That could be because I work a lot and go out a lot less but it’s also because I’m older and more confident. I don’t have anything to prove.”

It is this quiet air of confidence that makes Beckham the fashion maven such a likeable figure. That and the fact that she has achieved what everyone said she wouldn’t.

“I probably don’t stop to think about it as much as I should but I am very proud of myself,” she says. “But then I’m always looking to the next thing. I’ll always want to better myself.”


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LONDON — Victoria Beckham has built a dream space on Dover Street in London, her first store and “second home” in Mayfair, where she can express her vision on the shop floor. The 6,040-square-foot space spans three floors, and has more in common with a contemporary art gallery than a typical London luxury flagship.

Designed by the architect Farshid Moussavi, a Harvard professor whose past works include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, Ohio, the first Victoria Beckham flagship was always meant to be a democratic space. “I wanted a space that was conceptual — but also warm and welcoming,” said Beckham, who was filled with excitement during a recent tour of the store, which opens Thursday.

“There are a lot of people — the general public — who’ve continued on this journey with me, and I want everybody to feel welcome, whether they’re going to buy something, or whether they just want to come and check out the architecture. And I really wanted people to get a sense of me the minute walked through they door,” said Beckham.

Everything — the ready-to-wear and accessories offer, merchandising, size of the dressing rooms, “blonde gold” zigzag rails and hanger chains — bears her fingerprint. There is also a conspicuous lack of cash registers; instead all transactions will be via iPad, eliminating the need for “ugly” tills, according to the designer.

“For the first time, it’s my designs, my vision. This is how I feel the clothes should be showcased, how I like them to be seen. That’s been very exciting for me — to be able to buy what I believe the customer wants,” said Beckham, adding it was important that the space be flexible and able to accommodate a “constant flow” of new product. “We can play with how we merchandise things, and I think that’s a very modern way of shopping. So hopefully, every time somebody comes to the store it’s going to be a slightly different experience,” she said.

As for her buy, Beckham said she’s invested “quite heavily” in show looks. “I think it’s important that women can actually buy what they see on the catwalk and what they’re seeing in magazines,” said the designer, who is also stocking exclusive sunglass styles, small leather goods, key rings and a skate chain inspired by the one her husband David Beckham wears.

Mr. Beckham himself — all smiles — made an unscheduled appearance during the walk-through, to the surprise of his wife. “It’s great, isn’t it, David?” she asked him. “Have you seen how these move?” she said as she twisted the walnut hangers that are attached to golden chains suspended from tracks on the ceiling.

She also recounted how the couple’s boys reacted when they first saw the space. “It was so cool when the kids saw it yesterday, David. They literally ran up the stairs, and Brooklyn ran to me and said, ‘This is the coolest shop ever!’ Cruz went like, ‘Wow, mummy has a proper job.’”

A gigantic polished concrete staircase visible throughout the store connects the three levels. Floors are also done in polished concrete, and are offset by stainless steel counters, the shiny zigzag clothing rails and the golden chain hangers. Ceilings are clad with stainless steel mirrors, with the exception of the top floor, where that surface has been done as a diagonal concrete grid.

A big, sliding concrete door marks the entrance, and the street-facing window has no display. Instead, passersby will be able to look straight into the ground floor, which houses accessories on retractable shelves, and the VVB and Denim collections.

Midway up the staircase, on the way to the top floor, is a blank wall where Beckham plans to project runway images or her own backstage footage of models. Upstairs houses rtw and a lineup of supersize dressing rooms, their doors clad in bottle-green glass. “When I go shopping, I’ve always got at least one child. There’s lots of room to hang clothes — and flattering lighting. I wanted the store to look beautiful, but I also wanted it to work as well,” she said.

The lower ground level — visible from the upper floors — is arguably the space that holds the most potential for Beckham. “I think I will do presentations there, whether it’s trunk shows, or it will be a case of me just turning up and having appointments with customers that want to see me, to place orders with me specifically. It’s important that I really have a presence because I’m so hands-on with every element of my business and people can see that, people can feel that, and so I will be here a lot. This does feel like my second home.”

The lower ground-floor space is so big that part of it will be used as a stockroom, both for the store and for the brand’s e-commerce site.

Beckham said the Mayfair location, with neighbors including Dover Street Market, John Rocha, Chucs Bar & Grill and a lineup of galleries and restaurants, is ideal. “I looked at lots of different locations, but I do believe in fate, and this just happened to be the perfect space in the most perfect street. I did look at other streets, but this just felt right. I feel very honored to actually be in a street amongst such incredible stores. The energy is incredible.”

Zach Duane, the brand’s chief executive officer, said it was critical the store be a reflection of Beckham’s brand. “The world is changed, people are shopping online a lot more, so what they are looking for in a store environment is an experience, a really strong sense of what the designer is about, their point of view, their world,” he said.

While digital is great — and important — Duane said the other side of the coin is “personal interaction. The customer starts to expect a different experience, so brands will be forced to be a bit more original in what they’re doing in their physical spaces.”

He also said the choice of street was strategic. While Dover Street is in the heart of Mayfair, it is better known for restaurants and art galleries than for luxury retail — although that’s rapidly changing. “There’s no way we could have opened a store like this on Bond Street. For the company we are today, and the size we are, it would have been impossible. So we decided that we’d go slightly off the track,” he said.

Duane declined to give a first-year sales projection. Real estate sources here said the annual rent on the building is about 550,000 pounds, or $900,000 at current exchange.

There is no question the London store is a milestone.

Duane said the U.K. is the brand’s “single best-performing country,” followed by North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The Dover Street unit, he added, will be a template for future standalone stores and shops-in-shop. “It allows us to start thinking about how we take the idea, the finishes and designs that have gone into this store and reflect that in other stores around the world,” he said.


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Soon to be launching her own boutique in London, Victoria Beckham has transformed her image over the last decade, going from Spice Girl to WAG – to internationally-renowned designer and fashion icon. And now the 40-year-old has topped a poll naming her the top style icon for the British.

The poll has revealed that we Brits prefer home-grown style icons, with Victoria Beckham at the forefront and Emma Watson and Kate Moss nipping at her stiletto heels.

Of the 1000 women aged 18-34 surveyed, nearly a fifth voted for former Spice Girl as their biggest style crush, confirming her transformation from pop star to fashion heavy-weight.

The top ten:

1. Victoria Beckham (18.2%)
2. Emma Watson (13.7)
3. Kate Moss (13.4%)
4. Olivia Palermo (13.2%)
5. Alexa Chung (12%)
6. Cara Delevingne (11.4%)
7. Jessica Alba (10.2%)
8. Kim Kardashian (7.6%)
9. Poppy Delevingne (7.2%)
10. Rita Ora (4.5%)


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Victoria was seen leaving her new store today in London. You can check some pictures at our Gallery:

Gallery Link:

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2014 > September 17th – London – Leaving her new store

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Mel was seen outside Nobu restaurant in New York yesterday. Check the pictures at our Gallery:

Gallery Link:

MELANIE BROWN > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2014 > September 16th – NY – At Nobu 57

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After visiting her new store, Victoria went to UK Vogue’s London Fashion Week reception party at Winfield House. Check out the pictures at our Gallery:

Gallery Link:

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2014 > September 16th – London – Vogue celebrate London Fashion Week at Winfield House

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Victoria was seen leaving her new store today in London. You can check some pictures at our Gallery:

Gallery Link: 

THE BECKHAMS > CANDIDS & APPEARANCES [HQ |LARGE] > 2014 > September 16th – London – Leaving her new store

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Hello you all,
After a month of hiatus, we are back! Sorry for the downtime. The Gallery is updated..but we need to get this blog updated yet. Thanks for the patience!

Zigazig-Ha team xx

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Victoria Beckham on why it’s taken this long to feel like a serious designer, Christopher Kane discusses his first bag collection and we report on why the menswear front row is so powerful – all in the latest issue of the Guardian and Observer’s style supplement, the Fashion. Plus from plaid to braids to cartoon couture, the latest style reports and editors’ picks of this coming season’s hottest trends, all free with the Guardian on 6 September 2014

Watch the video here

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David Beckham has weighed in with his say on the Scottish Independence debate.

A referendum is due to take place on Thursday, with voters answering yes or no as to whether Scotland should leave the United Kingdom.

And now Beckham has pointed out several sporting events where he has been inspired, which indicate just why the Union should be saved.

In an open letter, the ex-England captain said: “The achievement that gave me the most pride was to captain and play for my country

“I saw that same pride and passion in every Scottish player and fan whenever we played each other, it was a common bond that I have always related to and admired.”

“Representing the United Kingdom with our Olympic bid I felt that same pride and passion. We worked together to bring the greatest sporting event of them all to our nation and I was thrilled to watch us competing together against the world.

“I took as much satisfaction in seeing Sir Chris Hoy or Andy Murray win gold as I did watching Jess Ennis and Mo Farah do the same in the Olympic Stadium.”

Beckham admitted that he was not in a position to tell Scots how to vote but did concede the results will impact the whole of the United Kingdom.

He continued: “We want to let you know how very much we value our relationship and friendship.

“Of course regardless of your decision that will never change, however, my sincere hope is that you will vote to renew our historic bond which has been such a success over the centuries and the envy of the entire world.

“What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let’s stay together.”


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The new clothing range by Emma Bunton is available now at Argos: http://po.st/LrfVkq In this interview Emma meets with blogger Fritha Strickland, of the popular Tigerlilly Quinn blog, to discuss the new range and her inspiration.

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Hello everyone!!!

On the 23rd of August, Melanie C will be playing with Jools Holland at the Old Royal Naval College as a part of Greenwich Music Time – Good news is: we’ve got two pairs of tickets to gift thanks to target-live.co.uk !!!!

Just like and reply to our post on Facebook saying why you should be the winner (convince me!!) for a chance to enter the competition. You don’t have to be from the UK but would be easier if you were or would be able to be there for the concert.

The two winners will be chosen on Tuesday by me.

Good luck!!


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Fashion designer, mother and style icon Victoria Beckham has selected 600+ from her personal wardrobe to sell exclusively at THE OUTNET.COM.

All proceeds from this sale will go to amazing cause mothers2mothers.

Register now on site for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shop pieces from her wardrobe

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton saw plenty of the planet in her globe-trotting pop star days – but her current travels tend to centre around her little boys Beau and Tate. She talks to Tamara Hinson about Florida, Disney – and the joys of a few days in Clacton.

Where is your next trip?

Disneyland Paris. It’s all about my two boys – Beau, six, and Tate, three – these days.

Most memorable travel destination?

My fiance Jade Jones, my son Beau and I went to visit close friends in Hong Kong – it was incredible.

What was it like?

Cosmopolitan and busy Our friends took us to all the secret places that tourists don’t know about — like delicious restaurants and secluded beaches.

Recommend three things to do there…

Shopping, seeing the pandas, a harbour boat ride while eating a Chinese banquet.

Earliest childhood memory?

Clacton in a caravan. A typical British holiday, which I loved and will repeat with my children at some point.

Does travel inspire you?

Absolutely. Having travelled the world and experienced lots of different cultures, I now want to do the same with my children.

Ideal travel companion?

Jade. He is the best companion – and he also carries everything.

Where do you feel most at home?

Italy. I had an amazing holiday with my mum, and have spent a lot of time there with friends and family. The food is a big draw for me. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

What was your worst trip?

The first time I left the children for work in Los Angeles.

What do you never travel without?

Simple face wipes and Creme de la Mere concealer.

What’s a good holiday cream?

The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke.

What do you most enjoy about travelling?

Relaxing and switching off. It’s the only time I get to see a film.

Favourite family holiday/destination?

Orlando, Florida. The weather is always great and there are lots of things for the children to do.

Emma, a presenter on Heart Breakfast, is currently promoting British Airways Holidays (how random???). Visit www.ba.com/holidays.


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If you’ve picked up this week’s issue of Grazia, you’ll see a very special announcement courtesy of Victoria Beckham. Brilliantly, the designer is selling 600 pieces of her fashion archive to shoppers on Net a Porter’s outlet site, TheOutnet.com with proceeds going to mothers2mothers, a charity which aims to eliminate the transmission of HIV and Aids between mothers and their unborn children.

The effort, spearheaded by gynecologist Dr Mitch Besser – husband to Annie Lennox – has been supported by some of fashion’s most high profile names from Anna Wintour to Stella McCartney.

Earlier this year Victoria was invited by Anna to spend time in South Africa with some of the charity’s mentor mothers – women who are HIV or AIDS positive and have been trained by the charity to work one on one or in groups with pregnant women who may have contracted the disease – and in an exclusive interview in this week’s Grazia she explains how she became dedicated to supporting the effort.

‘I was so touched by the people I met and how focused and empowered the mentor mothers were – literally I have never met such strong women in my entire life. The work they are doing is nothing short of absolutely remarkable,’ she explains.

Unsurprisingly, Victoria focused her efforts in her closet. ‘Going through my wardrobe and my archive I found all these clothes – so many iconic pieces – that bring back such happy memories. I just felt a) I wanted to raise money and b) I wanted to share them,’ she remembers. From the Prada dress she wore in SpiceWorld to bags, scarves and costumes jewels, all will be sold either by auction or directly The Outnet, making these one off pieces – many of which have been tailored to Victoria’s body by the world’s most feted designers – available to fans around the world.

‘These clothes have been on some incredibly journeys – I’ve had so much fun in them and I want to share that and give other people the chance to have a piece of what I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have,’ Victoria says.

So how did she decide which pieces to donate? In a scene reminiscent of Carrie’s closet clear-out in the Sex and the City movie, Victoria tells us she enlisted the help of her nearest and dearest. ‘My mum and my sister came over to mine and we sorted through the rails and packed up the boxes,’ she recalls. ‘My sister was so harsh. I’d be like, ‘Oooooh I can’t give this away,’ and she’d say, ‘Give me that. Put it in the box now…Harper is never going to want that!’ To be honest there are some pieces I’m sure Harper would love – I think I’ve donated the very best pieces – but there are a lot of other people out there who will really enjoy them.’

And how did it make her feel to look through all her old gladrags? ‘Well I’ve come a long way in fashion!’ she says flashing one of her perfect smiles. ‘When I went through the clothes I laughed and I cried with my mum and sister. My main point is that this is a celebration of the past, everything I’ve achieved and all the amazing people who have come on that journey with me. Its not just about the clothes – it’s a moment to say to the people behind the scenes, here’s to the future and let’s laugh at some of the past.’


Over 600 pieces from VB’s wardrobe will be on sale on THEOUTNET.COM from 20-25 August. There’ll be something for everyone, from small accessories such as jewellery, hats, shoes and bags, to big-ticket pieces such as eveningwear. Every piece was reviewed by Christie’s. To be in with a chance of snapping up a bit of fashion history, register at THEOUTNET.COM from 5 August. The majority of pieces will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. There will also be an auction of 10 of Victoria’s most iconic looks. All proceeds from the sale will go to charity.


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