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The new clothing range by Emma Bunton is available now at Argos: http://po.st/LrfVkq In this interview Emma meets with blogger Fritha Strickland, of the popular Tigerlilly Quinn blog, to discuss the new range and her inspiration.

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Hello everyone!!!

On the 23rd of August, Melanie C will be playing with Jools Holland at the Old Royal Naval College as a part of Greenwich Music Time – Good news is: we’ve got two pairs of tickets to gift thanks to target-live.co.uk !!!!

Just like and reply to our post on Facebook saying why you should be the winner (convince me!!) for a chance to enter the competition. You don’t have to be from the UK but would be easier if you were or would be able to be there for the concert.

The two winners will be chosen on Tuesday by me.

Good luck!!


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Fashion designer, mother and style icon Victoria Beckham has selected 600+ from her personal wardrobe to sell exclusively at THE OUTNET.COM.

All proceeds from this sale will go to amazing cause mothers2mothers.

Register now on site for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shop pieces from her wardrobe

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Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton saw plenty of the planet in her globe-trotting pop star days – but her current travels tend to centre around her little boys Beau and Tate. She talks to Tamara Hinson about Florida, Disney – and the joys of a few days in Clacton.

Where is your next trip?

Disneyland Paris. It’s all about my two boys – Beau, six, and Tate, three – these days.

Most memorable travel destination?

My fiance Jade Jones, my son Beau and I went to visit close friends in Hong Kong – it was incredible.

What was it like?

Cosmopolitan and busy Our friends took us to all the secret places that tourists don’t know about — like delicious restaurants and secluded beaches.

Recommend three things to do there…

Shopping, seeing the pandas, a harbour boat ride while eating a Chinese banquet.

Earliest childhood memory?

Clacton in a caravan. A typical British holiday, which I loved and will repeat with my children at some point.

Does travel inspire you?

Absolutely. Having travelled the world and experienced lots of different cultures, I now want to do the same with my children.

Ideal travel companion?

Jade. He is the best companion – and he also carries everything.

Where do you feel most at home?

Italy. I had an amazing holiday with my mum, and have spent a lot of time there with friends and family. The food is a big draw for me. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

What was your worst trip?

The first time I left the children for work in Los Angeles.

What do you never travel without?

Simple face wipes and Creme de la Mere concealer.

What’s a good holiday cream?

The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke.

What do you most enjoy about travelling?

Relaxing and switching off. It’s the only time I get to see a film.

Favourite family holiday/destination?

Orlando, Florida. The weather is always great and there are lots of things for the children to do.

Emma, a presenter on Heart Breakfast, is currently promoting British Airways Holidays (how random???). Visit www.ba.com/holidays.


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If you’ve picked up this week’s issue of Grazia, you’ll see a very special announcement courtesy of Victoria Beckham. Brilliantly, the designer is selling 600 pieces of her fashion archive to shoppers on Net a Porter’s outlet site, TheOutnet.com with proceeds going to mothers2mothers, a charity which aims to eliminate the transmission of HIV and Aids between mothers and their unborn children.

The effort, spearheaded by gynecologist Dr Mitch Besser – husband to Annie Lennox – has been supported by some of fashion’s most high profile names from Anna Wintour to Stella McCartney.

Earlier this year Victoria was invited by Anna to spend time in South Africa with some of the charity’s mentor mothers – women who are HIV or AIDS positive and have been trained by the charity to work one on one or in groups with pregnant women who may have contracted the disease – and in an exclusive interview in this week’s Grazia she explains how she became dedicated to supporting the effort.

‘I was so touched by the people I met and how focused and empowered the mentor mothers were – literally I have never met such strong women in my entire life. The work they are doing is nothing short of absolutely remarkable,’ she explains.

Unsurprisingly, Victoria focused her efforts in her closet. ‘Going through my wardrobe and my archive I found all these clothes – so many iconic pieces – that bring back such happy memories. I just felt a) I wanted to raise money and b) I wanted to share them,’ she remembers. From the Prada dress she wore in SpiceWorld to bags, scarves and costumes jewels, all will be sold either by auction or directly The Outnet, making these one off pieces – many of which have been tailored to Victoria’s body by the world’s most feted designers – available to fans around the world.

‘These clothes have been on some incredibly journeys – I’ve had so much fun in them and I want to share that and give other people the chance to have a piece of what I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have,’ Victoria says.

So how did she decide which pieces to donate? In a scene reminiscent of Carrie’s closet clear-out in the Sex and the City movie, Victoria tells us she enlisted the help of her nearest and dearest. ‘My mum and my sister came over to mine and we sorted through the rails and packed up the boxes,’ she recalls. ‘My sister was so harsh. I’d be like, ‘Oooooh I can’t give this away,’ and she’d say, ‘Give me that. Put it in the box now…Harper is never going to want that!’ To be honest there are some pieces I’m sure Harper would love – I think I’ve donated the very best pieces – but there are a lot of other people out there who will really enjoy them.’

And how did it make her feel to look through all her old gladrags? ‘Well I’ve come a long way in fashion!’ she says flashing one of her perfect smiles. ‘When I went through the clothes I laughed and I cried with my mum and sister. My main point is that this is a celebration of the past, everything I’ve achieved and all the amazing people who have come on that journey with me. Its not just about the clothes – it’s a moment to say to the people behind the scenes, here’s to the future and let’s laugh at some of the past.’


Over 600 pieces from VB’s wardrobe will be on sale on THEOUTNET.COM from 20-25 August. There’ll be something for everyone, from small accessories such as jewellery, hats, shoes and bags, to big-ticket pieces such as eveningwear. Every piece was reviewed by Christie’s. To be in with a chance of snapping up a bit of fashion history, register at THEOUTNET.COM from 5 August. The majority of pieces will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. There will also be an auction of 10 of Victoria’s most iconic looks. All proceeds from the sale will go to charity.


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Watch the brand new X Factor trailer – featuring Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Mel B and Louis Walsh. Join our four judges on their quest for the best. Find out more at itv.com/xfactor

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thx to alee

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Melanie B was on TV show “The View” yesterday. You can find the video here. I didnt check any link, so i can’t guarantee they will work.

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Whether she’s hosting her Heart radio show, or presenting on TV, Emma Bunton is one busy lady. We caught up with her to chat family life, fashion secrets and why her other half Jade is very hands on with her latest project…

You’re launching a new girls’ clothing collection for Argos. Are you excited?
I can’t wait! We’ve gone really party this time around. Obviously I’ve got two boys [Beau and Tate] so I’m at parties and play dates all of the time and see the boys skidding round on the floor – whereas for girls it’s all about adding a bit of sparkle and glamour, while keeping it stylish.

Does designing for girls make you broody for a daughter?
The thing is my boys are very in to fashion. Beau’s great with colours and putting outfits together – I even ask him what he thinks when I’m getting ready. (Laughs) My little man is always helping me out! And even though Tate’s already three I can tell he enjoys it. So I don’t think about having a daughter just yet, as Tate is still my baby.

Does your partner, Jade, help you with the designs?
Absolutely. Jade is very good at it and has a great eye. He’s very much involved and comes to all of the meetings and really helps out.

Would he ever go shopping for you?
I don’t know if he’d go there – but he’s very good at helping. And he’s one of those people who can put on anything and still look cool.

Are you a high street girl, or a fan of designers?
I’m such a mix. The high street is brilliant and so fashionable, so I’m a big fan. Nowadays you don’t have to wear ridiculous amounts of money to wear something that’s just come off the catwalk, as everyone’s doing it so well. But – I have to say – with shoes I tend to go a bit more high fashion.

You and Jade have been together for years. What’s the secret to your long-lasting relationship?
We’re just great friends. We talk a lot, we laugh all the time and we get on so well. I feel very lucky. I think I fell in love with him when I first met him.

It was love at first sight…
Yes. For both of us it was just immediate and we knew we’d end up together. It was lovely.

Emma is launching a new 26 piece girls’ clothing collection for Autumn/Winter 2014, designed exclusively for Argos.


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Baby Spice Emma Bunton drives the new Lexus CT for a Heart FM competition. To enter the competition: http://promo.heart.co.uk/lexus/

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‘Ask Melanie’ returns! Filmed just before Melanie went on stage to perform with Jools Holland as part of their summer tour, Melanie answered a selection of your questions which were submitted live on Twitter the same night.

Do you have a burning question for Melanie? Make sure to send it to us on Twitter by tweeting it to @MelanieCnet and including #AskMelanieC. You can also submit a video of up to 20 seconds on www.melaniec.net/askmelanie – we’re looking forward to receiving your submissions and we’ll make sure to collect the best questions for the next episode of ‘Ask Melanie’!

P.S. Wondering what Melanie is referring to when she talks about the ‘Sporty’s Forty’ footage? We’ll let you know very soon!

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Beckham spent the first 32 years of his life in England, but America has become his home since he joined MLS team L.A. Galaxy in 2007. Both his home nation and his adopted nation has exceedingly difficult tasks in escaping from two of the toughest groups in the World Cup. Despite that, Beckham remains cautiously optimistic.

“The U.S. has gone into this World Cup on such a positive note,” he said on a phone call. “I think Jurgen [Klinsmann] has a professionalism that top managers have, and I think he’s a manager that knows what’s best for the team, what’s best for the players, and how to bring the players together.”

On the phone, no matter how much I was expecting it, it’s a little jarring to hear Beckham speak. His accent is delightful (he says “fink” instead of “think”) and, if you’ve never heard him speak, he sounds a little bit like if they made a British Muppet.

“But you know, it’s not hard to bring U.S. players together, because I think it’s in their blood,” he continued. “U.S. players are so proud of representing their country that when they go to a big tournament, they stick together like not many countries do. Going into something like this, I think that’s something they’ll need.”

The United States take on European powerhouses Germany and Portugal in Group G, along with Ghana, who have eliminated the U.S. from the last two World Cups. England face four-time World Cup champion Italy, two-time World Cup champion Uruguay, and upstart Costa Rica in a similarly packed group.

“With England, we’ve got a young team going into this, it’s fresh, it’s talented,” he said. “A lot depends on that first game [against Italy on June 14]. We have a chance. I mean, we’ve got a chance to get out of the group. And we’ll see what happens after that.”

Beckham just finished shooting a Showtime documentary, “David Beckham Into the Unknown,” a 90-minute film that follows Beckham and his friends as they travel around Brazil on motorcycles. Beckham wanted to explore Brazil, the host of this summer’s World Cup, but mostly he looked forward to taking the time for a boy’s trip.

“This is something that, A, I’ve never done before, and B, I’ve never been able to do before,” he said of the trip. “Obviously, you know, I’ve had a 22-year career in football, I’ve always been on a schedule. The fact that this was something I could do with friends…you know, I’ve never had a boy’s holiday. Something like this, for me, was a dream.”

He also talked about his wife, the pop singer Victoria Beckham, and if she was concerned about his motorcycle excursion through the jungles of Brazil.

“Worryingly enough,” he said, “[Victoria] was more worried about my hair and how it would hold up in the rain and humidity than she was about me being on the bike.”

Beckham’s latest venture is launching a new MLS team in Miami, a project that was just dealt a blow when Miami mayor Tomás Regalado​ vetoed a proposed plan to build the team’s stadium on the city’s waterfront. Beckham declined to talk about the mayor’s decision through a rep.

Beckham is on his way to China for work, but he will make it down to Brazil closer to the end of the World Cup. He promised his sons they would get to make the trip down for the tournament when they finished their school for the year.


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Feisty new X Factor judge Mel B has already had a bust-up with boss Simon Cowell – about how she is determined to avoid arguments on the show.

The pair locked horns ­within days of her appointment last week, with Mel – famously known as Scary Spice – ­insisting: “I won’t be your Miss Nasty.”

And with them soon due travel around the UK ­together for auditions, they still ­cannot agree on her role and how she will come across to viewers.

Cowell wants the former Spice Girl to play the villain and act mean to contestants on the forthcoming series of the hit ITV show.

But she has refused, insisting that she won’t be his pantomime baddie.

Defiant Mel, 39, is also ­determined not to be bitchy towards fellow judge Cheryl Cole.

Cowell, 54, had been looking forward to their chemistry producing onscreen fireworks.

But a source close to Mel revealed: “There is no way she is going to do that bitchy thing with anyone and has told Simon so.

“He isn’t happy at all. He had hoped that viewers would flock to watch the ­bust-ups ­between the two women judges.

“Simon wants explosive television. He wants Mel to give people a hard time, to have great fall-outs.

“But as far as she’s concerned it’s a job and she doesn’t want to get herself wrapped up in controversy.

“Mel wants to be a grown up judge, a bit of a female version of Simon.

“She doesn’t want to be unnecessarily mean to anyone.

“She wants to find some good talent. If someone isn’t good enough, then she will tell them. But she is ­determined to stay positive with her feedback.

“Mel knows that she can’t be this mouthy, horrible ­person who whips up the ­controversy, because the X Factor is just too intense. She doesn’t want to be the one everyone is focusing on and can call the evil one.

“She has told Simon all this – but who knows who will win the argument.”

We can also reveal that, although Mel was not Cheryl’s first choice of to join the ­panel of judges, she is now looking forward to working with her.

Sources said that the former Girls Aloud star tried to get music mogul Cowell to sign Aussie singer Sia, 38, who had a No1 hit with Titanium.

But the show boss thought Sia was not well-known enough to be a judge.

Friends of Cheryl have ­revealed she is relieved that Cowell agreed to bring a ­second woman onto the judging table because at one point she looked like being the only one.


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LASALLE fashion students enjoyed an exclusive afternoon talk with Victoria Beckham on 14 May 2014.

Thanks to Kittie.

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Original Girl Power champion Mel B is completing this year’s X Factor judging line-up and she won’t be mincing her words.

The Spice Girl lived up to her scary moniker when she guested on the panel in 2012 and this year she’s sticking around for the series.
Mel said: “Honesty is the best policy – right? And that’s what I’m going to bring more of this year, whether it’s spotting an incredible singer, giving someone a reality check or debating with Simon over who’s got it wrong!

“I can’t wait to get started and find some amazing talent.”

The X Factor creator, Simon Cowell is back on the frontline for the first time since 2010 said: “I am thrilled that Mel B has agreed to be a Judge. I thought she was fantastic as a guest Judge.

“She is feisty, opinionated and, I believe, will be a great mentor.”

Mel joins Simon, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh in the search for this year’s X Factor star.

The ever diplomatic Dermot O’Leary returns as host and he could have his work cut out with this year’s Judges.


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BBC documentary featuring ex-England footballer in Brazil included encounters with a frog and a snake, plus hair concerns. David Beckham told his wife Victoria that he would wear a hat in the rainforest after she voiced concerns about his hair.

It was billed as David Beckham’s epic journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, but Michael Palin has branded the former England football captain a “wimp” after he was rattled on his debut BBC1 travelogue by a frog, a snake and concerns about his hair.

Beckham and three friends travelled to Rio de Janeiro, where they played beach volleyball with the locals, before journeying to the remote Yanomami tribe for the 90-minute film masterminded my Beckham’s marketing guru, Simon Fuller.

The footballer, who hung up his boots last year, spent the night in the rainforest during the 12-day trip – “literally the middle of nowhere,” he said – accompanied only by his friends and two expert guides.

Beckham achieves one of his ambitions, which was to find somewhere in the world where he was not recognised, and has to explain football to one of the locals.

Beckham said: “It is the first time I have ever had to explain what soccer is to anybody apart from Victoria.”

Beckham, who travels around much of the country on a motorbike, described some of the experiences as “terrifying” and complained about the perils of having to sleep in a hammock.

He is filmed being left shaken by a brightly coloured frog which appears on top of the tent and by a snake which he worries is on his back and is seen slithering off into the jungle.

Palin, the Monty Python star and veteran of numerous BBC travelogues including one to Brazil, who interviewed Beckham at the programme launch on Monday, told him: “You are a wimp really. David Attenborough would have interviewed it [the frog].”

Beckham said: “I wish the snake had been bigger. It was bigger than it looks on TV.

“I am not a big frog fan. It was bright orange and I was told it was pretty dangerous. I was a little bit nervous about that.”

Before setting off on the journey Beckham is filmed being given advice by his wife Victoria.

She asks him: “What are you going to do with your hair, with all that humidity?”

Beckham replies, much to the approval of his wife: “I am going to wear a hat.”

He also related a tricky experience with one tribesman who was naked and covered entirely in black paint.

Despite his misgivings about the sleeping arrangements, Beckham said he wanted to do another travelogue “without a doubt”.

Whether it is on the BBC remains to be seen. The documentary, David Beckham: Into The Unknown was funded by its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, BBC1 and Fuller’s XIX agency. It has been sold to around 15 countries so far.

Fuller is understood to have first approached the BBC last year with the idea for the documentary, in the run-up to the football World Cup this month.

Palin said the programme showed aspects of Beckham he had not seen before. While he said parts of it were “more David Beckham than David Attenborough”, he said it was well shot and praised the footballer as a “good observer”.

It will air on BBC1 next Monday and in Brazil on the same day.


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Mel B. has a new smartphone app that lets fans dance with Mel B. anywhere in the world. Queen Latifah thought it would be fun to do a live version of Mel B.’s app and help her raise a little money for her favorite charity.

Mel B. talks about her fellow “America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel pulled a prank about her birthday. Tune in May 27, 2014 to watch!

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Click here to check the pictures.

If you missed the show, you can catch all the best bits below… including the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to Ant on live TV and what the boys guilty pleasures are!

We asked you for your questions for Emma and the boys and you definitely didn’t disappoint!

Click here to check the audios.

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Don’t miss the documentary David Beckham Into The Unknown premiering Friday, June 13th. You can watch to the trailer here as the youtube version is blocked to a bunch of countries, including mine (Brazil). Thanks a lot to Daniel A.

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Cheryl Cole should be scared: very, very scared. Scary Spice Mel B flew over to London from the States on Tuesday for a one–hour meeting with X Factor head honcho, Simon Cowell.

And Mel has virtually guaranteed herself the coveted judging job after successfully pitching for the gig.

Told she will be there to Spice-up (sorry) the panel, Simon sees her relationship with Chezza as key to the whole thing.

Rather than going down the cliched cat-fight road, Si, 54, is going for Girl Power – pitching the pair as friends, not enemies.

But that is not to say Mel won’t stand her ground when necessary…

We’re told: “Mel flew in specially to see Simon and they met in his office at Sony HQ. Melanie has been a front-runner for a long time now, mainly because she did such a good job as a guest judge a couple of years ago. She’s got the necessary experience, has a proven track record in the music industry and knows her stuff.

“They discussed what kind of ‘character’ Mel should play – she was adamant she didn’t want to be bad cop to Cheryl’s good. She told Simon she would be Scary Spice, and have attitude, but not be unnecessarily rude or provocative. Simon sees Mel and Cheryl working well together in a girl power kinda way. He thinks their chemistry will be good and really shake things up.Although Alesha is still in the frame, Mel and Simon have agreed personal terms and everyone is confident the deal will be announced shortly.”

The former Spice Girl, who turns 39 today, flew back home to LA yesterday to start filming the ninth series of America’s Got Talent.

She is due to finish making The Voice Kids in Australia next month.

So she will be free in time to begin filming on the new series of the hit Saturday night ITV show.

The singer has agreed to move back to the UK for the duration of filming so she’s available for all the press and promotional activities.


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