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One would think that Victoria Beckham would’ve been exhausted last night since just the day before, she showed her latest collection at New York Fashion Week. But the designer, former singer, mother, and all-around icon was full of energy as she addressed an auditorium of students and journalists at Parsons in conversation with the college’s Dean of Fashion, Simon Collins. (And not to rub it in, but Beckham actually mentioned that she spent the morning at boot camp. Is she even human?)

Though the theme of the night was obviously her fashion career, a very talkative Beckham was happy to cover a range of topics, including her former identity as Posh Spice, her spouse’s modelling habits, and the fact that she can’t get over calling Valentino Garavani, who lives three doors down, her neighbor.
But in spite of her all of her successes—because, seriously, she has an incredible fashion career, a gorgeous family, and even a past as a world famous pop star under her belt—Beckham was refreshingly humble. She was quick to detail how much it took for her to earn a legitimate name for herself in the industry, and the immense work she puts into her brand on a daily basis. And, in spite of her own celebrity status, she even admitted to fangirling a little bit when she sees any of her peers wearing her designs, saying, “That’s a big deal…I never want that to go.” And yes, she smiled (and joked, and laughed!)—for most of the conversation, actually. From accepting the fact that singing isn’t really her thing to setting a good example for her daughter in the name of Sheryl Sandberg, here’s what we took away from the revealing conversation.

She’s not above cheesy Spice Girls references.
When Collins asked if she always knew that fashion was “what she really wanted to do,” she responded, “Is there a pun in there?” and laughed, followed by “Yes, it’s what I wanted, what I really, really wanted.”

She feels more comfortable as a designer than she did in the Spice Girls.
“I had a great time being in the Spice Girls, I really did,” she said, “But fashion was always my passion. I’m living a dream, and every morning I wake up and pinch myself. Right now is where I really feel comfortable, and I believe that I’m competing in an arena where actually, I’m good at it. I was never going to be the best singer, or the best dancer, and that was okay. “

Her very first fashion show involved VIP treatment from Donatella Versace herself.
“I was invited by Donatella Versace to go to Milan, and it was incredible. She took me to the store, and she dressed me, and then I went to the show. I’d never been to a fashion show, and felt that intensity and energy. I actually ran into Donatella recently, and she said in her wonderful Italian accent, ‘Remember when you came to your first fashion show, and you altered the clothes [I gave you]?’”

She’s a team player.
Multiple times throughout the evening, Beckham emphasized the importance of both working for other people and surrounding yourself with a great team. “I didn’t go to fashion college, but I spent quite a few years working for other designers,” she said. “And I learned so much. That’s the best advice I can give anybody: Don’t leave and try to start your own company. Get out there and work for other people. Be a sponge; have your eyes open, and enjoy. But learn.” As for her team: “I’m not doing this on my own. I have an incredible team of people who work really hard. Until you put yourself out there, you don’t realize what it takes.”

She considers Marc Jacobs to be her original mentor.
“He’s a very good friend of mine,” she said. “He gave me so much advice—not even about designing clothes, but about the business.” An example of his guidance: “He said that if you design a collection and it’s really good, then people can say that they don’t like it, but they can’t say that it’s rubbish.”

About her reputation…
“Everybody thinks I’m going to be a prima donna, so when I’m not, it’s a pleasant surprise,” she joked, and then more seriously: “I don’t think there’s any room for that, to be honest; I really don’t. It’s about being focused and working hard. Maybe some companies do have people who are a little bit prissy, but that’s the way they work. But it definitely doesn’t work for what I do.”

Read full interview by clicking here.

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NYFW: Victoria Beckham’s family affair

Give Victoria Beckham major credit.

Her entire brood turned out to support mum as she showed her fall 2014 collection at Cafe Rouge on Sunday morning. And all four young Beckhams were the best-behaved kids this mom has ever seen. Harper sat on dad David’s lap, and eldest son Brooklyn filmed portions of the show.

Backstage after her show, Victoria Beckham was friendly, excited and charming. Her secret to having well-mannered offspring? “That’s a huge compliment. They’re just excited to be here. The boys had never been to a show. I thought it was time that they saw what mummy did. Mummy works and daddy works,” she said.

Mum showed lots of long and lean silhouettes, with impeccable tailoring. “This is a real evolution for me, something I’m very excited about. It feels very new, very fresh, very me,” Beckham said backstage. “I love the element of surprise: When you turn around and the coat has the pleats. I really feel like I’ve evolved. I love the pleated skirts.”

She’s opening her first store on her home turf in London and plans to have a party to celebrate.

“I want to do more and more. We’re just pushing it each season,” she says. “This is a very feminine collection.”

And no, this busy mom doesn’t spend her entire life in heels. “I had a pair of velvet slippers on (earlier). I often wear flats. Living in London, you have to for sure.” – Source

You can read more reviews, see pictures at Denden Forums: CLICK HERE.

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Are you a shoemaker aspiring to work with one of the world’s most famous celebrity designers, or know someone who is? Victoria Beckham may want to hire you.

Fresh from showing her 10th New York Fashion Week collection Sunday morning, the pop star-turned-designer dropped by Parsons’s John L. Tishman Auditorium Monday evening to share her wit and wisdom with the 800+ students and Posh wannabes (myself, included) in attendance.

Apart from taking Dean of Fashion Simon Collins’s numerous Spice Girls jabs in stride (“Would you say that being in fashion was something that you really, really wanted?”) and repeatedly praising Sheryl Sandberg’s best-seller Lean In, she also dropped this bombshell: In addition to her main womenswear label, diffusion line, accessories collection, fragrance and denim, the stiletto-loving Beckham is extremely keen on designing a line of footwear.

“You know, I do want to start a shoe collection,” she told the audience. “If anybody here is a shoe designer, please do come and see me! I definitely think shoes is probably the next category that I’ll look at going into; it’s quite a competitive category but I would love to go into [it]. I actually work with Manolo Blahnik on the shoes for my show every season and working with him is remarkable. I think it’s very complicated… I wouldn’t just want to do a signature shoe — I’d have to make sure I’m working with the right factories, do a flat…”

Beckham also isn’t ruling out a line of menswear in the future.

“I’d love to do menswear at some point, absolutely. I get very inspired by menswear — [my spring 2014 collection] was very inspired by men’s tailoring, and there’s the boy-meets-girl fashion message throughout the whole collection.”

“I’m sure some people in the room could come up with a muse for you that’s not too far from home,” Collins said cheekily, referring, of course, to Beckham’s ex-soccer playing style icon of a husband, David.

“Yes!” Beckham replied enthusiastically. “Yes, actually… he’s a bit busy modeling underwear at the moment!”

Though her menswear ambitions may seem a little bit lofty, a line of Victoria Beckham shoes would undoubtedly be fantastic. We’ll definitely be watching this space.


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Anyone who’s been to the Tri-state area in the past few weeks couldn’t have escaped the sight of a barely-clad David Beckham. Torso, tattoos and all, there he is in just his H&M Bodywear briefs on a Broadway billboard; running off in the teaser for the H& M Super Bowl commercial on giant Times Square LED screens; plastered all over double-decker buses that turn street corners. Beckham as eye candy — a notion hardly novel, though one crowds never seem to tire of.

On Saturday morning, hundreds lined up at H&M on Broadway to get a glimpse of the star athlete, who, perhaps to their disappointment, showed up in a red Alexander McQueen sweater and jeans, with a simple explanation.

“We’re in New York and it’s chilly,” he said, sitting in a quiet corner of the store before it opened its doors for the fans. In town for Super Bowl weekend, Beckham was full of anticipation for the game, though he didn’t make any predictions on the outcome.
“It’s one of the best offenses against one of the best defenses,” he would only say. “I have never been to the Super Bowl before. I am excited about actually going to the Super Bowl, in New York, a city that I have always loved.”

Needless to say, Beckham is “a big sports fan” beyond just soccer. “Since living in America, I have become a fan of different sports; basketball, baseball, American football,” he said. “I just love watching sports. Obviously, I am a bigger soccer fan than anything else, but I am also a fan of great sportsmen. Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of this game. To be able to watch him this Super Bowl is going to be very special.”

Despite Manning, he is not rooting for the Denver Broncos over the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, he said, he has no real preferences when it comes to “any kind of team in the U.S. I am friends with Tom Brady and I am fan of his, but with him not being here, I am going to sit on the fence and enjoy watching the game.”

His wife Victoria opted out of the trip because she is busy with preparations for her fall runway show at New York Fashion Week and will only arrive in Gotham next week. American football is quite popular in the family.

“The young two [boys, Romeo and Cruz] used to play a lot of touch football when they were living here; my oldest [Brooklyn] played contact football,” he said. “They’re three boys. They’re all into sports, but my middle boy, Romeo, is more into the fashion than any of the other children, though they all like to dress nice in their own ways, and they all have their own style.”

As for his own sartorial proclivities, fashion could play a bigger role in the future, though that’s not the only area Beckham is interested in.

“I wouldn’t say I am just going to focus on fashion,” Beckham said. “There are some other projects I am working on. I have learnt from Victoria that you need a lot of time to make something as successful as you want it to be. You have to spend a lot of time on that one thing and at the moment, I have so many other things going on. If I am going to do something, I will do it properly and until I can actually say, ‘OK, I can devote all my time into, say, men’s wear,’ I let Victoria continue to do what she is doing.”

As for those near-naked appearances, his legions of fans are probably hoping for many encores. Beckham, for his part, knows the gig is not eternal. “I feel that I can’t do it forever,” he said. “I am 38 years old now. Pretty soon, it’s going to be time to stop putting myself up there in underwear, and hopefully let someone else take over and do it for me.”


You can check HQ pictures from the event at our Gallery:

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Gallery Link:

HQs > 2014 > The Beckhams >   Feb. 1st – NY – David at the H&M Times Square store

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Hello you all!

Dont panic, we have to say something:


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After telling Jimmy how he had to call his son for a penalty during a soccer match, David and Jimmy show a little underwear, which both happen to be from David’s Bodywear line at H&M.

Jimmy and David Beckham take turns smashing a carton of eggs on their heads. Eight are hard-boiled, four are not.

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David Beckham and son Brooklyn went,on january 19, watch the game btw Chelsea and Manchester United in London. We finally added HQ pictures and you can check them at our gallery:

09.jpg 012.jpg 01.jpg 06.jpg
Gallery Link:

HQs > 2014 > The Beckhams > Jan. 19th – London – David at Chelsea x Manchester United game

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Melanie B was pictures leaving Matsuhisa restaurant in LA on january 28. Check out the pictures at our gallery:

08.jpg 04.jpg 06.jpg 05.jpg 027.jpg
Gallery Link:

HQs > 2014 > Melanie Brown >  Jan. 28th – LA – Mel B at Matsuhisa restaurant

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Today, Victoria Beckham—former Spice Girl, current international fashion maven, and, of course, wife of David—has released a very personal venture with Skype. Dubbed Five Years: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story, the interactive editorial effort, which falls under Skype’s Collaboration Project umbrella, chronicles Beckham’s journey from a celebrity presenting for the first time at New York fashion week to a seasoned designer who has worked to build a veritable fashion (and business) empire. Below, Skype has given us an exclusive clip from the series of short films (for more, including interviews with insiders and additional behind-the-scenes footage, visit collaboration.skype.com) that offers a look at the hours leading up to Beckham’s 2008 NYFW debut at the Waldorf Towers. Fun fact? She went down at 4 o’clock in the morning—wearing hotel slippers—to redo all the floral arrangements herself. But hey, you don’t land in more than 400 stores worldwide without a little obsessive dedication. Here, Beckham talks to Style.com about growing her brand, opening her first store, and overcoming celebrity stereotypes.

—Katharine K. Zarrella
It seems like quite a personal story you’re sharing with viewers. Are you ever concerned about sharing too much with your fans?
It is quite personal, but the fashion industry moves at such a fast pace, and we are always looking ahead to the next season, the next collection, so it was nice to take the time and look back at where we started and how far we have come. I hope viewers will take away a real sense of what goes into the building and workings of a fashion brand. It was a unique opportunity to show the story of my brand so far, hopefully encouraging those who are interested in fashion to work hard and follow their dream.

In one of the videos, you speak about how, when you presented your first collection, you rolled up your sleeves and did a lot of the grunt work yourself—even rearranging the flowers for the presentation. Do you feel that as a celebrity designer, editors, insiders, or fans ever underestimate you?
I have often said how fashion was a real passion of mine, so when I did my first presentation, it was a huge moment for me. The feedback and advice from my peers and others within the industry has been incredibly important to me, and I took everything on board as I started out. I don’t feel people underestimated me—I knew I had to fight the obvious preconceptions. I was a Spice Girl, married to a footballer. I was trying to do something that nobody had really done before. But I’ve always been a hard worker, and I believed in what I was doing and that I had a valid and unique point of view. I don’t think I necessarily overcame anything—it was the clothes that spoke for themselves. The industry was really fair and judged the clothes on their own merits.

You recently announced that you’re opening your first store on Dover Street, and are also opening an office here in New York. Why is now the right time for expansion?
It is a really exciting time for the brand. We are always pushing ourselves to see how we can take the designs and the business to the next level, and opening the store in London is the next significant step. Having launched first with e-commerce, I am now really enjoying the process of bringing my vision to a retail concept. The U.S. is an important focus for us this year, particularly in terms of growing our wholesale business, so opening an office in New York and having a team there will allow us to do that.

Where do you feel more at home: London or New York? Which city do you find more inspiring? And why do you choose to show in New York over London?
London is my home and where my business is, but I travel a lot, my team travels a lot, and we go to New York quite frequently. When I presented my first collection, I was living in L.A., so New York was geographically the obvious place to show. And New York fashion week drew certain retailers at that time that London fashion week did not. I feel the brand has a very European design aesthetic but is working to more of an American business model, so currently, we cover the best of both cities.

How do you feel your design aesthetic has changed and evolved since launching your line? And where do you find yourself going for inspiration?
I was able to establish a signature silhouette fairly quickly, and since creating that, I have continued to evolve it while constantly challenging myself in new directions. My approach remains the same in the sense that I want to create clothes that women want to wear and that are made beautifully and of the best quality—clothes that are fashion-relevant but true to my aesthetic. As the brand has grown, I am designing larger collections, and that leaves me more free to challenge myself for the runway, but I still always strive to achieve a balance. As for inspiration—I go everywhere! From places to people to films, books, and art. It’s amazing what can inspire you.

Did you have any idea when you first launched your line that you’d achieve such international success?
I always hoped to create a brand that would be here for the long haul—this was always a long-term vision. We now have a great global reach, we are sold in more than sixty countries in over 400 stockists and continue to look for new areas of growth and reach new customers. It has been a really amazing journey so far, and there are many more things that I want to do in the future when the time is right. It goes without saying that I have a great team of people—quite a small team of people—who have come on this journey with me so far and will continue to go even further.


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Take a look as David Beckham, Ellie Simmonds, and friends tell you about how the Active Kids scheme helps to equip kids to lead healthier lives, and how you can get involved: HERE

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A NEW GAME MAKES FOR A BLINDINGLY HILARIOUS SHOWDOWN – Two contestants will lead a team of three celebrities, which include Nate Berkus, Erika Christensen, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mel B, Padma Lakshmi and Michael Weatherly in hopes of winning the $25,000 grand prize. A series of unique party games will bring out the best, funniest and most competitive sides of some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars in this hilarious no-holds-bar competition hosted by Jane Lynch. TV-14 L

You can download the video at Denden Forums: HERE. We are no longer posting direct links to download anymore. You can check 2 pics at our Gallery.

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Today, Skype releases the official trailer for ‘Five Years ¿ The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story’, giving a first look at the forthcoming interactive editorial highlighting the journey of successful entrepreneur and creative professional Victoria Beckham.

EDIT: the embed video was removed, you can watch it HERE.

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Bounding around in lamé tracksuits, flicking peace signs and banging on about Girl Power , it once seemed hard to imagine Mel C would ever grow up.

But last weekend, 18 years after the Spice Girls first came screeching and zig-a-zig-ing into public consciousness, every headline writer’s dream came true: Sporty turned 40.

Now known as Melanie, even her name is all grown-up. And she has never looked better.

The reason? Clean living (give or take a few birthday tequilas), the exercise regime of a Tour de France entrant – and a bit of Botox.

“Obviously I went crazy at the weekend. We drank tequila, ate cake and that was wonderful,” she laughs.

“But the main thing I’ve finally learned over these past 20 years is balance. I’m not averse to a bit of Botox and there’s probably not a lot of people in the public eye who haven’t had it.

“They all have!

“I avoided it for a long time but then I had it and really loved it. If you have a tiny, tiny bit then I think it’s fine.

“But it does terrify me, that stuff.

“You see people who go too far and I never, ever want to become that person – that person whereby you lose the reality of what you look like.

“That’s another wonderful thing about ageing. Learning to be a bit kinder to yourself.

“For me, what helps most, though, is generally having a healthy lifestyle, drinking loads of water, and sleep.”

Strolling into the North London, organic restaurant where we have arranged to meet, Merseyside-born Melanie is radiant.

Her liver, less so.

Crammed behind a table seemingly designed for a Borrower, I stand up to greet her and realise I have taken the good seat – the one with a view.

She is left facing the toilets and a heavy-breathing man reading a Kindle. When I offer to swap, she immediately brushes me away and happily sits down, chatting to staff. Melanie is definitely one of the good guys. Last Saturday night she threw a huge 40th gig and afterparty at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

And proving 40 is the new 30, she led from the front – stumbling into bed at an impressive 7am.

“It was amazing, like a dream,” she grins, over tap water – “large, because I’m dehydrated”.

“My assistant, who is basically my sensible side, put me in a car at 5am. My brother stayed over and we dissected the night when we got back.

“It would have been a little bit lonely to have gone home alone.

“But I got up the next day and carried on. I had lunch with my family and a hair of the dog down the pub with a few friends.”

Melanie has spent a few nights home alone in the 18 months since she split with her boyfriend of 10 years Thomas Starr, father of her daughter Scarlet, who is now nearly seven.

In between, that is, dates with a stream of gentlemen callers – some in the public eye, some not.

Two were at her bash last week – Chris Moyles (who calls during our interview) and Capital FM DJ Greg Burns.

A third, X Factor winner Matt Cardle, was sadly still holed-up in rehab.

She explains: “Setting the record straight, I am completely single.

“I’ve been having loads of fun, have met loads of new friends, my social circle has massively widened and if a chap wants to take me out for dinner…”

So, Moyles?

“Absolutely not. Never has been. He’s such a dear friend to me.”


“I see him as my naughty little brother.”

(Hopefully not, then.)


“We’ve been out and had fun – but we’re just friends.”

As I frantically scrabble around for more men to throw at her, she laughs and cuts me off.

“Is that not enough?”

She has a point.

Well, what about those age-old rumours about her sexual preferences then. Is she, you know, into girls?

“I’ve never dated a girl but there’s often been speculation, which I find quite funny,” she says.

“I’ve kissed girls but it’s more being silly than anything sexual.

“There are so many hot girls out there but, actually, boy-wise, that question stumps me. I am so unimpressed!

“It would be quite nice to have someone to lust over but I really couldn’t say anyone.”

Bandmate Mel B once famously admitted the Spices had all snogged each other . Who is the best kisser?

She giggles: “I’ve always been so drunk every time, it’s quite hard to remember… But I would have to say Emma!”

Unlucky, Posh.

She may be in her 40s now, but 2014 could well be Mel’s busiest year yet.

Setting off on a charity mission to Ghana next month, she will compete in a gruelling Olympic distance triathlon later in the year. She also remains incredibly ambitious about her career.

Touring with Jools Holland in the summer, she is also going into the studio to start work on a new solo album and after fantastic reviews for her latest gig, a tour is in the pipeline.

In their planet-conquering Brit-winning Spice Girl heyday (Nelson Mandela once called them his “heroes”), Mel, as Sporty, was made to wear tracksuits, trainers and “Croydon facelift” ponytails.

Her one area of freedom of expression, then, were her tattoos.

Two years ago a magazine airbrushed them out, prompting the star to consider laser removal for good.

Happily for fans, she thought better of it.

“The thing with tattoos is that they’re quite fashion-based,” she says.

“My Celtic band is sooo 90s – they all are, really. They just look so uncool!

“But I looked so weird without them on that cover. I realise they’re part of me, they’re part of my past and I’ve embraced them a bit more now.

“Obviously there are a few outfits where they won’t look great – a wedding dress, for example. But hey-ho, I’m probably never gonna wear one of them…”

Still, with guns like hers, it is little wonder Melanie is happy to show off her inkings. While she has, in part, genetics to thank for her frame (“I look at photos of myself as a kid and can see definition”), she also works, damn hard, for it.

“I’m actually fitter now than I was at 30, than I was at 20,” she says.

“OK, I ache more, and it takes me longer to recover from stuff, and I have to stretch and use the tedious foam roller for exercises.

“Like everyone else, family and work dictate how much training I fit in, but I try to get on the bike for an hour and a half, do drills in the pool for 40 minutes, and maybe go running in the park.

“I do some Bikram yoga and a strength and conditioning class once a week.

“Diet-wise, one of the great things for me is that when you’re working out, you have to fuel your goal.

“For a few years we were all terrified of carbs so reintroducing them is great. But they’re not the enemy!

“They’re actually really great.”

With the proliferation of reality TV shows like The Voice and X Factor, Melanie is thankful not to be starting out in her career now.

In fact, she is not convinced she would cut the mustard in front of Simon Cowell and Co.

She says: “I think about how lucky I’ve been to have had the career I’ve had so far, and I’m sure I would not have got past the second round of, say, X Factor.

“You get great singers who don’t make it and then mediocre ones who go far.

“It’s really hard.”

We chat about The Voice, where contestants face a blind audition. Assuring her that her unique sound would see her through I ask how she thinks Victoria Beckham would fare.

Would the judges turned around for Victoria?

“I have absolutely no idea… ”

And then she cackles. Loudly. Once a mischievous Spice Girl, always a mischievous Spice Girl.


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Victoria Beckham is on the cover of of 2 Vanity Fair Magazines: Spain and Italy. Thanks to my friend Sara, who bought the online issues and sent them to us:

VFItalySKFeb14-1.jpg VFItalySKFeb14-2.jpg VFItalySKFeb14-3.jpg VFItalySKFeb14-6.jpg
SpainVF14SK1.jpg SpainVF14SK3.jpg SpainVF14SK6.jpg SpainVF14SK7.jp

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spice 020

Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller has revealed that Annie Lennox was secretly one of the architects of the group’s success.

He said the Eurythmics star played an important but unheralded role in encouraging the chart-topping group to “ham up” their characters, which helped them top the charts around the world, generating millions of pounds.

Fuller pointed out in a documentary for BBC Radio 2 that Lennox may not be too happy to have her formative role in shaping the band – whose hits included Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life – made public.

The group had distinct personas when they burst on to the music scene and were eventually dubbed Sporty, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Posh by a canny pop magazine editor – nicknames which still stick today.

Fuller said: “Each of the girls knew who they were and in their own way tried to represent it but it wasn’t strong enough and probably the most significant thing that happened was when they met Annie Lennox.

“I’m not sure this story has ever been told and Annie might not thank me for telling it. But I think we were flying to New York and I sort of brought up midway in the flight and said I’ve just signed this girl group. And Annie was very interested.

“She said “I want to meet them’. Almost directly, she was the one who got them to be louder and more brash and more specific. So Emma who was the sweet cute blonde girl became Baby Spice. She just played it and hammed it up – none of these names actually existed, but Annie gave them focus.”

In the programme – The Fuller Picture: The Simon Fuller Story, to be broadcast on Wednesday at 10pm – he also tells how his “controlling” influence on the girls led to him famously being dumped as their manager when they were at their peak in late 1997.

“It was kind of somewhat out of the blue. My initial reaction was kind of shock, and, fine, OK, that’s that. Sod them, I’m moving on. They’re missing out on having the best manager in the world and that’s the way it is, so I withdrew and stopped managing them instantly.

“I was the sergeant major, I was the parent, I ran everything. I was very controlling and I think that builds up some resentment. They were probably unhappy because they were missing their parents, missing their loved ones, they were tired, emotionally drained and I was probably the one responsible for that so we parted company.”

He already had plans in place for a second Spice Girls movie and a third album: “It would have set each of them up with solo careers beautifully. It wasn’t to be. I completely understand how it happened.” Fuller, who has gone on to manage figures such as David Beckham, Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton and has made millions from the Pop Idol franchise, also talked about how he was on the verge of overseeing the career of Michael Jackson.

He said: “There was a minute there where I was going to become his manager. I had lots of ideas, and I think about it actually every now and again about what I was going to do with him and they were very different to anything he’d done previously and it wasn’t about touring for sure.

“I actually advised him not to do touring because I felt that he’d already been seen touring and I felt there was more to offer in a different way.

“It was quite a complicated situation and complication isn’t something I crave in life but the people around him would have made it challenging, if it had been just down to me working with Michael I think we’d have done something extraordinary but I just thought better to just let it go, it was a shame,” he added.


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melb 03

Mel B rushed her daughter Angel, six, to the hospital on Wednesday after she discovered the child haemorrhaging blood from her nose.

The former Spice Girls star took the young girl to an emergency room in Los Angeles where she was diagnosed with a suspected heart murmur, according to her mother.

The 38-year-old revealed her daughter’s scary ordeal while co-hosting Australia’s 2DayFM on Wednesday.

She explained on air: ‘This morning’s been a little bit crazy because my six-year-old, Angel, was feeling not very well yesterday, dizzy and had her first ever nose bleed so I kept her off school.

‘And then this morning, [she was] completely disoriented and blood was just funnelling like there was no tomorrow, so I took her to the emergency room.’

The former Scary Spice went on to discuss the diagnostic limbo she is currently in, as her child’s doctors have yet to determine the cause of the bleeding.

Mel said with obvious emotion: ‘She had blood tears and she’s got like a heart murmur thing on, poor little thing.

‘They don’t know [what's wrong]. They’ve done a bunch of blood tests so we’re just waiting for that stuff to come back.’

Adding: ‘They’re thinking it’s either like some kind of a heart murmur or vessel infection or sinus infection. A lot is going on!’

Mel shares Angel with Eddie Murphy.The singer shares three children with her current husband Stephen Belafonte, who she married in 2007.


We hope everything is fine! feel better little Angel!

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victoria 085

VICTORIA BECKHAM has confirmed that her first standalone store will be on London’s Dover Street, opening this autumn. The shop, covering 7,000 square foot, will be situated at number 36 – which is currently occupied by sporting store Orvis, opposite Dover Street Market, next to APC, and a few doors down from Automat.

“I think the time is now because I know my customer,” Beckham said. “It will be the first time that the people will really be able to see the brand through my eyes.”

For the store’s interiors, Beckham has enlisted architect Farshid Moussavi – whose projects include the 2012 London Olympic Park – and explained that she hopes to “drill a massive hole through the middle” to link the building’s three floors.

“[Moussavi] is a woman who loves fashion as well,” Beckham told WWD. “She has quite a conceptual eye, which I like. We want to make something different without making it overly complicated. I just want it to feel real for me.”

The space will house all of the collections under her brand, including Victoria Beckham, Victoria Victoria Beckham, denim, optical and accessories. Beckham also revealed that Britain is her strongest market, followed by America – where she is set to open an office, in New York’s Chelsea, next month.


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Here are the latest pictured added to the Gallery. Enjoy:

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06.jpg 038.jpg 02_1.jpg 08.jpg 07.jpg
06.jpg 038.jpg 02_1.jpg 08.jpg 07.jpg
06.jpg 038.jpg 02_1.jpg 08.jpg 07.jpg
06.jpg 038.jpg 02_1.jpg 08.jpg 07.jpg
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2014 > The Beckhams > January 2014 > Jan. 11st – NY – Victoria at JFK airport

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DAVID BECKHAM will add childrenswear to his H&M design repertoire on January 30. The retired football star has created a line of mini-me bodywear pieces for boys, including vests, Henley tops, long-johns and shirts.

The collection reflects the easy, relaxed style of Beckham’s adult range – with vintage sportswear a key inspiration. Beckham will launch his spring/summer 2014 campaign on February 2 during the US Super Bowl – a short film, in which he is locked out of a photo shoot on a rooftop wearing just his underwear, forcing him to undertake some impressive stunts until he reaches safety. The project was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also created Drive and Only God Forgives.

“I loved working with David for his new campaign,” said Winding Refn. “He is a natural in front of the camera, and was fearless when performing his own stunts. The campaign is funny, smart and spectacular, and shows the many different sides of David’s personality.”


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Emma Bunton doesn’t think the Spice Girls were ever as sexual as today’s female pop stars.

The singer admits that the girls could be a bit cheeky but says they never went as far as the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

‘Back in the day the Spice Girls were fun and sexy,’ says Emma, 37.

‘But we weren’t sexual. Now people do take that next step and put it out there a bit more with their videos and stuff.’

Emma – who has sons Beau, 6, and Tate, 2, with fiancé Jade Jones – wouldn’t be comfortable with having such a raunchy image herself.

‘If that’s how someone wants to be and they’re confident enough to bare themselves then that’s completely down to them,’ the mum-of-two tells the Mirror.

‘But it’s something that I personally wouldn’t do. But I’m sure all this sexuality will be complained about and then it will be dropped again.’


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Mel B Set to be THE first musical artist to accept bitcoinS

NEW YORK, December 9, 2013– Beginning Christmas Day Mel B’s fans will be able to use bitcoins to purchase her new single, “For Once in My Life” via her website, www.melaniebrown.com,  announced today.  The global music and television superstar has partnered with Cloudhashing.com to be the first musical artist to accept this cutting edge new currency.

“I love how new technology makes our lives easier, and to me that’s exciting.  Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency.  They can just pay using bitcoins!” – Mel B

Bitcoin is an increasingly popular online currency and technology that is revolutionizing the way many are purchasing things in the same way the World Wide Web revolutionized how people connect to one another.

Cloudhashing.com is excited to partner with international recording artist Mel B in her forward-thinking decision to accept bitcoins.  This will help bring Bitcoin to the attention of millions of her fans around the world.”  – Emmanuel Abiodun, CEO, Cloudhashing.com

Due to the extremely low transaction costs of using bitcoins, Mel B’s fans will enjoy lower prices when purchasing with the new currency.

Best known as Mel B or “Scary Spice” of the Spice Girls, Melanie Brown is an author, fashion leader, television personality, stage star, philanthropist, entrepreneur and mom, to her list of ever expanding credits. The chart-topping global superstar will return in 2014 to NBC’s top-rated summer competition series “America’s Got Talent.”  Recently Mel B returned to her musical roots with her first single in almost a decade, “For Once in My Life.” For more information please visitwww.melaniebrown.com

Cloudhashing.com is a Bitcoin mining technology company where customers can easily earn bitcoins.


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