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Posted By Lah    June 16th, 2013    0

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This is turning into that TV show Mr And Mrs, where couples who think they’re happily married fail to convince the audience they know anything about each other. And it all started so well.

Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston – who’re being hailed as broadcasting’s new power couple thanks to their teaming up to present a radio show – are bona fide old mates.

Back in the day, when she was in the Spice Girls and he was presenting music shows like Live & Kicking, Top Of The Pops and The O Zone, their paths crossed constantly, thanks to the Spice Girls’ omnipresence on our TV screens.

Fast forward a few decades – to the point where they’re straddling 40 (he’s 41, she’s 37) and they’re discussing how they’re pretty much man and wife (professionally speaking).

Jamie has presented the Heart Breakfast show on the radio for years, but he only teamed up with Emma in January – although they arrive for our interview claiming they already feel like an old married couple.
Granted, they sometimes sound like one too. Emma claims they start every morning with a cuddle; Jamie says, ‘I think you mean a huddle.’

But it all falls apart when they can’t remember exactly when they first met. ‘You don’t remember the first time you saw moi?’ she says, mock-dejected. ‘Why don’t you remember our first time,’ Jamie quips. ‘Was it over that quickly?’

Emma does remember that she – and all the Spice Girls – had a big crush on Jamie, then known as something of a lothario.
‘I think we all fancied him. He was lovely and handsome and funny and, well, just Jamie.’

Given that Jamie’s love life at the time practically kept the gossip columnists in jobs (he dated, among others, model Erin O’Connor, actress Joely Richardson and All Saint Nicole Appleton), was there any hint of a romance between them?

‘Noooo!’ says Emma. ‘I do remember meeting him at some polo event once and saying hello. It was literally, “Oh hi, kiss, kiss…” The next day there was this big picture in the papers with the headline, “Jamie and Emma caught in a clinch”, making it look like we were together. It was bizarre.’

So there wasn’t even a flirtation? ‘Never. Jamie wishes – but he went for the wrong band!”’

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