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Here you can watch the highlights of the 4th week of “Dancing On Ice“. Thx to Jordan!

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Geri Halliwell‘s Olympic bid for a Spice Girls performance at the event faces a major hurdle – Victoria Beckham.

Posh is just not that keen on a 2012 gig even though Melanie C, Melanie B and Emma Bunton are on board.

But Geri tells me she’s working on it. “It would be an amazing privilege to represent our country in 2012. So we’ll discuss it with Victoria and see what she thinks,” she said at her Next swimwear range launch.


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After years struggling with the way she looks, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is at last happy in her own skin – flaunting her curves in her new high-street swimwear collection. Here she talks to Liz Jones about body image, mellow motherhood, the rich legacy (and A-list fans) of the Spice Girls – and finding love

I’ve seen remarkably few celebrities naked. But I have seen Geri Halliwell in just her knickers. It was ten years ago, we were on a magazine cover shoot in Los Angeles, and Geri was trying to decide what to put on. I remember she was as small as a ten-year-old. This was during Geri’s super-aerobicised, super-Ashtanga-yogafied period. She had requested only vegetables and brown rice on the shoot. She seemed tense, lonely and, despite the nakedness, terribly unhappy in her own skin.

What a difference a decade makes. I meet Geri again in her lovely home in Highgate, North London. I’m not supposed to tell you about her house, but I can’t resist revealing that it’s all warm wood, huge sofas and perfect roses, everywhere. She is in a long sweater and over-the-knee socks, hair still wet from the shower. Not much make-up, apart from a slick of mascara. ‘I remember that shoot,’ she says, tucking her legs under her on the sofa. ‘I wore minimal make-up and my own T-shirt. And I remember the superstar photographer just sat there snoozing while all his minions set up the shot, then he just pressed a button!’

I ask how the past ten years have treated her. She’s now 38, and has become a mum, for starters. Her daughter Bluebell is four and a half. She laughs.
‘My daughter is the biggest gift; I’ve said it so many times and it sounds like a cliché, but the thing about being a parent is when you think you’ve cracked it, and you’re on top of your game, they change again and you have to catch up and adjust. I feel such a responsibility to instil good values in her, to be polite, to have discipline.’

The biggest transformation is that Geri now seems happy with how she looks. She has just designed a range of swimwear for Next, and modelled the collection for the catalogue. She spreads the bikinis and proofs of the photos on her huge wooden coffee table. ‘I always find it hard to find a bikini that fits me, because I have quite big breasts. There’s intelligence in the structure – there’s an architect involved in making your boobs look good, does that make sense? And the prices are reasonable, too: £38 for a bikini.’

She says that because her weight has always been up and down – ‘I’ve had small boobs, big boobs, curvy bum, skinny bum’ – she knows what works for different body shapes.

‘I’ve got one of those bodies that fluctuates, so I’ve had to really think about the construction. You know when you feel you’ve got a bit of a tummy? On holiday you want to eat well, have that freedom. This range is cut to flatter your body.’ She says she has been very hands-on in the design process, and I tell her that every celebrity always says that. ‘I always loved fashion but I’ve never been a slave to it. I’ve always collected swatches of fabric I like, so I was able to show them exactly what I wanted. Even in the Spice Girls, I would always have input into the costumes. That dress I wore for the Brits was my idea: someone sent me a black Gucci dress so I sewed on a Union Jack tea towel to liven it up a bit.’ Why hasn’t she designed a collection before now? ‘The funny thing is, I was a shop assistant in Next, a Saturday girl. The collaboration just feels right.’


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Here is a video of Geri Halliwell talking about her Next collection. Thx to Next and SGFB.

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It’s been 15 years since the Spice Girls, featuring Leeds lass Mel B, had their first number one hit with Wannabe. And Leeds City Museum is celebrating “girl power” in style – by opening an exhibition set to delight fans of the fiesty fivesome.

Spiceworld: The Exhibition, which will opened at the museum on January 28, features an extensive collection of Spice Girls memorabilia owned by Yorkshire’s ultimate fan Liz West.

Liz became hooked on the band at the age of 11 after buying their debut album Spice – and closely followed the antics of Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Posh as they rose to global superstars.

She now owns almost 4,000 pieces of official Spice Girls merchandise,
including clothes worn by the band during their 1990s heyday.

Items set to go on display at the exhibition include the Union flag boots worn by Geri Halliwell in Spiceworld: The Movie, Emma Bunton’s blue sequin dress from the 1997 Brit Awards and Mel B’s trademark giraffe print catsuit, complete with ‘Mel B’ crystal-studded belt.

Liz said: “Popular music is directly related to people’s personal histories and whilst the Spice Girls connect with my own youth, I hope the exhibition will act as a trigger to allow the public to recall past memories.

“I am looking forward to seeing the public’s reaction to the Spice Girls exhibition – it will be a great experience for all the family.”

The Spice Girls – Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown (Mel B) and Melanie Chisholm (Mel C) – leapt to fame with Wannabe in 1996 and enjoyed a string of hits, including Spice Up Your Life, Say You’ll Be There and Who Do You Think You Are.

Spiceworld: The Exhibition will run from Friday, January 28 to Sunday, July 3.

For more information on Leeds City Museum, visit: or vist Liz´s website  Click Here

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Here is a nice article-interview with Mel C done by Beth Squires

“Last night I attended the InStyle and Lancome pre-BAFTA’s party at Shoreditch House and caught up with Mel C, who looked gorgeous in a black ASOS jumpsuit and some classic black peeptoe shoes. She told me and FabUK she wasn’t staying too late because she’s in the studio at the moment, but she had time for a quick chat with us and shared her excitement over the latest Spice baby and engagement news as well as chatting about the Brit girls she finds inspiring:

You must be so happy for Emma Bunton on her engagement and baby news, and Victoria too!

Emma’s engaged, she’s having a baby, Victoria’s having a baby again, it’s a really exciting time for all of us girls. We saw Victoria in December and she kept it really quiet, I didn’t have a clue! I think it’s really nice — Emma and Victoria being pregnant together, when one of your friends is pregnant it’s really nice to share the experience together.

Does it make you broody again?

You know what, I would like to have more children, but you have to do it when it’s the right time for you don’t you? My little girl is so fantastic, I’m just really enjoying her at the moment.

What are you working on at the moment?

The new album! It’s going really well, I’m really excited. I’m working mostly in London, we’re doing some writing in Germany and Sweden as well. I’m here with Jodie Harsh tonight, we’re doing some dance stuff together. I’ve worked with Andy Burrows, we did some stuff together. I’m working with lots of people I’ve worked with in the past and a lot of new people as well, I’m doing a lot of experimenting and seeing what comes of it all.

To find out which fab current singers are inspiring Mel, and what’s happening with the Spice Girls musical, just read more.

What have you been inspired by lately?

You know what I find inspiring? There are so many great young women in British music, I think it’s a great time for girls. And these girls who’ve got credibility – they’re great role models, they make great music, good performers, with great voices. People like Adele, Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds, and that inspires me to continue and fly the flag for girl power!

And you guys no doubt inspired them too!

Yeah! I know Marina was a fan, so it’s really nice when now you hear people saying “I love the Spice Girls”.

How’s the Spice Girls musical coming along?

We’ve sat down and read the storyline and seen the songs that are going to be used, it’s all very early stages. First drafts at the moment. It’s exciting for us to hopefully have our music being performed night after night in the theatre.

It was lovely to catch up with Mel at the party, and I’m looking forward to checking out her new album — she hopes to release it in the Autumn. See what Heidi Klum had to say about beauty and her perfume!”


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Here you can watch the highlights of the third week of “Dancing On Ice“. Thx to Jordan!

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Phillip Schofield posted on his official video page a video of Dancing On Ice´s backstage. At the end of the video you can watch Emma announcing her engagement to Jade Jones! Click on the video below to watch it:

Backstage – Dancing On Ice – Week 3

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Emma Bunton and Jade Jones are officially engaged! Congrats to the happy couple! 😀

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Here you can watch the highlights of the second week of “Dancing On Ice“. Thx to Jordan!

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Happy Birthday Melanie C! We wish you a evry happy day full of joy!!
With Love, Zigazig-Ha! Team.

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Here you can watch the highlights of lat Night “Dancing On Ice“. Thx to Jordan!

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The Beckhams are having another baby! David Beckham announced the exciting news at his official facebook page, she is due in the summer:

“I’ve got some great news to tell you all. Victoria and I are expecting our fourth child this summer. The boys are very excited about the arrival of a new brother or sister.”

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Victoria and David Beckham were pictures leaving Matsuhisa Nobu in LA on january 5. Check out the pictures at our Gallery:

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Here is a small video of Emma Bunton presenting Lorraine´s TV show this morning. Thx to TheBiatches.