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Let the gallery updates begin!

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America’s Got Talent 2015 Season 10 | Full Episode 2 Auditions Continue – 3/6/2015

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It was confirmed last month that Dermot O’Leary had quit his role as host.

And now another fan favourite looks set to bite the dust, with a new report claiming Mel B has been sensationally axed from the show after just one series as a judge, despite impressing viewers with her down-to-earth personality and honest critiques.

Show boss Simon Cowell has allegedly decided not to renew the Spice Girls singer’s contract as part of his master plan to revamp the long-running ITV talent competition.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ‘Bosses are evolving The X Factor and it has been decided Mel won’t return.’

‘Simon and the producers are now looking for a replacement for Mel’, a second insider added.
‘If they fail to find a suitable candidate there is a small chance she could be back.’


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On January 21st, Melanie B attended The National Television Awards in London. She was looking stunning as always. You can check the pictures at our Gallery:

You can watch a video with her moments, thanks to SpiceGirlsBrazil

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Check out Fabulous interview with Mel B in this week’s magazine, free with The Sun today.

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Mel B has been forced to withdraw from the judging panel of The X Factor. She was suddenly taken ill on Friday and rushed into hospital to receive medical care, her manager confirmed.

‘Mel B is in hospital and we’re hoping she returns tomorrow,’ Jonathan Shalit, OBE told MailOnline on Saturday.

Mel was hospitalised on Thursday, just 24 hours after she was onstage with her X Factor finalist, Andrea Faustini, at the Royal Albert Hall.

She was unable to support her act at a pre-finals press conference the same day, however, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was on hand to show support for Andrea.

While the reason for Mel’s hospitalisation has yet to be confirmed, The Sun have reported that the judge is suffering from ‘extreme exhaustion.’

The newspaper also claim her husband Stephen Belafonte has been by his wife’s side as the medical team work hard to help her recover in time for the final X Factor show of the current series.

For now, Tulisa Contostavlos has been called into replace Mel and mentor Andrea during Saturday night’s first live final.


Get well soon Mel! x

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Melanie Janine Brown, better known as Mel B or Scary Spice, admits she’s always had a bit of a crush on herself. A few weeks ago she turned up at Jonathan Ross’s fancy dress Halloween party as Scary Spice. “I put on a massive wig, the boots, and Julien Macdonald made me a really sexy leopardskin catsuit.” Her friend Leigh Francis, who was responsible for a brutally funny impression of her on his TV show Bo’ Selecta!, didn’t realise it was the real Brown behind the hair. “He goes to me, ‘Bloody hell, you look like a good Scary Spice’, and I’m like, ‘Leigh, I’m your mate, it’s me’, and he goes, ‘Who the fuck dresses up as themselves?’ and I went, ‘Me!’ and he went, ‘Exactly!’”

As Scary, Brown was the Spice Girl you didn’t mess with; tough, sexy, funny, filthy, hard work. Although Francis’s parody of Mel B is extreme – leopardskin bra and knickers, huge glasses that slide down her nose, huge mouth that split her face in two, and a Yorkshire accent broad as the Dales – it is unerringly close to the real thing. As I walk up the stairs of the London studio where she is having her photo taken, I hear a roar of laughter. Mel B is in the house – swapping from Prada dress to black tailored jumpsuit to ribbed roll-neck jumper, complaining that her surgically enhanced boobs look too big, telling her teenage daughter Phoenix (who’s here for support) she loves her, showing off the £20,000 renewal wedding ring her husband, film producer Stephen Belafonte, has just bought her.

As Scary Spice, Brown had a raw beauty. Today, the tongue stud has gone, the hair is straightened and the leopardskin catsuit replaced with shirt and trousers. She could pass for the fanciable if forbidding CEO of a public company.

By her standards, Brown has been virtually invisible for the past decade – living in Los Angeles, bringing up her three daughters, establishing herself as an entrepreneur (she part owns a bottled water company). But even at her most withdrawn, she’s done her bit to keep the tabloids in business. So there have been the lesbian affairs, the alleged threesomes, the relationship with Eddie Murphy, the DNA test over the child who proved to be his, the marriage to Belafonte, the “love of her life”, who has a criminal record for domestic violence. And occasionally she has been in the newspapers for her work – starring in the musical Rent and The Vagina Monologues, appearing as part of the re-formed Spice Girls one-off at the London Olympics, producing her own reality show, and judging America’s Got Talent and Australia’s X Factor.

When it was announced earlier this year that she was returning to the UK to judge The X Factor at home, nobody seemed too interested. After all, the big news was that Simon Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (formerly Cole) were returning to boost flagging audience figures. Mel B was very much an addendum. But that’s not the way things have turned out. While the TV audience has criticised Fernandez-Versini’s simpering, and complained that Cowell has lost his nasty edge, Brown has proved herself the most watchable judge. She has been direct, mouthy, and at times very funny. The show’s most memorable lines have come from her – whether it’s telling 16-year-old Lauren Platt, after she had sung How Will I Know, “I’m so excited right now I could slap you”, or suggesting she’d be up for mud wrestling with Fernandez-Versini (“That’s quite hot, I’d like to do that”), or telling Ben Haenow he made her want to go home and ravish her husband.

Brown says she was desperate to be on The X Factor. So much so, she flew from Australia to London at her own expense, turned up at Cowell’s offices, and pitched herself to him and 20 executives. “I said, ‘I’m a team player, I’m a hard worker and I’m not afraid of speaking my mind. You’re going to get a bit of Scary Spice, a bit of Confused Spice, a bit of Angry Spice, everything.’ They left it a couple of days and said, ‘OK, you’ve got the job.’”

For all the talk, Brown isn’t quite as fearless as she makes out. Even now, she’s surprised when people tell her she’s a hit on The X Factor. “I know I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. I’m just me.” She was worried about coming over as too hard, so there has been a concerted effort to change her image: she dresses more elegantly, and has tried to cut down on her dirty talk. It hasn’t always worked, and this is part of her appeal – the tension between the remodelled, motherly Brown, and the uncontrollable, potty-mouthed Mel B of old.

Click here to continue reading the whole interview, it’s very long.

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She has received positive feedback from viewers thanks to her honest critiques. And Mel B was showered with even more praise from her fellow Spice Girl, Melanie C, who revealed that she is happy that audiences have taken to her pal’s judging style.

Speaking to MailOnline, Melanie said: ‘She is simply brilliant on it and I knew she would be brillian

‘She not’s trying to fulfil a role or anything like that, she’s just being herself. I think the show needed shaking up.’

And Melanie also shared her pride at yet another bandmate’s achievement as she gushed about Victoria Beckham’s rise in the fashion industry.

Mel admitted: ‘I haven’t been to see her shop yet because I’m trying not to spend too much money.
‘Victoria has done incredible things and all of us girls are just so proud of her.’

She added: ‘To think she’s gone from a pop group to doing so well in the fashion industry.
‘It’s completely unprecedented and all credit to her for the passion she has for it and for how hard she has worked on it.’

Mel also admitted that while she would love to embark on another tour with the girls, there are no immediate plans to hit the road together again.
Speaking of the demand for a tour from fans, Mel said: ‘I think for our fans it would be a really lovely nostalgia.

‘We had an amazing time in 2007 and we would love to do it again. But we’ve got kids and careers to juggle around but hopefully on day when all the stars are in alignment, we can make it happen. But there’s no plans at the moment’.

She continued: ‘There are territories that we never got to perform in like Australia, South America and other places where we really have this huge fan base. If we go on tour then it would be so great to visit them and say thank you to them.’

The singer also shared her views on the part celebrities play as role models for younger generations.
She admitted: ‘ I think it’s a very complex issue and I don’t think it’s right to blame individual people.

‘We live in a country where we have free speech and you are able to express yourself whichever way you want.

‘Now when I was in the Spice Girls, we were aware that we had extremely young fans and we were aware of our responsibilities so we tried to act as we felt was appropriate.’
She added: ‘Everyone always talks about Rihanna and Miley but what about the record labels and TV channels?

‘I love Miley and Rihanna, I think they are brilliant artists. But it’s absolutely not appropriate for my five-year-old daughter, Scarlett, to watch them doing a TV performance or a video.
‘Yes, it is my responsibility to keep her away from that but as they get older and tech-savvy, it’s harder to keep them away from it.’

Melanie also spoke about using fame to help those in need as she said: ‘Working with charities is something that’s grown over the years for me.
‘In the early days with the Spice Girl, we were approached by so many worthy causes and you just can’t do them all.

‘I try to pick causes that really resonate with me and that I feel very passionately about. Obviously, since becoming a mum I am more empathetic with children and their needs.’


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Thanks to http://cheryl-online.net/.

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Scary X Factor judge Melanie B insists she has a softer side to her character. Maybe she does, but she’s not showing it off today.

We’re in Cancun, Mexico, for the Judges’ Houses stage of the show and Mel is being typically blunt. With her band of hopeful boy contestants she is open and honest, interrupting them during their songs and giving them good, constructive pointers.

With me, the visiting reporter, her answers are curt and to the point. For example, she has lived abroad for 15 years following a bitter feud with her family. When I ask if she misses Britain she says: “I go back to England so often for work that I’m not away from it enough to miss it.” Subject closed.

In fact Mel, 39, is moving back here for three months for The X Factor’s live stages. She’s bringing her three kids and her American husband Stephen Belafonte, 38, the man her sister Danielle accuses of tearing the family apart.

Mel’s mum Andrea, 58, is desperate to end the feud and repair relations, particularly while the three grandchildren are in the country. But it doesn’t seems likely.

All ties were severed following an ­argument in 2007 when Mel and Stephen renewed their wedding vows amid claims he had driven a wedge between his wife and her folks back in Leeds.

In 2012 Danielle, now 33, added fuel to the bitter row when she said: “I would never tell her to leave him. She can be with whoever she wants to be with, even if we find him controlling and not a nice person.”

And dad Martin, 60, added: “I just want to speak to her so I know those children are happy. If she wants this strange ­relationship, that’s her choice.

“She’s my daughter and I love her to bits.”

But when I mention Stephen’s name to Mel in Mexico, she lights up with smiles. And quickly denies Danielle’s accusation that Stephen is “controlling”.

“My husband let’s me get on with ­whatever I want to do,” she says.

Stephen is not among the X Factor entourage in Cancun but it does include Mel’s old Spice Girl bandmate Emma Bunton, who is helping her to decide which of her six boys will make the final stages.


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