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You can download the video here.

Big thanks to masterpiece and mcrulesme.

This video is from 2010!

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Melanie C was on BBC 2 TV show ‘It Takes Two‘ last night. Our friends at MelanieCnews recorded the show:

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Thx a lot to @melaniecnews for the videos!!

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news melcinewdates

Weak has been added to BBC Radio 2 A-list! Thats some amazing news!!! Keep tweeting @BBCRadio2 and @playingonBBCR2 to request the song!


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news weakpromoradio

From MelanieC.Net:

We’re excited to announce that the world premiere of Melanie’s new music video ‘Weak’ will be this Sunday at 11:00am UK time, exclusively on

‘Weak’ will be released the same day as a digital download and limited edition single through Townsend Records only. The digital release of ‘Weak’ contains the title track, the ‘Weak’ instrumental and a cappella and previously unreleased track ‘Stronger’.

If you can’t wait to see what the ‘Weak’ music video looks like, make sure you tune into Melanie’s UK TV appearances this coming week, where you may just catch a sneak peak of the video.

On Thursday Melanie appears on ITV1′s ‘This Morning’, during which she will perform ‘Weak’ for the first time on UK TV. On Friday evening, Melanie will be a guest on BBC2′s ‘It Takes Two‘ and Sky Art’s ‘The Jo Whiley Music Show’.

Then on Saturday morning, Melanie will be treated to either food heaven or food hell on BBC1′s Saturday Kitchen and due to scheduling changes by ‘Xtra Factor’, Melanie will now be on the ITV2 show on Saturday, as part of celebrity panel only.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Melanie C performed on NRJ Session a couple of days ago, and she performed the song “Let There Be Love”, and she sung some lines in german. Our friends at MelanieCOnline recorded the performance in MP3, check it out:

Melanie C – Let There Be Love – Energy Live Session by melanieconline

You can download it at their facebook page

And here is the fan video of the performance, thx to sunnyrohr:

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Here is the first video of Melanie C performing ‘Weak’ at NRJ Live Session yesterday. She sung Think About It, Weak, First Day Of My Life, Rock Me, Let There Be Love, When You’re Gone, I Turn To You and Next Best Superstar.

It’s been a great evening at the Bierhübeli! The former Spice Girl Melanie C gave her first concert after 3 1/2 years in front of the crowd with an live band. And as she told the audience it couldnt have taken place at a better venue.

Melanie C performed on stage and started with “Rock Me” and the Energy Live Winners joined the show. The 35yo presented some of her new songs from “The Sea”; featuring some danceable songs, but also emotional moments weren’t missing thanks to songs like “Let There Be Love”.

The crowd went thrilled with her well-known hits, which some people may have already forgotten. From “When You’re Gone” to “I Turn To You” and “Next Best Superstar”. The sexy lady in red leathertrousers played it all!

As encore only “First Day Of My Life” has been missing – of course she didn’t disappoint her audience. Every sound did fit. And to the chorus even the people in the back sang along pretty loud.

At the end Melanie C thanked all people for an wonderful concertevening and promised to be back soon. And we’re already looing forward to it, lovely Melanie C! – via MelanieCOnline

Video credit: sunnyrohr

We also added HQ pictures of the performances:

Gallery Link: Oct. 28th – Bern – Melanie C performs at NRJ Live Session

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Here is Melanie C Interview on Radio Energy in Bern today, she did it before Energy live session. Hopefully we will have the session´s audio later. Enjoy:

Credit: @MelanieCNews

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news weakpromoradio

Dendener Paul is calling Melanie C Fans! He posted on Denden Forums a list of radio stations so we can send an email requesting “Weak” on UK Radios. We think it´s a great idea, and toguether we can make it happen! Here is what he said:

Please see below for email addresses and links to request ‘Weak’ on UK national and local radio stations. Please read the handy hints before you get started! The radios are currently receiving their promos and so it’s time to get started.

If you have any additions please PM me the stations details (rather than posting in this thread) and I’ll add the details. This thread is a work in progress, and I’ve already got a list of stations to get details for. Stay tuned.

On a mission…

Please click on the link below to see the list of Radio´s e-mail:

Click Here and request!!

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Our twitter friend @MelanieCNews uploaded a new Melanie C interview for RMF FM (polish radio). Wtch it below:

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thx to Marcomel90

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news melcinewdates

From MelanieC.Net:

With single releases for both ‘Weak’ (available in the UK & worldwide through iTunes) and ‘Let There Be Love’ (available in Germany, Switzerland & Austria) coming up in the next two months, Melanie is back on the road for more promotion. An appearance Melanie is particularly looking forward to is the 45 minute live set she’ll perform for competition winners of NRJ Radio in Switzerland. It’ll be Melanie and the band’s first electric set in over 3 years! Other appearances include Jo Whiley’s new show on Sky Arts, ‘Xtra Factor’ and a trip to Denmark.

Saturday 22/10: Let’s Have A Party, ZDF, Germany (‘Let There Be Love’ & ‘First Day Of My Life’ Performance)
Friday 28/10: NRJ Live Session, Bern, Switzerland (45 minute electric set, tickets can be won here)
Saturday 29/10: Brystgalla 2011, TV 3, Denmark (‘Think About It’ performance)
Thursday 3/11: This Morning, ITV 1 UK (Interview + ‘Weak’ Performance)
Friday 4/11: Jo Whiley Music Show, Sky Arts, UK (Interview)
Friday 4/11: It Takes Two, BBC 2, UK (Interview)
Saturday 5/11 Saturday Kitchen, BBC 2, UK (Interview)
Sunday 6/11: Xtra Factor, ITV 2, UK (Xtra Factor Panel + ‘Weak’ Performance)
Thursday 10/11: Daybreak, ITV 1, UK (Interview + ‘Weak’ Performance)
Tuesday 15/11: The Big Performance, CBBC, UK (‘Weak’ Performance)

When more promo dates in the UK and Europe have been confirmed, you’ll be the first to know!

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Melanie joined Sir Terry Wogan on his BBC Radio 2 weekend show for a chat and performance this morning. Melanie performed ‘Think About It’ and ‘Weak’. Thx to @MelanieCNews.


Think About It


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news melcinterview

Melanie C did an interview to T-Mobile Music website. Our friends at @MelanieCNews translated the whole interview:

Is Girl Power forever? Melanie C – (for those who are too young): Sporty Spice with biceps and in tracksuit – remembering good times without X-Factor and explains, why she consistently refuses to participate in bitish “Strictly come dancing”. She was in polish version – with a new single, from a new album – out few weeks ago.

How was it on “Dancing with the stars”?
Amazing. It was really great to have all those dancers around me. Did you watched it?

Yes, but only yours performances. Do you like those kind of shows?
Oh yes, we got similar show on british tv called: “Strictly Come Dancing”. Everybody is watching it – this and of course X-Factor. This is our weekend with the tv.

Did they proposed you to take a part in the show?
Every year.

Why are you refusing it?
I would love, love, to take a part in “Strictly Come Dancing”, but I know well two persons, who were on the show – Emma and Mel B [other Spice Girls] – and I know, how much effort this program requires. You have to train really hard …

And that says Sporty Spice?!
This program scares me. You need to have a lot of courage, to decide to be on it. Especially if you didn’t have dance lessons.

But you’ve danced in tha band.
And so I would be more afraid. Precisely because I have dance experience and I’m athletic, the audience would require much more from me than from the other participants. I would have problems to deal with that kind of pressure.

Ok, let’s talk about something less stressful. Your new album “The Sea”, originally was to be released in 2010 …
Such rumors have circulated on the internet, but no, I was never going to give the new album so early. Moreover, it wasn’t also planned to release it as early as in the end it was. But the energy in the studio during writing songs was so great that we ended faster.

From where are those electronic sounds?
To the team working on “The Sea” has joined Jodie Harsh, music producer and club DJ. Jodie has already listened to the demo, she was undecided about the direction in which she wanted to lead the album. I was resisted, I have never recorded a electronic CD and this time I was not going to do that. Luckily, Jodie is very empathetic and with no problem, we managed to find a wording satisfactory to the both sides.

You’re not a fan of club music?
I’m a fan of music in general. I listen to very many kinds, even classical music. But as a composer, poprock sounds are closest to me.

The fan of every music is also a fan of football. “Rock Me,” the first single from yours new album, became an anthem of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011.
Of course, I love football, grew up in Liverpool. Football is here an important part of urban culture. In the end we have a large club. Everyone in my family are fans. Since childhood, so I watched football – not just on television, also at the stadium.

Recently you were on a show for the singing children …
“The Big Performance”, yes. I was asked to share advices with the kids.

And what was your advice?
I met with them in a very special moment – the day of their first live radio performance. Radio is a specific medium, they can not see you, so all attention is focused on the sound, which means that you have to sound perfect. So you need to control the adrenaline and nerves, not to have taken control of the voice. So I helped them calm down, chill, to control stage fright, because I know how much it is needed. The second time, in turn, advised how to give a successful performance on the vision.

You still have stage fright?
Every time. Most of the artists has it. Also those from the first division, the absolute top – superstars, big names. I met in life maybe two people who claimed that they are not nervous before going on stage.

And how is your acting career?
I played for half a year in the play “Blood Brothers”. It exhibits on musical theater, but it’s more a performance of songs than a classic musical. It’s a very emotional piece, I was very lucky that I got in it engagement, especially considering the fact that I have no experience. What’s more, for this role I gathered rave reviews. I was really shocked how well received this art was. I would like to continue the adventure of acting, but for now I do not have any concrete plans. Now the album is a priority.

Thearte stage is different to play gigs?
Definitely. I was very nervous. I said that I had stage fright before each performance, but in playing gigs I’ve had some experience. I was a complete rookie, the fear was so much bigger.

What rookie? What about Spice Girls movie.
It does not matter. Have you seen this movie?!
Oh boy. But seriously – it can be clearly regarded as an experience. I also had acting classes at school. Never before, however, not until now I have never assumed this responsibility.

Now that the Spice Girls name came. Three years ago you have come back for a while. Are you planning to still renew cooperation?
No, we do not have such plans. Next year the musical will premiere on the basis of our songs – but it’s all in the subject Spice Girls.

There was gigantic success with the girls, you handle well solo. The pop stars situation has changed since then?
I think so. Reality has changed, market changed. Pop culture change programs such as “X Factor” and celebrity magazines. Everything is much more accessible. People are aware of the mechanisms operating in the industry. When we started the Spice Girls, the pop was still present a mystery. Sure, there were gossip magazines, but if they were, two? Now it is full – and newspapers, and gossip sites on the Internet, and reality shows involving celebrities. Celebrities today is too many too.

Ar you convenient in this new reality?
First of all, I am very happy that the Spice Girls happened in the mid-90s, when everything was much more innocent. You know, for certain things that I know today and that build my self-confidence, did not have to seek the limelight – and with this in mind, I feel very comfortable.

Are you still friends?
What we commonly experienced, links forever. Some of us can not talk to each other for months, but that does not mean they’re not good friends. We will always be friends.

Original Source | Translation Source |Credits

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Listen  to the interview with @MelanieCmusic on Jools Holland BBC Radio 2 show yesterday:

Part 1

Part 2

thx a lot to @MelanieCNews!

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Melanie C performed ‘Think About It’ on the Polish TVN channel. She also did an interview. Check them out:

thx to Marcomel90