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Here is a video of Melanie Brown performing her new single “Lip Lock”. Enjoy!! Video thx to my friend Danilo!

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The last week special for “Zigazig-Ha!: It’s A Scary Competition” is now open. Everybody is welcome to participate again this week. This time you can send your reply about ANY OF THE EPISODES AIRED SO FAR. So if you missed a week or thought about a previous episode answer that would be perfect, this is your chance. You can win an exclusive private video chat with Melanie B herself! If you already joined for week 4, you’re welcome to send another answer about a previous episode (both will be considered). Click on the banner above to join and good luck!

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Melanie B was a guest at the Australian XFactor! The episode aired last night! Check it out! Thx a lot to 90sgirl4eva for the videos!

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First we would like to apologize for not having announced the winners of this week´s competition yet. But we have a good reason for it! Our team decided to extend this competition (to win the webchat with Mel B) for another week! And you can participate by responding about any episode of the series! Anyone who has entered this week, can submit again an answer!

More details to come this Sunday.

Good Luck! Zigazig-Ha! team!

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Here are some promo shoots of Mel B for her awesome reality show “Its A Scary World”, theya re promos for the UK and Australia. To check the pics, please click on the thumbs below:

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Melanie B is in Australia promoting her reality show “Its A Scary World“. Here are some videos of her giving interviews on Sunrise & The Morning Show!! thx a Lot to Mel Spice!

Melanie B On Sunrise

Melanie B On The Morning Show

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People Choice Awards! Lets vote for “Its A Scary World”!!!

In the category ‘Guilty pleasure’, please hook off the “other” selection and nominate ‘It´s A Scary World! Please, it would be so great! Make sure you type Mel B: It´s a scary world


Thx Tim from DD Forums!

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Hello everyone! First, we would like to announce the amazing new prize for this week’s competition. I’m very excited to announce this: the 3 winners of this week’s competition will get an exclusive private video chat with Melanie B herself!!! Yes, you read it right! We’re gonna setup a webchat for you and Melanie so you can talk and ask her everything you always wanted.

Pretty cool, huh? So make sure you watch this week’s episode of “Mel B: It’s a Scary World” on Style Network and join the competition. We are accepting entries starting NOW! You can go to our competition hotsite to participate.

We would also like to announce the lucky winners for last week’s competition. Each of them just won a pack full of signed items, such as Melanie’s “Catch a Fire” autobiography, “Totally Fit” DVD and promotional materials from her reality shows. And the winners are:

Name: Pete H.
Answer: I found Date Night the funniest moment. I laughed out loud when Stephen said “You know what this means, I get two of the best things in the world…you and food…I said you first, food second…although…depends on the menu, it could be food first!” And instead of rising to it, Mel just said cooly “shut up!”. If I was in Mel’s shoes, I would have challenged him to decide which he loved more – me or the food. For every bite he had of his “King Kong” Steak, he would have to do a minute of housework, child-minding or massaging me after a long day! Haha Girl Power!

Name: Michele K.
Answer: I think one of the funniest moments from this weeks episode is when Melanie is laying down on Angel’s bed and shes using Stephen’s head massager, and then Stephen walks in the room and says “What are you doing in here?” and then Mel jumps up and says “What?!” and he says “What are you doing?” then Mel replies and says “I found.. Im tidying up Angels room and I just found this thing” and Stephen says “I saw you wearing my thing.. what are you talking about? you got my brain massager on?” and then Mel says “No I didnt” and Stephen says “You got busted with the brain massager” then Mel says “Im just trying it out” then Stephen says “You just beat me up talking all this sky stuff or whatever and now you in here trying on the stuff that you talking smack to me about it” and then Mel says “I was tidying up Angels room, I found it in there. I thought, you know what, what’s everyone going on about?” then Stephen says “Look at my hands, read my body language, you gots to be kidding girl” and Mel says “This one isnt bad” and Stephen says “Wait a second! Whatd you say, I didnt hear what you said?” and Mel says “That its not bad” and Stephen says “Oh, oh ok, alright, oh” and Mel says “I actually quite liked it” then Stephen replies and says “So your gonna get your sky miles?” and Mel says “No” and Stephen says “Yeah you are” and Mel says “I’ll borrow yours”. If I were Melanie, instead of jumping up and saying I found the head massager in Angels room, I would say to Stephen “What are you talking about?, I need to wear this on my head, because it helps me with all of the many headaches you cause me.. now go get your own, cuz Im taking this one, and I’d give him a cheeky smile” HAHAHAHA.

Name: Andrea E. C.
Answer: I think the funniest moment of this episode was when Stephen and Mel are talking about Mel’s stylist, who didn’t show up for the Bravada photoshoot keeping Mel’s clothes and shoes to himself. Mel said he’s been her stylist for six months and he’s also been her friend for two years now. At this point Stephen says: “That’s the problem actually.She doesn’t understand that he’s lacking on her business because they’re friends. For Mel and Blair to have a business friendship… it just doesn’t work out! You see, on the other hand I can have a business personal relationship with my wife because, you know, when something goes down and is not correct, we can always working it out in the bedroom”. Stephen loves acting the “funny guy role” and he always doesn’t take life too seriously, so if I was in Mel’s shoes I would have put him to the test jumping on him and saying: “C’mon babe! Let’s solve everything between us right now, just in front the cameras. We don’t need the bed, do we? Prove me you’re a real man and that we do not need Dr. Sophy’s sessions anymore! Amaze me as you’ve never done before! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!”. The girl should use her “Girl Power” attitude to show her hubby who’s the most outrageous between them and no question it would be her!

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It just got even better! Now you guys have a few more days to participate in the competition. We’ll be accepting entries for the week’s episode untill Saturday, and not Wednesday like we’re doing before. That means you still have another day to participate in this week’s competition! Also, we just announced the prize for this week:

Each of the 3 winners will get this amazing pack with Melanie’s official autobiography “Catch A Fire”, the “Totally Fit” DVD plus some promotional material from “Mel B: It’s a Scary World”. It gets better: all items will be personally SIGNED by Melanie!!! So if you didn’t join this week’s competition yet, go to the competition hotsite and participate.

Also, I want to make sure you guys don’t miss the next episode of “Mel B: It’s a Scary World” this Sunday at 9PM on Style. Next week’s prize is gonna be beyond spectacular and we can’t wait to announce it! So make sure you watch the episode and check out our website after!

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Hey guys! Just to let you know that the week 3 of the “Zigazig-Ha!: It’s a Scary Competition” is opened. We’re taking entriest for this week’s episode of “Mel B: It’s A Scary World” till Wednesday 11:59PM. Good luck to everyone!

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Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a crazy week for all of us here, so we were a bit late announcing the prizes for this week’s competition. The 3 winners of last week’s competition will get a big basket from Sugar Factory including amazing products, such as Melanie B’s official lollipop. I guess you guys won’t need to trick or treat this Halloween! Here are the name and answers of the winners:

WINNER: Jason G.
ANSWER: The funniest moment was when Stephen went to the “girl’s night out” and ended up at the gay bar! If I was Mel and Stephen had called me I would’ve had him come over and done a complete make-over with him complete with make-up and outfits with matching accessories!

WINNER: Michele K.
ANSWER: One of the funniest moments in this episode, I think was when Melanie, Stephen and Damon Elliott are at the restaurant, and both Stephen and Damon have Melanie drink a beer with saki, and after she drinks it all, Stephen says “I’d never do one of those things” and Damon replies “Me neither” and they both laugh, and Melanie’s jaw drops, haha. If I was Melanie, after drinking the beer and saki, I would pour what’s left of the beer and saki all over Stephens head, and say “and now you just did one of them”, and I would have this huge smile on my face, hahaha.

WINNER: Francesco V.
ANSWER: I think one of the funniest quotes of all the show’s episodes so far is when Stephen says (in such a serious voice): “Listen, when I did my big collaboration, which I did recently with Michael Bolton, I wasn’t stressed!” and  Melanie replies “That was karaoke and he was drunk!”, and then they both start laughing hysterically (I found Mel’s laugh hilarious in that segment!). That’s typical from Stephen, and I think that probably made me laugh even more because that’s something I would say, since I always act as if I was a superstar myself; and I’m often drunk, so no need to play a part there! If I were in Melanie’s shoes, I would just like to repeat the test: get Stephen drunk again and make him duet with Ludacris this time (even better if Luda gets wasted too, so he won’t remember it at least)! No question Melanie’s track would be a number one in that case!!!

Congratulations to the winners! We’ll be in contact later this week. And don’t forget that the week 3 of the competition starts tonight and everybody’s welcome to participate.

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Here are the latest HQ albums added to our Gallery. To see the sets, please click on the thumbs below:

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Mel B has revealed that she is making a comeback to music.

The former Spice Girl, who currently stars in reality show It’s A Scary World, has recorded a new single with American rapper Ludacris.

“I am beyond excited. With me and him together it’s gonna be a winner,” Music Rooms quotes her as saying.

“My track sounds amazing. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Ludacris, who recently featured on Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Baby’, initially joked with the singer that he would not feature on the song because she wasn’t “serious” about her music.

“I know it’s been so long since you really got back into that music world. But I don’t know how serious you are about this thing,” he said, before adding: “Nah man, I’m just joking. I’m definitely gonna make it happen – I love the song!”

Video Source

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The second week of “Zigazig-Ha!: It’s a Scary Competition” starts now! If you just finished watching “Mel B: It’s a Scary World” on Style Network tonight, go to our competition hostsite clicking on the banner above and enter the competition. The prizes will be announced later this week. We’ll accept entries till Wednesday, October 13th, 11:59PM. Good luck everyone!

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We’re glad to announce the first 3 fans who won the “Zigazig-Ha!: It’s a Scary Competition” this week. They will get a certificate to get Melanie’s new game “Get Fit With Mel B” before anybody else! Here’s their names and their answers:

ANSWER: I think the funniest moment was when Stephen said he loved the cupcake more than his wife because that is just like something he would say. lol. The man LOVES food so I honestly wouldn’t put that past him! Just kidding.  What I would have done if I was Mel is taken the cupcake in my hand, looked at Stephen and said: “Since you love this cupcake so much why don’t you go find a drive thru chapel and marry it!!” Then shoved it in his face!! Jokingly of course 😉

WINNER: Jonathan R. D.
ANSWER: Definitely the funniest quotes from this week’s episode is when they’re on the plane to Vegas and Stephen tells Angel, “We’re laying down some rules, Angel… no Vodka and Phoenix no Gambling!” And Mel tells Phoenix, “And no strip clubs!” haha. If I were Stephen or Mel I’d also let Angel know, “no hotel parties either! I know you’re just waiting for us to leave to invite Yo Gabba Gabbe up here to trash the room and raid the bar!”

WINNER: Brendan F.
ANSWER: “Stephen! Why are you leaving your crap in the guest room again! There’s a bunch of your stuff in the guest room! I’m cleaning up after you like a mad woman! Can you please just keep your things in the office?” This is the first line from Melanie in this Episode. It is great because it shows how their family is normal, even though they live a such a crazy life. I think this is a memorable quote from Melanie because this line is a testament to what her and Stephen are all about. If I was in Melanie’s shoes, I would get back at Stephen by putting him on punishment. I would have sent Stephen to TAO in a different way. Dress up Stephen in Mel’s clothes. The paparazzi would go crazy!!!! Since Stephen had ran the 10K marathon, he’s ready to squeeze into one of Mel’s dresses. Have him Spice Up His Life and talk in an English accent the whole night!! Wear a dress, a wig, heels and some mascara. He will look like he is dressing in drag just for a laugh to fool the paparazzi!!! Stephen would definitely be the hottest he/she in Vegas baby!!!

Congratulations to our first winners! We’ll contact you next week about how you’re gonna receive your prizes. You’re all welcome to participate in next week’s competition as well. We’ll start accepting entries for next week’s episode at the competition hostite this Sunday night. Make sure you watch “Mel B: It’s a Scary World” on Style Network and enter this week’s competition. Good luck everyone!

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GALLERY: Melanie Brown: Fabulous Magazine – October 2010

She was the gobby lass from Leeds, the Scariest of the Spice Girls and the first of the gang to go it alone Stateside. Since Mel B packed up her leopard-print catsuits and legged it to LA to start a new life with daughter Phoenix seven years ago, she’s never been far from drama.

First, there was her short-lived fling with Beverly Hills Cop star Eddie Murphy, which left her pregnant with daughter Angel, now three, and him demanding a DNA test.

Then she married bad-boy music producer Stephen Belafonte, 35, after a whirlwind romance, just months after Angel’s birth in 2007. Later that year, she went on to cement her status as an all-American sweetheart by finishing as the plucky runner-up on Dancing With The Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

And while that other Spice import to LA – Victoria Beckham – was busy schmoozing with A-list friends including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it seemed our Mel, 35, had won hearts and minds, but kept her gritty Northern roots.

Last time we caught up with her, she was flaunting That Body, the eye-popping six-pack that wowed the crowds in Las Vegas at her super-sexy Peep Show burlesque production.

Sixteen months on, amid rumours of a rocky marriage and a reconciliation of sorts with Murphy, she and Stephen (pronounced Stefan. As in Dennis) agree to an exclusive photo shoot and interview to promote their new reality show It’s A Scary World. It’s a chance for us to grill them on their relationship, not to mention a chance to get to the bottom of Mel’s paternity wranglings with the A-lister Posh branded the “Beverly Hills C*ck”. And perhaps we’ll get the truth about reports that Mel is estranged from mum Andrea, 53, and actress sister Danielle, 29, back in Leeds, who have been deeply disapproving of her marriage (Andrea went as far to say it was a “big mistake”).

We should be so lucky. As we begin to discover, Mel may have a reputation as a loudmouth, but she’s not about to tell you what you want, what you really, really want. Far from it.

Asked if she’s on speaking terms with her mum and her little sis, Mel deftly dodges the subject by breaking off to ask her stylist about a pair of shoes. When we manage to get her attention again, she says in her broad Yorkshire accent: “Well, I live here, so I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. It’s not ideal, especially because my kids don’t get to see Grandma and Grandad that often. But it’s all good.”

READ the rest of the interview here