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david 057
Click on the pic above to see it bigger.

David replied to some fan questions on Twitter at H&M´s twitter yesterday. Unfortunately, he didnt reply to my questions, even though i spammed my poor timeline like a crazy, anyway here are the Questions and the replies:

@hm #AskBeckham what’s your favourite pie with your mash?
Hello @Barnaby_M From the East End there is only one pie to have…Meat Pie //Beckham

@hm are Manchester United going to win the Premier League this season?
Only one answer @CharlottePerls Yes! //Beckham

@hm #AskBeckham what advice would you give a 20 year old you? Thanks xx
Good question @preppymaher You need dedication, belief, to work hard and have a lot of fun //Beckham

@hm favourite pair of boots you’ve ever owned? #AskBeckham
Hi @Em_Rowles, that would have to be my current adidas boots, they are pink which i chose because of Harper //Beckham

Hi David – how was it working with Guy Ritchie on the latest campaign? #AskBeckham
Hi @Sparkle723 It was great working with someone of Guy Ritchie’s calibre, not just good at what he does but a perfect gentleman

Hi David what is your most memorable moment in an England shirt ? #AskBeckham
Good question @Ben_Holmes9 Has to be Greece but the penalty against Argentina comes close //Beckham

Important football related question…What is your favourite “Beckham” hairstyle? #AskBeckham
Haha @Pretty_Jay_4 The shaved head because it was nice and easy //Beckham

@hm #AskBeckham boxers or briefs? xx
Hello @Cbeaumont11 Boxers //Beckham

@hm as a kid, how long would you spend kicking a ball about each day? #askbeckham
Hi @BenRenshaw92 I took a ball to school, so every break time and after school until it got dark //Beckham

@hm of all the amazing cities you’ve lived in…which is your favourite?? #AskBeckham
Good question @lee__smith I love them all in different ways but London is my home so I’ll go with that one //Beckham

@hm if you didn’t play soccer, what occupation would you have chosen? #AskBeckham
I enjoy drawing cartoons, so I’d go for an artist @maura_loves //Beckham

@hm #askbeckham what is your favourite piece from the new line?
Hello @Amy_campbell My favourite piece would be the white boxer with the red waistband //Beckham

@hm #askbeckham Do you have have favourite NBA, NFL, NHL team since your time in USA?
I certainly do @Tariq89 NBA would be Lakers, NHL Kings and NFL Patriots //Beckham

@hm do you still keep in touch with your boys from Ridgeway Rovers? #AskBeckham
Hi @Breeny_THFC_7 Yes i still speak to 1 or 2 of the players from Ridgeway Rovers, good guys //Beckham

@hm #AskBeckham any more tattoos planned? And which is your favourite ? Xxxx
My favourites are the ones about my children, no new ones planned yet, have to find some space @andreasteve37 //Beckham

@hm #askbeckham who is the best player you have ever played with or against? Ronaldinho, Zidane or someone else? P.S: i’m a big fan!
Great question @BlomHelmersen The best player i have played against is Roberto Carlos, best player I’ve played with is Zidane //Beckham

@hm what pants would you recommend for under my fiancees kilt at our wedding in April? lol #AskBeckham
I shouldn’t be saying this as an H&M ambassador, but he shouldn’t be wearing any, haha @mummypow //Beckham

@hm Hey David, loving the new ad, did you do all your own stunts in it? #AskBeckham
Hi @lizwren yes i did pretty much all my own stunts, was good fun //Beckham

#AskBeckham @hm what is your favourite goal you’ve ever scored?? P.s you are my idol #fact
Favourite goal would have to be the one i scored against Wimbledon from 57 yards @MarkDStevens //Beckham

@hm #AskBeckham Would u ever consider buying a football club when u retire for example Preston North End;)?
Hi @AlexDaggers11 I have the option to buy a franchise in the MLS, so yes to the MLS, sadly a no to Preston //Beckham

@hm #AskBeckham whos your favourite actor/ film ? x
Favourite actor would have to be Tom Cruise, my favourite movie Ratatouille @lorriejo1981 //Beckham

@hm do u ever see yourself living in the states again? #AskBeckham
Hi @pinkcowboy I see us spending a huge amount of time in the US in the future, I loved my time there //Beckham

@hm which 3 people would you invite to a dinner party? #AskBeckham
A tricky one, The Queen, Jack Nicholson and Muhammad Ali would be good @lydiacheng_ //Beckham

@hm David, who do you think will win & who will be rooting for in United v Real since both clubs are close to you. #AskBeckham
Tough @cruzerkk I love both clubs. I’ve been a United fan since I was 5 years old but am still in love with Real, it will be a great game

@hm #AskBeckham David if u had ONE piece of advice 4 young players what would it b? If its good I’ll put it in my team’s changing room
My one piece of advice would be to work hard as a team, good luck for the season @MystickleOne //Beckham

The best player you ever swung a ball in for? #AskBeckham #teddysheringham
Nice question, probably the ball i put in for Zidane while playing for Madrid, he scored with a left foot volley @OliReem //Beckham

Number 7 and 23 weren’t available. I’ve always been a big fan of @MagicJohnson so I went for 32 //Beckham

Gary Lineker ‏@GaryLineker
@HM Even your football career will end some day. Post playing would you consider a punditry role on MOTD? #AskBeckham
Haha, if it’s your job then yes, as you always seem to be on the beach @GaryLineker //Beckham

Question was about the funniest question/most difficult answer he’s had to give his kids
Hi @Soniallamas I think it would have to be the obvious one about the birds and the bees /Beckham

@hm #AskBeckham do you ever think about managing a team? which team would you like to manage?
Management is not really in my thoughts to be honest @AnsuyaPatel //Beckham

@hm Hi David. Seen you at lots of Lakers games so guessing you’re an NBA fan. Who do you think will be the 2013 NBA Champion? #AskBeckham
I would like to say the Lakers, but if they don’t reach the play-offs then I’ll take Miami @GeraldWallace //Beckham

@hm Do you regret any of your fashion experiments, and if so which ones? #AskBeckham
Hi @lindsayjudge I dont have any regrets but some come close and still make me smile //Beckham

At the end of the chat, he posted a short (very short) video of him reading one of the questions but for some unknow reason, H&M deleted the tweet. but my good old friend Simone tweeted me the link today:

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spice 028

An hour ago, Dean Piper tweeted this:

So four Spice Girls should be back together tomorrow for the launch of Viva Forever! cocktails at the Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Bar.

And minutes later, Geri Halliwell tweeted us this:

@ZigazigHaSite yep I was shopping ,it’s amazing how a pair of shoes do lift Ur spirits. We have a special day tomorrow x

So looks like its really happening! Victoria Beckham won´t be there. But before you all go yelling “Victoria is a bitch” bullshit, she has a super valid reason for missing this event: She is in NY for NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!! Her presentation is on sunday morning and this week is crucial for her and her team. And Fashion Week is scheduled months in advice. So please, keep it cool.

Anyway, excited to see what will happen, and for sure we will get loads of new pictures of our girls!! And i have to say, i was very happy with Geri´s tweet, she is just adorable!

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Seems like Victoria Beckham did a photoshoot in Vegas yesterday, as she tweeted this, rumour has it she is shooting March´s Elle UK cover (but its just speculation!!!):

Got to have fun shooting in Vegas! X vb


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Yesterday, Melanie C tweeted this lovely photo:

We miss you @victoriabeckham & @OfficialMelB xxx


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beckhams 02

David and Victoria Beckham took their boys to watch Justin Bieber´s concert last night in LA. Unfortunately for us, there are no professional pictures but fortunately some fans tweeted pics during the concert. Check them here:

@suhsuhsabrina @babyybaca @nataliembaca


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geri 021

It´s Tomorrow people!!! Geri Halliwell is set to perform two songs at tomorrow´s Brest Cancer Cares Show! It wont be on TV but Geri said her team will film it and add the videos to her facebook page (when we get the link we will post it here).

Check her twitter page: @gerihalliwell for more info and also her dancers’: @TomBowen91 @austynfarrell92 @ColmTracey2012

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geri 016

Yesterday, Geri Halliwell did a Q&A session on her Twiiter and here are the question and her replies:

1 – Question by @InngridGalindo:
What’s your favourite Madonna song?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@InngridGalindo Borderline x

2 – Question by @fernandozillo
What do you think of your fans that are still crazy for you and listen to your songs everyday?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@fernandozillo I love my fans, you’re amazing, I am the luckiest artist to have you. Thank you x

3 – Question by @Sergio_R0
what’s your favourite Spice song? Peace & Love from Spain ;D

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@Sergio_R0 Wannabe x

4 – Question by @SpiceBoy2012
What is your favourite song that you recorded as a solo artist? xxx

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@SpiceBoy2012 You haven’t heard it yet 😉 x

5 – Question by ‏@officialantboy
What would say to aspiring wannabe following your foot prints? x

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@officialantboy Stay true to yourself x

6 – Question by @GeriLindaForeva
I was wondering if your former dog Harry is still alive? And are all the rumors about a fourth Geri album true?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@GeriLindaForeva Yes Harry is alive and well and yes it’s coming x

7 – Question by @GRMFRENCH
Hi! We can’t wait for ur comeback! When is it? Can’t wait for the new tunes! Will u updated your website with new features?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@GRMNANTES Look out for my new facebook page coming later on this week x

8 – Question by @mckin62
what’s ur fav food ?? X

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@mckin62 chocolate, Steak and peanut butter x

9 – Question by @annetteg5
What are you rehearsing for? Best of luck.

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@annetteg5 for Breast cancer care Fashion show this Wednesday, I’m patron x

10 – Question by ‏@TheWonder
From your 3 albums which one gave you more pleasure to create? x x #AskGeri

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@TheWonder the first x

11 – Question by ‏@penseelegere
which event or performance is best memory for you? As a spice girl?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@penseelegere On the Taxi x

12 – Question by @xAlouderSoldier
Favorite song at the moment? xx

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@xAlouderSoldier N in Paris by Jay Z and Kanye West x

13 – ‘Question’ by @WayneArcher
I love you xxxxx :-*

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@WayneArcher love you too x

14 – Question by @alex_dunkey
if you could meet any influential women from the past who would it be??

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@alex_dunkey Audrey Hepburn x

15 – Question by @matt_hght
@GeriHalliwell Favourite Spice memory?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@matt_hght The return on the coach from the Olympics x

16 – Question by ‏@Rossifumiuk
Do you ever do your house work in your underwear? Lol x

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@Rossifumiuk always but with rubber gloves x

17 – Question by ‏‏@kylerekemeyer
If you could duet with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Reply by @gerihalliwell:
@kylerekemeyer George Michael x

Geri says: That’s all for now guys, serenity Sunday xx

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geri 023

Geri Halliwell just tweeted that she will be replying to some Twitetr users questions tonight. She didnt say the exact time, so keep an eye on her twitter @GeriHalliwell:

Hello, if you have any questions for me, ill answer a few tonight…

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Carol Vorderman posted this pic of her and Emma at the Pride of Britain judging meeting. But it seems to be a private meeting so no professional pictures. Emma looks nice!


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spice 02

The closing ceremony is days away and we are super excited!! here are some tweets from some dancers:

– Lol just walked past the spice girls including a step away from victoria beckham and her children #casual

– Spice Girls are DEFINITELY performing at the Olympics Closing ceremony as they just walked past during rehearsal;)

– And the Spice Girls are in the building people !!

– SOO…. Just saw the spice girls… Yes, Victoria Beckham is here… As is 1D, and Madness hopefully elbow too, but haven’t seen yet

– Didnt think I would ever get to say this but I am at rehearsal with the spice girls!

– SPICE GIRLS are at my Olympics rehearsal today!!!!!!!



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Melanie B just tweeted:

Guess which shoe belongs to which spice girl!!!!

melbboots tweret

Then she replied:

You guys are spot on,mine is black,emma’s pink,and geri’s gold,you lot are fab!

So nice!!! We cant wait till August 12!!

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david 020

David Beckham is in London! Earlier today he did a Q&A on twitter with @adidasuk, here is the questions and replies:

Q. What was it like to be part of the bid team? @LITTLEMIXDavid
A. One of the proudest moments of my life, an incredible experience *DB

Q. What event are you most looking forward to at London 2012? @_U5HER
A. I would love to see the 100m final, Jess Ennis in the heptathlon and any of the cycling *DB

Q. How often do you practice set pieces each day? @syedadzrey
A. After training, every day, for about an hour *DB

Q. What are the qualities of a good player? @teambrianlee
A. Firstly dedication however many different qualities make a good player

Q. Do you still get anxious before a game? @OfficialArthurF
A. I’ve never really felt anxious, I’ve always enjoyed the big games *DB

Q. Who do you think is the best goalkeeper in the world? @yuval_mohl
A. I’ve been lucky to play with many good goalkeepers, Schmeichel and Seaman, the best at the moment is my friend Casillas

Q. Who was your favourite player when you were young? @jameseking6
A. I loved Bryan Robson, he was my hero growing up, I always wanted to play for Man Utd and wear the number 7 shirt which he wore *DB

Q. Who is the best manager you’ve played for? @chelseafcfan6
A. Sir Alex Ferguson, the answer is pretty obvious, he was like a father figure to me and is the best manager in the world *DB

Q. How are you finding the new Predator Lethal Zones? @adidasfootball
A. I’ve always loved my Predators, I’ve had them since the start of my career, I love the new ones too *DB

Q. What is your favourite memory in football? @TheRealCiaranW
A. Too many.. the treble in ’99, La Liga title, first game for Utd, best has to be the Greece game *DB

Q. Which is your favourite free kick you’ve scored? @Predator180
A. Greece. Because it meant the most *DB

Q. If you could describe your England career in 3 words, what would they be? @DanHockley
A. Honour, pride, inspirational *DB

Q. Who is the best player you have played against? @stevenclark7
A. That’s a difficult question, but I’d have to say Roberto Carlos *DB

Q. Now you’ve experienced Twitter, can you see yourself signing up? @APalmer_Trainer
A. Will have to wait and see, I like to do things properly so will only do it when I can commit to it *DB

Q. What’s your favourite TV show? @Reegio
A. I used to love Only Fools ‘n’ Horses, I love the US version of The Office now *DB

Q. How different is life in LA vs. life in Manchester? @UnleashTheOx
A. Sunshine! That was a joke. I love both cities, but both are very different *DB

Q. What do you order when you have pie and mash? @TheKevalPatel
A. 2 & 2, 2 pies, 2 mash, liquor and jellied eels *DB

Q. What was your favourite hairstyle? @MaidenLegendAK
A. The one I have right now… but I’ve always liked skin heads, they are easy *DB

Q. What’s your favourite tattoo and why? @_chloehowe
A. The ones about my family, they mean the most to me *DB

Q. Do you see yourself playing past your current 2 year current contract at LA Galaxy? @NJDottie
A. Who knows, I’m playing well and still enjoying it *DB

Q. Who is Team GB’s most dangerous player? @bennymlufc
A. Team GB has some very good young players, but for me the best player is my friend Ryan Giggs, amazing player *DB

That was it! You can check some pictures by clicking on the links below:

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5 | Image 6 | Image 7 | Image 8

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Geri Halliwell just tweeted this today along with the picture above:

I’m back in studio … Feels so good!

We wonder if its pre vocals for the olympics performance (if it is happening) or vocals for her 4th studio album! Either way, exciting!

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geri 016

Yes! That day finally arrived, Geri Halliwell is finally on twitter!! the power of 5 is finally complete!

Follow Geri | Check her twitter pics

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musical 01

Yes baby! Things are starting to happen! Check out the official site, twitter and facebook page for ‘Viva Forever’ the musical!!! Im seriously excited!

Site | Twitter | Facebook

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geri 02

Geri Halliwell was at Sainsburys UK Games yesterday, May 9th. Unfortunately there are any press pictures avaiable, but you can check 3 pictures from twitter by clicking here, here and here. She took Bluebell with her.